Should You Decorate for Memorial Day? (11 Great Decor Ideas)

Should You Decorate for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate the men and women who have fought for our country. Although it is a well-celebrated holiday, you have probably asked yourself at some point if you should decorate for Memorial Day?

You should definitely decorate your home for Memorial Day. Decorating for Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to show your patriotism. You can decorate indoors and outdoors to help your guests feel immersed in the celebration, especially if you’re hosting a Memorial Day party.

There are several creative ways to decorate your home for Memorial Day. You can choose to buy most of your decorations or go the DIY route. To get you inspired and in the red, white, and blue mood, we have gathered these 11 great decor ideas for you. 

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Decorating for Memorial Day is a great way to show off your American pride while adding some fresh and festive decor to your home for your family and guests.

Here are some of our favorite Memorial Day decor items from Amazon:

1. USA Burlap Garland – Great to hang on your doorway

2. Stars and Stripes Doormat – A perfect way to welcome your guests

3. Red White Blue Paper Straws – Perfect eco-friendly and festive option

11 Great Decor Ideas for Memorial Day

These Memorial Day decor ideas are a great way to add some patriotic red, white, and blue vibes to your home to showcase your support for our troops. 

1. Use Mini American Flags as Food Decor

The American flag is the obvious way to show your patriotism but have you ever stuck an American flag into a cupcake? That’s where American flag toothpicks come in.

They are so tiny that you can use them almost anywhere adding a Memorial Day touch to your already existing decor.

Other places to use American flag toothpicks:

  • Place in existing bouquets of flowers
  • Add to door wreaths
  • Add to garlands
  • Place into the tops of straws

We recommend these US Flag Toothpicks from Amazon. They are a tiny six inches in length and come in a pack of 200. Perfect for displaying them all over your house!

2. Paint Mason Jars Red, White, and Blue

Everyone loves a mason jar- they are inexpensive, trendy, and versatile. To make the perfect Memorial Day mason jar you can paint some in different designs using red, white, and blue paint. 

The best paint for mason jars is:

  • Regular acrylic paint 
  • Chalk paint
  • Multi-surface paint
  • Spray paint

Designs to try:

  • Red and white horizontal stripes
  • Blue base color with white stars
  • Red and white vertical stripes on the bottom half of the mason jar and blue base with white stars on the top half of the mason jar (American flag style)

You can then use your painted mason jars as a candle jar, a vase, a straw jar, or just tabletop decor. 

3. Decorate Your Walls With Paper Stars

Bring the American stars into your home with 3D paper stars wall decor. These paper stars add a certain charm to any home. 

Arrange them on your wall in groups of three- either all blue, all white, all red, or mixed. You can also hang them from patio lights or a banister to add an extra cozy touch. 

We recommend these paper stars from Amazon. They come in a variety of colors and sizes perfect for different Memorial Day decor.

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4. Add Patriotic Balloons Inside and Outside

Balloons are an easy and inexpensive way to add some fun and patriotism to your home or Memorial Day party. Thankfully, balloons come in all shapes and sizes so there are plenty of options for you.

A few balloon designs for Memorial Day:

  • Simple red, white, and blue 
  • Balloons with stars on them
  • Balloons in the shape of stars
  • Striped balloons
  • Balloons with the American flag on it
  • Letter balloons that spell out “USA”

You can place the balloons on your porch, in your front yard tied to a tree, on your mailbox, in your backyard, or attached to a table if you’re throwing an outdoor party. 

We recommend this pack of balloons from Amazon that offers a variety of red, white, and blue balloons in different shapes and sizes.  

5. String Garland Around Your Home

Garland is a versatile and charming decor that you can use in many areas of your home and outside, as well.

When making DIY garland for Memorial Day you should always use materials that are red, white, and blue or white with gold stars mixed with red and blue. 

Some Memorial Day garland decor ideas include:

  • Paper star-shaped garland
  • Tissue paper tassel garland
  • Beaded garland
  • Paper letters “USA”
  • Burlap garland that spells out “God Bless America”

These are a few of our favorite Memorial Day Garlands from Amazon:

  1. Wood Bead Garland with American Flag
  2. Patriotic Star Garland
  3. American Burlap USA Garland

Garland looks great strung on top of your fireplace, along the side of a table, on a banister, or around doorways!

6. Put Out a Memorial Day Doormat

Doormats add a great first impression to your home and you can set the flag-waving ambiance with a festive Memorial Day doormat. 

Here are some of our favorites from Amazon:

  1. Blue Gingham Doormat
  2. Memorial Day Doormat

Display your Memorial Day doormat on your front porch or patio, or inside either in front of your kitchen sink or even in as a bathmat!

7. Hang Up Patriotic Wreaths

Adding a patriotic wreath to your front door is a great way to add your patriotic spirit to your home while spreading the spirit for your neighbors to see, as well.

You can make your own Memorial Day wreath or you can check out some of our favorites from Amazon:

  1. Handcrafted Memorial Day Wreath
  2. Burlap American Flag Wreath
  3. Paper Memorial Day Wreath

You can place your wreaths outside your home on your front door, on a window, or on a gate. And inside on a coat hanger, above your fireplace mantel, on a window, or hanging on your wall. 

8. Lay Out a Memorial Day Table Runner

Adding a celebratory table runner is an easy way to elevate your Memorial Day game. You can even place star confetti around and on top of the table runner for an extra patriotic touch.

Here are some of our favorites from Amazon:

  1. American Flag Table Runner
  2. Jute Americana Table Runner
  3. Americana Stars Table Runner

9. Use Striped Paper Straws

Memorial Day is the perfect time to throw one of your first outdoor parties since Summer is only a few weeks away.

You can use these perfect Memorial Day paper straws in your party drink of choice to show your patriotism and save the turtles, at the same time!

These paper straws from Amazon are some of our favorites:

  1. Biodegradable Star Stripe Straws
  2. American Flag Straw and Napkin Set

Not only are these straws useful and eco-friendly, but they will also add to your decor by looking extra cute on display. Try placing them in your Memorial Day mason jars to really impress your guests! 

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10. Create DIY Burlap Chair Bows

Burlap Memorial Day chair bows add a rustic touch to your decor. They look especially great on patio chairs! You can have some fun before Memorial Day and make them yourself, too. 

Here’s how you make a patriotic Memorial Day chair bow:

Things you will need:

  1. Burlap Ribbon
  2. Burlap Patriotic Bow


  1. Measure the circumference of the back of your chair
  2. Add two more feet to that length
  3. Cut a piece of burlap ribbon the length you measured (including the two feet)
  4. Feed one end of the ribbon through the bow and then the other through the bow until you have created a closed circle
  5. Place the ribbon and bow over your chair
  6. Pull the ribbon through the bow until it is tight enough to the chair
  7. Once secure, tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow and adjust it behind the already existing bow

You will have now have an extra-large bow secured to the back of your chair! 

11. Place Red, White, and Blue Flower Bouquets Around Your House

Since Memorial Day occurs at the end of Spring when flowers and trees are in full blossom, you might as well incorporate nature into your Memorial Day decor.

The most traditional flowers for Memorial Day are the red poppy and the gladioli.

If you can’t find these flowers, you can use any flowers that are red, white, or blue. Keep an eye out for the following flowers when shopping for your Memorial Day decor:

  • Red roses
  • Carnations and gerberas
  • White lilies
  • Blue delphiniums
  • Blue hydrangeas
  • Blue iris flowers

Arrange your flowers in bouquets and place them on any surface that gets a lot of light and attention such as a credenza, bookshelf, fireplace mantle, bedside table, and dining tables.

You can also arrange your flowers into a wreath and hang them on your front door. 

What Decorations Are Appropriate for Memorial Day?

Decorations that are appropriate for Memorial Day are anything red, white, and blue such as paper stars to hang on the wall or outside from a tree or on your fence, paper Americana straws, table runners, bouquets of flowers, wreaths, napkins, doormats, and so much more. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to Memorial Day decorations. Anything that represents America will be more than enough. Popular decor designs are the American Flag, stars, and stripes. 

Look out for common household decor, such as doormats and table runners, that showcase these designs and swap them out for Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day Decorations on Amazon

Amazon is one of our favorite go-to hubs for Memorial Day decorations. You can find amazing decorations like American flag toothpicks, festive tablecloths, hanging wreaths, picnic table decor, and so much more.

Here are some of our favorite Memorial Day decorations on Amazon:

  1. Burlap Patriotic Bow
  2. Americana Stars Table Runner
  3. Handcrafted Memorial Day Wreath
  4. Stars and Stripes Doormat
  5. Patriotic Star Garland

When Should You Start Decorating for Memorial Day?

Decorating for Memorial Day a week in advance is appropriate. If you are decorating outdoors, just make sure the weather won’t destroy any decorations before Memorial Day rolls along. 

If you want to start decorating for Memorial Day indoors, even two weeks before is totally fine, since it’s only your family and maybe a few guests who will see the decorations.

But for outside, aim a week before Memorial Day. If the weather forecast looks temperamental, you may want to hold off until the weather passes. 

Do You Put Up Bunting for Memorial Day?

You can absolutely put up bunting for Memorial Day. In fact, Memorial Day is one of the best days for bunting, along with The Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Armistice Day. Some people even incorporate putting up bunting during their Memorial Day party as a ceremonial event.

You can put up bunting around your house or outside before Memorial Day to get you and your neighborhood in the American spirit. Additionally, you can hold a bunting ceremony during your Memorial Day party. 

How Do You Make Memorial Day Decorations?

To make Memorial Day decorations, use a variety of materials in the colors red, white, and blue. You can make painted mason jars, 3D paper stars, patriotic garland, and large bows out of ribbon to put on the back of chairs. 

There are plenty of DIY activities for Memorial Day decorations and they are a great way to get the whole family involved. Some of our favorite Memorial Day DIY decor ideas are:

  • Red, white, and blue painted mason jars
  • Door wreaths made out of mini American Flags
  • Ribbon chair bows
  • Paper American flag fans

DIY Memorial Day Decorations

Get into the flag-waving spirit by making your own Memorial Day decorations this year! DIYing anything is a great way to add your personal touch to your decor and impress your guests with your crafty skills.

Some of our favorite DIY decorations are paper stars. Stars are a sure symbol of America and also add a cozy touch to your decor.

The design looks complicated but they are actually quite easy to make if you find the right template. You can hang them on your walls or outside under your trees or patio lights!

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Memorial Day Home Decorations

Some of the most festive and prideful Memorial Day home decorations include American pride garland, patriotic doormats, wreaths made out of mini American flags or festive flowers, patriotic napkins and placemats, and so much more!

Adding Memorial Day decorations for your home is easy with a little bit of inspiration and spirit. Take a look around your home and see what decor you already have that you can swap out with a more Americana design. 

Try swapping out some vases with a red or blue vase. Additionally, instead of your usual tablecloth, opt for a red or blue gingham table cloth or add a patriotic table runner on top.

If you are feeling stumped, adding mini American flags around your house will quickly do the trick. 

Memorial Day Table Decorations

When everyone gathers around your table with their burgers and hot dogs, you better have the best red, white, and blue table decor out there. Some great ideas are: striped paper straws, festive napkins and paper plates, and decorated mason jars.

Decorating your table for Memorial Day is fun and easy. As long as you include anything red, white, and blue, it will be smooth sailing. 

For your napkins, definitely go with red or blue, if there are stars on them, even better. You can also add patriotic placemats, tablecloths, and table runners.

Lastly, don’t forget to add American flag toothpicks to stick in straws or bite-sized snacks to let your food do the talkin’. 

Do People Throw Parties on Memorial Day?

People sure do throw parties on Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer and is accompanied by festive picnics or a full-on potluck-style cookout. Whatever the style of party, Memorial Day is definitely a day that is celebrated with your family and friends. 

Americans love gathering for a Memorial Day party. It is a great way to enjoy the warming weather and show off your patriotism. Most memorial day parties feature easy food, like burgers and hot dogs, and lots of Americana decor. 

Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day is something people look forward to for a long time. Throwing an epic Memorial Day party is an amazing way to add some fun to your friends’ lives and show your support for your country.

Here are some of our favorite Memorial Day party ideas:

  • Host a Southern-style BBQ
  • Organize a wine tasting
  • Try a “You Bring It, We Grill It” party
  • Throw a pool party
  • Play outdoor games such as ring toss
  • Have a bar cart and let people make their own drinks
  • Plan a small picnic at a park
  • Have a costume contest

Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the perfect time to throw an outdoor party. Easy outdoor decorating ideas include: hanging festive flower pots from the trees, hanging paper stars from the trees, creating a festive picnic-style table spread, and hanging garland from your doorway or patio. 

Away from the party, on the front of your house, you can add a patriotic wreath to your front door, fence, or gate, add festive garland to your fence, add patriotic balloons to let everyone know where the party is, and even a prideful American flag doormat.

How Do You Decorate Outside for Memorial Day?

To decorate outside for Memorial Day, you can: hang a patriotic wreath on your front door, hang paper stars from your trees, add Americana garland to your fence, and place a bouquet of red, white, and blue flowers on top of your mailbox. 

The sky is the limit when decorating for Memorial Day. Whatever you decide to do, as long as you are using red, white, and blue, and stripes and stars, you will be right on the mark.

For an extra fun idea, you can even spray paint stars on your front lawn!

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Memorial Day Decorations for Indoors

Festive Memorial Day decorations for indoors include bouquets of red, white, and blue flowers, Americana garland to hang on a banister or above the fireplace, decorated mason jars, and American flag wreaths.

You can also add festive table cloths for either your dining table or coffee table, patriotic coffee table books, Americana pillowcases or cushions, red, white, and blue candles, and festive floormats for your kitchen and bathroom. 

Related Questions

What Is Flag Etiquette for Memorial Day?

Your flag should be at half-staff from sunrise to noon. It can then fly from the top of the staff from noon until sunset. All flags hung from windows should display the stars in the top left corner.

Other flag etiquettes for Memorial Day include ensuring that:

  • When the flag is being hung vertically, the stars are in the top left corner if the flag is over a casket.
  • The stars have to be at the head of the casket
  • If a flag is being displayed with a flag from another nation, both flags have to be the same size and at the same height. 

Should I Lower My Flag on Memorial Day?

On Memorial Day, the American flag should fly at half-staff from sunrise until noon only. Once noon hits, the flag should be raised quickly to the top of the staff until sunset. 

As the sun goes down and you are planning to lower your flag, this is usually done ceremoniously. If you are throwing a Memorial Day party, your guests will gather around and watch the flag come down.

If you choose to keep it up at night, it must be illuminated. 

Final Thoughts

Memorial Day is a special day to honor our fallen troops and spend time with the people we love while being grateful for all that we have.

Displaying your American pride with home decor is a cozy and festive way to spread the spirit whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors. 

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