Can I Have Two Mailboxes at My House? (Do This Instead…)

Can I Have Two Mailboxes at My House?

Depending on your situation, it might seem like a good idea to have more than one mailbox at your house. Maybe your mailbox is always packed tight with mail or perhaps you’re renting out a portion of your home and want to keep your mail separate from guests. Can you have two mailboxes at your house though?

You cannot have more than one mailbox at your house. The USPS only has to deliver to one mailbox per address. You can however buy a parcel drop box to safely store your parcels or packages that are being dropped off by private carriers like FedEx or the UPS.

While it is technically allowed to have more than one mailbox at your house, there are some things that you should consider before you decide to do so. We’re covering them all in the sections below! 

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

While you can’t have multiple mailboxes at your house, you can get a bigger mailbox as well as a dedicated storage area for package/parcel deliveries.

Here are two great options that we personally recommend and that people really like:

1. Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager – Great option for a roomier mailbox. It also comes with an in-ground mounting post and lockbox.

2. BenchSentry Secure Package Delivery Porch Box – Keeps your packages and deliveries safe while allowing you to store multiple items at the same time. Being a smart box, it can even give you notifications of deliveries on your smartphone!

Why Would You Need to Add a Second Mailbox?

You may need to add a second mailbox if you are experiencing an influx of mail and parcel deliveries and would like to protect your mail instead of having it sit on your front steps. 

Parcel drop boxes are becoming increasingly popular since online shopping has increased so much in the past couple of years. They are a great way to keep your parcels protected from the elements and from porch pirates. 

This smart parcel drop box from Bench Sentry is one of the bestsellers on Amazon and for good reason. With its sleek and aesthetic design, it can hold multiple packages at once. When the carrier drops off your package, he places it in the box and locks the lid. It’s that simple!

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Can I Have Two Mailboxes at My House?

The United States Postal Service does allow more than one mailbox per address but it just adds confusion to you and the carrier. However, to avoid confusion, you can have a parcel drop box for large packages being sent from private shipping companies like UPS or FedEx. 

Parcel drop boxes are not technically a mailbox and they don’t look like one so they don’t cause as much confusion. Whether or not your carrier decides to use the drop box is up to them but, with their increasing popularity, it’s worth a shot. 

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Is It Illegal to Have Two Mailboxes?

It is not illegal to have two mailboxes. You can have as many mailboxes as you want but only one will get used by the mail service. 

Your mail carrier will decide which mailbox to use and as long as they deliver your mail to the correct address, they have done their job. You are only complicating your life by getting more than one mailbox because you will not always know which mailbox the carrier is utilizing.

If you are finding your mailbox is not big enough for your incoming packages, check out this next-generation mailbox by Mail Boss that is designed to hold multiple small parcels as well as your usual bills and letters. 

Does the USPS Deliver to Multiple Mailboxes at the Same Address?

The USPS only delivers to one mailbox for each address, never multiple mailboxes at the same address.

The USPS states that they will deliver to only one mailbox per address. This is to avoid confusion and delays with the mail service. 

How Do I Add a Mailbox to My Property?

First, contact your local USPS and ask them the regulations of mailboxes specific to your property. Second, purchase the correct mailbox either online or at your local hardware store. 

Your local USPS will tell you where your mailbox is allowed, either on the curb or mounted to the wall of your house.

Be sure to ask them questions such as what side of the street your mailbox can be placed on, what side of the driveway your mailbox can be placed on, and how far away from the curb the mailbox has to be. 

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Can I Add an Additional Mailbox to my Property?

According to the Huntington Beach USPS location, you are technically allowed to have more than one mailbox at your property but it will only cause confusion to the carrier and to yourself.

The carrier decides which mailbox they will put your mail in and does not have to inform you. So, if you have two mailboxes, you will now have to check two mailboxes instead of one for incoming mail.

For outgoing mail, your carrier only has to check one mailbox. If your outgoing mail is in the mailbox that the carrier did not check, then it won’t get mailed. 

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Residential Mailbox Regulations

Per residential mailbox regulations, you are allowed one mailbox per address. This mailbox can be either beside the street or mounted to the outside wall of your house.

Your local Postmaster decides where your mailbox will be placed. If you are thinking of changing the location of your mailbox, contact your local Post Office first to arrange a discussion. 

If you are instructed to have your mailbox on the street then it must be 41” to 45” in height, from the surface of the ground to the middle of the box, and placed 6” to 8” back from the curb.

Typically mailboxes reside on the right side of your driveway and on the right side of your street.

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Can One Address Have Two Mailboxes?

According to the USPS regulations, only one mailbox is permitted per address. You can have more than one technically, but USPS will only use one.

While you are not allowed to have two mailboxes, you can have a parcel drop box. These are a fun and esthetic way to keep your many parcels collected until you can pick them up. 

Final Thoughts

While you technically are not allowed to have two mailboxes at your house, you are allowed to have a parcel drop box that safely stores your abundance of packages as well as your USPS mailbox.

Look into purchasing a next-generation mailbox and a parcel drop box like the BenchSentry and watch all your mail issue woes wash away.

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