Is It Too Early to Decorate for Fall? (Here’s When to Start)

Is It Too Early to Decorate for Fall?

Pumpkin spice everything, dried flowers, all the hues of red and orange you can imagine- Fall is a season to celebrate. If you’re anything like us, you can’t ignore the itch to start decorating for Fall because it’s just so cozy! But exactly how early is too early to decorate for Fall?

Fall decorations should start to go up near the end of August, at the earliest. Once the days start to get shorter and the air a little brisker, there’s no denying Fall is on the way.

A lot of questions arise when it comes to decorating for Fall. Continue reading to get answers to all your bonfire-burning questions and also to learn some great decorating tips!

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When Should You Start Decorating for Fall?

You can start decorating for Fall near the end of August, at the earliest, if you cannot wait any longer. 

Allow the sun-chasers to get their last few days at the lake in before you start depressing them with anything that represents the end of Summer.

Can You Decorate for Fall in August? 

You can absolutely decorate for Fall in August, the last weekend being the best time. Any earlier may disturb the Summer lovers.

Fall decorating is a great opportunity to involve your family in one last activity before the chaos of Fall ensues. The last week of Summer is a perfect time for that. 

How Early Can I Decorate for Fall?

Since Fall is already in the air near the end of August, that is the perfect time to start decorating for Fall. 

If you are itching to throw up your Fall decorations, wait until the last week of August to do so. This way you won’t upset your neighbors or friends who are trying to soak up the last of their Summer bliss.

When to Decorate for Fall in the South?

Although you may not feel the weather change if you live in the South, you can still start decorating for Fall anytime between August and November.

With temperatures still in the 90’s in September in the South, you can choose to welcome the season with decorations instead of hot cocoa. If you want to feel part of the cozy season, start decorating as early as late August. 

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How Do You Decorate for Fall?

Some favorite Fall decorations include pumpkins, dried flowers, anything plaid (blankets, pillows, doormats), hay bails, and candles.

Many people enjoy decorating around their front door. Place a few pumpkins on each side of your door, a plaid doormat that says, “Hello, Fall”, a few bouquets of dried flowers, and some lanterns- Your neighbors will be drooling!

How Do I Make My House Cozy for Fall?

Making your house cozy for Fall is as simple as swapping out or adding a few decor items. Plaid cushions instantly warm up a couch. Pair them with a chunky blanket and get ready to enjoy your favorite book in warmth and peace. 

You can also switch out any area rugs you might have. Shag area rugs add an extra cozy feel to a home. Place some vanilla or pumpkin spiced candles on your favorite shelves, and you are off to the pumpkin races. 

How Do You Decorate for Fall and Christmas at the Same Time?

Some great decor pieces that transfer seamlessly into Christmas include candles, wreaths, pillows or blankets of a rust color, dried flowers, cinnamon sticks, and twinkle lights.

Also, if you keep your Fall decor neutral, using decor in shades of beige, cream, and browns, these will be able to be used for Christmas decor, as well, instead of bright shades of orange.

How Long Do You Leave Fall Decorations Up?

You can leave your fall decorations up until you start decorating for Christmas. Once it starts snowing is a great indication of when to make the switch.

Fall decorations look great for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. If you don’t decorate for Christmas, the best time to take down your fall decorations would be sometime in November or when it starts to snow. 

Can You Decorate for Fall After Labor Day?

Decorating for Fall after Labor Day is a perfect time to put those pumpkins out. This is usually when the weather starts to get cooler and the leaves start to fall. 

Grab your favorite Fall drink from Starbucks and head to Target because you are decorating for Fall at the perfect time! 

How Long Do You Decorate for Fall?

You can decorate for Fall all the way up until you start decorating for Christmas. You can even keep some of your Fall decorations up for Christmas if they work for the season. 

Fall decor brings the beauty of Fall that is outside to your home inside. This means that you can keep these decorations up basically until Fall is over, all season long. 

Decorating for Fall in September

Decorating for Fall in September is a therapeutic way of coming to terms with the end of Summer and opening your heart up to Fall. Find some inspiration and start decorating!

Fall decorations will likely start showing up in shops near you during August. This gives you plenty of time to plan your color palette and start decorating as soon as September hits- the perfect time! 

Is It Too Late to Decorate for Fall?

Never is it too late to decorate for Fall! Unless it’s Christmas. Then you’ve missed your chance.

If it seems more appropriate to start decorating for Christmas, then it probably is. To hear more about this topic, check out our full post on Is it Too Late to Decorate For Fall?

Is August Too Early to Decorate for Fall?

The beginning of August is too early to decorate for Fall but the end of August is perfect. Aim for the last weekend and you will be in the sweet spot.

To not spoil the bittersweet end of Summer, it’s best to keep your pumpkins to yourself until the last week of August. Any time after that is fair game.

Do You Decorate for Fall or Halloween First?

Since the Fall weather is typically felt around mid-September, depending on where you live, and Halloween is at the end of October, decorating for Fall comes first.

Thankfully, most, if not all, Fall decorations are perfect for Halloween, too! 

Related Questions

Do Floridians Decorate for Fall?

While Floridians don’t experience the change of weather for Fall, they still decorate for the season.

A great way to incorporate the Florida lifestyle with Fall decorations is to carve starfish or seahorses into your pumpkins. Or, opt for a seafoam color palette instead of the typical orange and red.

When to Decorate for Fall in Florida?

Decorating for Fall in Florida starts near the end of August and goes until Christmas decorations go up. Although the weather doesn’t change, Floridians still like to invite the cozy season in. 

Choosing coastal Fall decor, such as pumpkins in different shades of blue, are a great way to mix Fall and Florida together. Can’t find any blue pumpkins? Do a DIY project! Or, just throw a starfish in the middle of the pumpkins and you’ll be fine. 

Final Thoughts

Fall just might be the coziest season of them all and after a long, hot summer, you couldn’t be more excited to spend some time indoors. 

When your Fall decor goes up is ultimately up to you but if you want to stay within societal norms then wait until at least the end of August. Either way, stay cozy and enjoy the beautiful season! 

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