Should I Decorate for Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

Should I Decorate for Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Decorating for Christmas holds a special place in many people’s hearts as it marks the beginning of the holiday season bringing lots of cheer and hope. But the age-old question boggles many – should you decorate before or after Thanksgiving?

Deciding when to put up your Christmas decorations is completely your decision. This is a matter of personal choice. If you live in a community with an HoA make sure to check if they have rules and guidelines in place regarding this.

However, while it feels great to not care about what your neighbors think, it’s not always so easy. We are deep-diving into all the questions concerning when to start decorating for Christmas so hop on this sleigh and let’s get the answer!

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Is It Bad to Decorate for Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

There is nothing bad about decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. This mainly comes down to a matter of preference for each individual. Some people may not like seeing Christmas decorations early, however, each person and family has their own traditions for when they choose to celebrate the holiday.

Decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving used to be the rule of thumb. But our world is filled with uncertainty these days so if you want to spread the joy a little earlier, you go right ahead.

Remember, anyone who has a problem with your Christmas decorations, that’s their problem! Spreading joy is not a crime, neither is decorating of any sort, so go untangle your Christmas lights.

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Should You Decorate for Christmas Before or After Thanksgiving?

Whether you should decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving is completely up to your personal preference, where you live, and how busy you are. 

If you want your Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving, then put them up. You should also consider where you live- will it be too cold after Thanksgiving to put your decorations up? You don’t want to risk frostbite. 

Also, look at your holiday schedule. Do you have a lot of family or work parties to attend? It might be easier to get your decorating out of the way before the celebrations roll around.

What’s an Acceptable Time to Decorate for Christmas?

An acceptable time to decorate for Christmas is any time after Halloween. It may be frowned upon by your neighbors to decorate before Halloween because it will take away from that holiday. 

These days, an acceptable time to decorate for Christmas is any time after Halloween. Decorating before will take away the magic of Halloween which is cherished by many and may get you some headshakes from your neighbors. 

Once the trick-or-treaters have collected their abundance of candy, you can start unpacking those Christmas decorations. Let’s break down what is an acceptable month by month.

Can You Decorate for Christmas in November?

You can absolutely decorate for Christmas in November. Begin by decorating in stages if you don’t want to overdo it for Thanksgiving, and then put the rest up at the beginning of December. 

There is nothing wrong with decorating for Christmas in November. But it might be a good idea to start decorating in stages.

Christmas lights work great for a cozy and cheerful Thanksgiving. Perhaps hang up your lights before Thanksgiving and then once the turkey leftovers have disappeared, go for the grand finale. 

Can I Decorate for Christmas in October?

Decorating for Christmas in October might be frowned upon by your neighbors. Halloween is a special holiday for many and you don’t want to take away the magic especially from the kids.

If you can refrain from decorating for Christmas in October, you may win some brownie points from your neighbors. Although the Christmas decorations have been taunting you in the stores since August, they should stay in your basement until at least November. 

Why You Should Decorate for Christmas Early

You should decorate for Christmas early if you have a busy schedule or other commitments that may prevent you from being able to decorate later on.

Perhaps you have a busy holiday schedule full of work parties and family commitments, or you just want to spread some joy a little earlier than usual, decorating early for Christmas has its perks!

If you decide to decorate for Christmas early then you will be off to a great start this holiday season. You will get it out of the way and have more time for celebrating, Christmas shopping, and planning that perfect dinner spread. 

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What Date Should Christmas Decorations Go Up?

Christmas decorations can go up anytime between November 1st and December 15th. To avoid last-minute panic, aim for December 1 at the latest. 

Plan to hang your wreaths and lights any time after November 1. If you want to build your decorations up gradually, that’s perfectly acceptable too. Maybe save your blow-up Santa until last, though.

When Should You Put Christmas Lights Up?

Christmas lights can go up any time after Halloween. Christmas lights being the least offensive of all Christmas decorations and the most versatile, you might even get away with having them up for Halloween.

If you have solid white Christmas lights as opposed to the multicolored lights, these are very versatile and might even work for Halloween. But if you have the twinkling multicolored lights that sing Christmas carols, leave those for after Halloween. 

Can You Put Up a Christmas Tree Before Thanksgiving?

It’s perfectly fine to put up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. This is a matter of preference. You can put up a Christmas tree anytime you like.

You can marvel at the beauty of your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving and straight into the new year. No harm is done from having it up before regardless of the naysayers. 

It’s actually a great idea to have your Christmas tree go up before Thanksgiving. We all know how fast Christmas trees sell out. What if some critter ate your artificial Christmas tree and you didn’t notice until too late and there isn’t another one in sight?

So you go to the local Christmas tree lot and all that’s left is the sad, needle-less tree in the corner. Better safe than sorry, that’s all!

What’s the Earliest You Can Put Your Christmas Tree Up?

November 1st is the standard rule of thumb these days for the earliest date you should put up your Christmas tree. But, depending on where you live, this may change.

If you live in an area that is not targeted by trick-or-treaters, perhaps out in the country, and you notice your neighbors rarely put up Halloween decorations, then you may be entitled to put up your Christmas decorations even before Halloween. In this case, any time after October 15th is acceptable. 

Is It Bad to Put Your Christmas Tree Up Early?

There is nothing bad about putting up a Christmas tree early. It all comes down to a matter of preference for each individual and family. Some people may prefer to have it up early and some closer to Christmas. Each family has their own traditions for when a tree should go up and that is perfectly respectable.

The only thing bad about putting up your Christmas tree early is the people who have a problem with it. Christmas is a time to spread love and joy. Whoever has a problem with that, likely has bigger problems that they should tackle first. 

Don’t let anyone taint your Christmas spirit. If your neighbor has a problem with your Christmas tree, you can leave them a pile of coal on their doorstep on Christmas morning. Bah humbug. 

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When Can I Put Up My Christmas Tree?

You can put up your Christmas tree as early as you like. Generally speaking, the earliest most people put up their tree is right after Halloween to the start of November.

You can put up your Christmas tree whenever the Christmas spirit hits you. If that’s in July, then Happy Christmas in July!

If you are concerned about your neighbors though, aim for after Halloween to avoid any unnecessary neighborhood drama. 

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

Consult your Facebook marketplace to buy used Christmas decor or consider tackling a fun DIY project as a way to save you money this Christmas. 

Finding ways to decorate for Christmas on a budget can be exciting and rewarding! Look for used decorations on Facebook marketplace or your local listings. If you’re crafty, look up DIY Christmas decorations on Pinterest!

Also, dollar stores have excellent Christmas decorations that are budget-friendly. With a little creativity and inspiration, you can craft together some decorations that you can be proud of.

Fun Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decor

  • Buy wooden Christmas decor at the dollar store and spray paint them silver or gold
  • If you live on the coast, gather driftwood and make it into a Christmas tree
  • String popcorn for some classic garland
  • Gather twigs from outside and make it into a wreath with thin wire
  • Make candle holders out of Mason jars

Related Questions

Is October Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

Depending on where you live and how celebrated Halloween is, October may or may not be too early to decorate for Christmas.

In October, Halloween is the dominating holiday and die-hard fans do not want to be overtaken by Christmas. However, if you live in an area far from trick-or-treaters and you notice your neighbors rarely get into the Halloween spirit, then you may be obliged to start decorating for Christmas earlier than most. Aim for October 15th at the earliest. 

Is November 1st Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

November 1st is definitely not too early to decorate for Christmas. It’s just on time!

Once the Halloween excitement is over and the sugar highs have worn off, it’s time to dust off those Christmas boxes. Having some, if not all, Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving can help get your family and friends in the holiday spirit and spread some much-needed joy. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, Christmas is a time to spend with your family, cherishing one another. If your grumpy neighbors have a problem with your Christmas decorations, that should be the least of your problems.

All year, you live to impress other people. Take the time of Christmas as your own, spread love and joy, and don’t worry what other people think.

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