Is It Too Late to Decorate for Fall? (No Later Than This…)

Is It Too Late to Decorate for Fall?

Fall is a time to make your home cozy and start relaxing before the busy holiday season. But for some of us, it creeps up really fast and suddenly, it’s almost Christmas! Are you afraid you may have missed the mark for decorating for Fall? When exactly is it TOO late to decorate for Fall?

Fall decorations should be up before Thanksgiving and no later. If you start decorating for Fall after Thanksgiving, you are cutting into the Christmas season.

If it is not Thanksgiving yet, then you still have time to put up your favorite Fall decorations- You can even start incorporating some decorations that are suitable for Fall and Christmas to save yourself some time and energy. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know regarding when is too late to decorate for Fall, how long you can leave your Fall decorations up, and the perfect Fall decor that transitions into Christmas.

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When Is It Too Late to Decorate for Fall?

The best way to figure out if it is too late to decorate for Fall is if Thanksgiving has passed. After Thanksgiving is usually when Christmas decorations start to go up.

It will probably look weird if you start putting up pumpkins and fake leaves on your windows after both holidays that are associated with those things have already passed.

But, don’t fret. If you want to start cozying up your home, then add some plaid blankets to your couch in neutral colors or some cinnamon-scented candles. These decors items will transition straight into Christmas. 

How Late Is Too Late to Decorate for Fall?

If you are reading this in December, then, unfortunately, it is too late to decorate for Fall. However, if you are reading this anytime before November 25th, then you still have time to put up your Fall decorations.

As mentioned before, anytime before Thanksgiving is a great time to decorate for Fall. Anytime after December 1st, is far too late. At this time, Winter and Christmas are the seasons to focus on and you should save your pumpkins for next year. 

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Is There a Cut-off Time for Putting up Fall Decorations?

Typically Thanksgiving is the cut-off time for putting up Fall decorations since the season quickly changes to Christmas once Thanksgiving is over. 

Thanksgiving is celebrated at the end of November. If you live in any of the states that have the typical four seasons, then December usually brings temperatures around 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leaves have mostly fallen off the trees and snow is in the forecast. This is the best time to decorate for Winter and Christmas, instead of Fall.

How Long Do You Leave Fall Decorations Up?

Depending on your Fall decorations, they can be left up until you start decorating for Christmas, or, if they are transitional decorations, you can leave them up until the new year.

Typically, Fall decorations stay up until the weather starts to feel more like Winter. Depending on where you live, this tends to happen around December, after Thanksgiving.

If the snow is falling and you’re already wearing your winter jacket, it’s time to transition to more seasonal appropriate decorations.

If you live in a condo or apartment complex, you may want to check your HoA rules and regulations to see if they have any firm dates on when your Fall decorations should be taken down. 

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When Should You Take Down Fall Decorations?

Fall decorations should be taken down typically when the weather starts to change. If it’s starting to feel more like Winter, then it’s time to put away the pumpkins and hay bails.

Start putting away your Fall decorations when it feels more appropriate to have Christmas and Winter decorations up. This usually occurs after Thanksgiving or December 1st if you need a more concrete day for your calendar.

Fall to Winter Decorations

Using decorations that transition from Fall to Winter is a great way to save you money and time. Look for decorations that represent both seasons like fresh garland and gourd and pinecone centerpieces. 

Also, any decor items that are dark hues of red will transition perfectly through Fall and Winter- placemats, rugs, bedding, cushions, etc. Pair with golds and silvers and your home will be perfect for holiday visitors. 

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How Do You Transition From Fall Decorations to Christmas Decorations?

To transition from Fall decorations to Christmas decorations start by putting away all the pumpkins and any other decor that strongly represents Fall that can also not transition into Christmas. You can then gradually start putting up your Christmas decor.

You can start by putting up decor that more so represents Winter, instead of Christmas, such as candles, lanterns, fuzzy throw blankets, and fresh garland. Once Christmas becomes closer, start putting up your reindeer and Santas.

Final Thoughts

Decorating for Fall is a time to welcome the colder months and prepare for the holiday season by making your home inviting and cozy with candles and warm blankets. But sometimes Fall can sneak up on us and you miss the chance to decorate!

If you are thinking of decorating for Fall any time after Thanksgiving, it’s best to hold the pumpkins for next year. However, with the right transition pieces, you can still decorate for Fall – if you’re late to the game – Christmas all at the same time.

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