Can You Deep Fry a Turkey Indoors? (This Might Happen…)

Can You Deep Fry a Turkey Indoors?

With the holiday season right around the corner, many are starting to plan out special holiday meals. Deep-fried turkey is a delicious option and superior to roast turkey because of its satisfying taste. However, is it safe to deep-fry a turkey indoors? 

Deep-frying a turkey indoors is very risky and should be avoided. There is a chance that the deep-fryer could tip over which could start a fire or cause serious burns. If you choose to deep-fry your turkey this year, do it outside or choose an electric deep-fryer.

Deep-frying your turkey indoors may seem like a convenient idea, especially as the weather gets colder. But rest assured, it is a reckless idea.

Read on to learn all the dangers of deep-frying a turkey indoors plus how you can enjoy a deep-fried turkey this holiday season without burning your house down. 

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Can You Deep-Fry a Turkey Indoors?

You should not deep-fry a turkey indoors because of the many risks associated with this. A turkey deep-fryer uses open flame propane gas and boils oil around 300 degrees. If the deep-fryer tips over, this could cause huge damage to people and to your property.

There have been several incidents of turkey deep-fryers sending houses into flames because of accidents that could have been easily avoided. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) strongly recommends not to do it and their reasons are plenty.

Why Can’t You Deep-Fry a Turkey Inside?

You cannot deep-fry a turkey inside because there is a risk that the deep-fryer will overheat, tip over, or spew hot oil which could all lead to fires or burns. 

There’s a reason why industrial deep-fryers are designed within stainless steel counters- so they don’t tip over! The turkey deep-fryers being sold for at-home use are tall and narrow, increasing the chance that they could topple over.

If the extremely hot oil comes into contact with anything, especially the open flame of propane, it’s a disaster waiting to happen and a ruined holiday. 

What Are the Dangers of Deep-Frying a Turkey?

The dangers of deep-frying a turkey are house or yard fires caused by spilled oil or overheating superficial skin burns caused by hot oil, and other serious injuries. 

The holidays are filled with enough drama, why add a house fire to the chaos? Deep-frying a turkey can lead to serious property damage and serious injuries. If you want to avoid any disasters this holiday season, leave the deep-frying to the professionals.

What Can Go Wrong With Deep-Frying a Turkey?

There are several things that can go wrong with deep-frying a turkey from the moment you plug that deep-fryer in. The deep-fryer can overheat causing the oil to burn and then the whole machine to combust, the hot oil can spill causing burns, and the turkey can explode when it touches the hot oil.

Don’t take our word for it though. Here’s a video showcasing 56 seconds worth of examples of exactly what can go wrong when people attempt to deep fry a turkey…

In need of a little bit more convincing? Here’s another video of what happens if you try to deep fry a frozen turkey.

All of these accidents can lead to a fire breaking out in your home which can lead to skin burns, smoke inhalation, or death. Turkey fryers are very unstable and highly discouraged.

Why Do Turkey Fryers Explode?

Turkey fryer explosions happen when the hot oil touches the open flame. Even the tiniest bit of oil can cause this to happen to result in a quick explosion and flames up to 10 feet high. 

There are several ways that hot oil can come into contact with the open flame. Whether this happens indoors or outdoors, the consequences are always severe. 

What Should I Look For When Buying a Turkey Fryer?

Safety is the most important thing to consider when buying a turkey fryer. If possible, look for a turkey fryer that does not use oil or propane, has a vented lid, and a device to easily take the turkey in and out of the fryer. 

These fryers are common but don’t really do the trick. Although the “oil-less” fryers claim to deep-fry, you can’t technically deep-fry without oil. 

There is an electric deep-fryer on the market this approved for indoor use. If you really want to deep-fry your turkey, this device is your safest bet.

What Size Turkey Fryer Should I Get?

There are turkey fryers on the market that can handle 25-pound birds but these are the most dangerous that should either be carefully used outside or not at all. If you want a safe option, go for a 10-liter electric deep fryer.

Using an electric deep fryer is your safest option. These deep-fryers can’t handle bigger-sized birds but will be able to keep you and your family safe. Electric deep-fryers between 8 – 11 liters will cook turkeys that can serve up to 14 people.

What Is the Best Turkey Deep-Fryer?

The best turkey deep-fryer on the market is the Masterbuilt MB20010118 Electric 3-in-1 Deep Fryer. It is approved for indoor use because of its electrical feature which eliminates the risk of using propane fryers.

The Masterbuilt Electric Deep-Fryer is a safe and affordable option for deep-frying turkeys. It has a built-in basket with a handle to allow an easy in and out of the turkey to avoid any burns. It also has a built-in drain for easy clean-up and uses 1.3 less oil than the average fryer- safer and healthier!

Can You Deep-Fry a Turkey in the Garage?

As the weather gets cooler it may be tempting to deep-fry your turkey in the garage. However, this is still a very dangerous option and should be avoided at all costs. 

Garages typically contain a lot of flammable items like gas, paint, and aerosol sprays. Not to mention, they are typically small, enclosed spaces. If a fire ever starts from a deep-fryer, the chances of the fire spreading are ten-fold resulting in serious damage.

Is It Safe to Deep-Fry a Turkey in the Garage?

It is not safe to deep-fry a turkey in the garage and is highly discouraged by the National Fire Protection Association because of the risk of fires.

Since a garage is typically a small, enclosed space with lots of flammable items within it, the chances of a fire spreading are highly increased. Even if you think you have secured your deep-fryer, it is not worth causing significant damage to your home and loved ones.

Can You Fry a Turkey Outside if It’s Raining?

It is not recommended to fry a turkey outside if it’s raining. The rain can fall into the oil causing the oil to splash. If the oil splashes onto the open flame – bad news.

The main way a fire occurs with turkey deep-fryers is when the oil comes into contact with the open flame. If it is raining, this can cause the oil to splash from the vat onto the open flame which is a recipe for an explosion.

What if It Rains While Frying a Turkey?

The safest thing you can do if it starts raining while frying your turkey is to turn the fryer off, stay indoors, and keep an eye on the fryer. DO NOT attempt to move the deep-fryer no matter how much you want to save your turkey. 

If you move the deep-fryer while the oil is still hot, you are setting yourself up for a disaster. It is very likely that some of the oil will spill onto the open flame causing combustion.

Your best bet is to turn the fryer off, go inside, and make sure your fryer doesn’t ignite. If it does, call 911 immediately and wait for the fire department to arrive.

How Close to the House Can You Fry a Turkey?

Your deep-fryer should be placed at least 10-feet away from any structures including your house. 

By ensuring that you have at least 10-feet between the deep-fryer and your house, you reduce the chances of anything catching on fire if the deep-fryer does. You should also keep a clear path around the deep-fryer and the propane tank so no one is squeezing around anything.

Can You Deep-Fry a Turkey in Cold Weather?

It is possible to deep-fry a turkey in cold weather but you have to be able to main 350 degrees within the vat. If it is too cold to obtain this, it’s best to just roast your turkey.

Creating a barrier around your deep-fryer to protect it from the cold is dangerous as it increases the chances of a potential fire spreading. If you cannot maintain a vat of 350 degrees, then hopefully it will be warmer next year.

If you’re ready to live your deep-frying dreams, check out the top-rated Barton Deluxe 30 QT Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer on Amazon.

Can You Deep-Fry Turkey if It’s Snowing?

If you are able to maintain your vat at 350 degrees and it doesn’t appear that the snow is going to turn into rain or hail, then you should be able to deep-fry a turkey while it’s snowing. 

Deep-frying a turkey in the snow seems like a picturesque experience but can turn ugly fast if that soft snow turns into rain or hail. Make sure to check your local weather forecast to ensure your safety.

Can I Leave My Deep-Fryer Outside?

You can leave your deep-fryer outside if it is cleaned out, turned off, and protected from the elements.

Store your deep-fryers outside under a canopy or tent where it is protected from rain or snow. This will extend the use of your fryer and not cause any unwanted weather damage. Be sure to have the oil cleaned out and the propane disconnected. 

Related Questions

How Long Does It Take to Cook a 20-Pound Turkey in a Deep Fryer?

Cook the turkey for 3-4 minutes for each pound in your deep-fryer. A turkey that weighs 20 pounds should then cook for 60 – 80 minutes. 

Once you think your turkey is done, use a thermometer to measure the temperature within the deepest part of the thigh. A temperature between 170 – 175 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

How Large of a Turkey Can You Put In a Turkey Fryer?

The largest deep-fryer will hold a turkey that is more than 25 pounds. Other large deep-fryers are able to cook turkeys that weigh 15 – 20 pounds if the turkey is cooked in pieces and not whole.

The most common deep-fryers are able to cook turkeys whole if they weigh up to 14 pounds.

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Final Thoughts

Deep-frying a turkey is a culinary adventure challenged by many but keeping you and your family safe is more important. However, don’t let the risks get in your way of having fun because deep-frying a turkey is possible.

If you absolutely must deep-fry a turkey this year, opt for an electric deep-fryer and follow all the precautions.

DO NOT think you are invincible to the dangers. Deep-fryer incidents kill 5 people a year, destroying 900 homes, and incur $15 million worth of property damage. 

If you experience a sudden fire from a deep-fryer call 911 immediately and get everyone away from harm. 

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