My Neighbor Doesn’t Mow His Lawn (Do This to Make Him!)

My Neighbor Doesn’t Mow His Lawn

Tired of looking at your neighbor’s unkempt lawn? Worried it is bringing down property value in your neighborhood or attracting unwanted critters? What can you do if your neighbor doesn’t mow his lawn?

You can get your neighbor to mow his lawn by first politely speaking to them about the situation. If that doesn’t work, you can try offering to mow their lawn for them. If all else fails, you can file a complaint with your city or your HOA and let them deal with the situation. 

Throughout this article, we unpacked all the questions regarding what to do if your neighbor is neglecting their yard and how to handle the situation in the best way. 

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

While you can’t really physically force your neighbor to mow their lawn, you can however report them to the city government or your HoA.

It helps if you have pictures or footage of the property when reporting them.

Having a decent security system like a Ring Video Doorbell or Outdoor Security Cameras (both on Amazon) to show evidence of your neighbor’s unkempt property will go a long way in action being taken against them.

My Neighbor Doesn’t Take Care of Their Yard

There are actions you can take if your neighbor isn’t taking care of their yard. On the extreme side, you can file a complaint with HOA administrators or your city.

Many reasons could exist as to why your neighbor isn’t mowing their lawn- physical or mental health issues, financial issues, or just personal beliefs. 

Regardless of the reasons, mowing your lawn is likely against a city ordinance or a regulation implemented by the HoA. You can file a complaint against your neighbors if they are breaking any law or regulation. 

Can I Make My Neighbor Mow His Lawn?

It may be difficult for you, personally, to make your neighbor mow his lawn but you can always involve the city or your HOA.

However, before you involve the city or your HOA (Home Owners Association), try talking to your neighbor to understand why they don’t mow their lawn. If it’s a reason you can sympathize with, offer to help your neighbor solve their dilemma. 

Perhaps they need someone to mow it for them, or they need money to fix their lawnmower- Whatever the case, personally speaking to your neighbor before involving anyone of authority will maintain your friendly neighbor-to-neighbor relationship. 

How to Get Neighbors to Mow Their Lawn

Start by asking your neighbor why they do not cut their lawn- there may be a way you can help them. If they refuse to cut their lawn, then you can involve your city or HOA.

If your neighbor is downright refusing to cut their lawn then you can file a complaint with either your HOA, if you have one, or your city.

Laws differ from city to city but your city will likely have an ordinance put in place to control a standard of lawn care.

In Pittsburgh, for example, there is an ordinance implemented that states grass cannot grow over 6 inches. If homeowners do not abide by this ordinance, then they can be fined.

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Overgrown Grass Complaints

You can certainly file a complaint against your neighbor if they are not keeping up with their lawn care. Depending on where you live, you can file this complaint online. 

A quick and easy way to find out where to file a complaint about your area is through Google. Type in your city, or county, and follow it with “overgrown grass complaint”. You will be able to find your area’s website where they have a place for you to file an anonymous complaint. 

Neighbors Complaining About Grass

As a neighbor, you have the right to complain about someone else’s grass if they are not maintaining it. 

Lawn maintenance is typically a law implemented by your city or your HoA. If you have a neighbor who is being careless with their lawn, then you have the right to complain. 

Having an overgrown lawn is not only an eyesore but also attracts dangerous insects like ticks and other unwanted creatures. 

My Neighbor’s House Is an Eyesore

It is so frustrating when your neighbor neglects their property and you have to look at it every day. Try to speak to your neighbor about your concerns and to understand what barriers they are facing when it comes to their house.

Your neighbor may have certain circumstances that are causing them to neglect their property- mental, physical, or financial health issues. Before taking serious action, try to comprehend why they are being neglectful and offer to help them. 

This can be as easy as hiring someone to mow their lawn for them or offering to do it yourself. You can even get a group of people in your neighborhood together and take turns maintaining the lawn, or whatever needs maintenance on their property.

Neighbor Not Maintaining Property 

Speak to your neighbor directly if they are not maintaining their property and offer to assist them if you have the time. If they refuse your help and refuse to clean up their property, then you can file a complaint with your city or HOA.

There is likely a law or a regulation in your city or county that states a homeowner has to maintain their property and can be fine if they do not.

If you are experiencing frustration with your neighbor’s property, consult your city or county’s web page and look up if there are home maintenance laws or ordinances. If there are, you will be able to file a complaint against your neighbor.

Can You Report Someone for Not Mowing Their Lawn?

You can report someone for not mowing their lawn to either your city’s government or your HOA if you have one. In extreme cases, you can report them to the police. 

Depending on if your area has either laws or regulations regarding lawn care, then you can report your neighbor to either your city’s government, your HOA, or the police. 

How to Report Neighbor’s Overgrown Yard

To report your neighbor’s overgrown yard, you can file an online complaint through your city’s website or contact your HOA.

If you cannot find a place to file an online complaint, then make a trip to your city’s town hall and ask to file a complaint in person. You will be able to report your neighbor’s yard in confidentiality. 

Contact your HOA, if you have one, and report your neighbor’s yard to them directly. If you have an HOA then it is very likely there are regulations about how long grass can be in your neighborhood. HOA will contact your neighbor and may have grounds to get them evicted.

Who to Call When Neighbors Don’t Cut Their Grass?

Call your city’s government, your HOA, or the police if your neighbors are not cutting their grass.

Refrain from calling the police until have exhausted all other options. Even though failing to maintain your lawn is a crime, it is a very minor crime and your local police may get frustrated at your call. 

Calling your HOA, if you have one, should be the first person you call. They will contact the neighbor directly and try to solve the problem. If this does not work, then you can call your city’s government.

How to Call the City on Your Neighbor

If your HOA is unsuccessful at getting your neighbor to mow their lawn, then you will have to call the city. Go to your city’s web page and look for a number to file a complaint against your neighbor.

It is likely that your neighbor is neglecting a law regarding standard lawn care and can be fined. You will be able to file an anonymous complaint that will hopefully push your neighbor to start pushing his lawnmower. 

What Happens if a Lawn Is Not Mowed?

A homeowner could be fined if their lawn is not mowed depending on the laws of the city or the regulations of an HOA.

Look up your city’s ordinances and find out if lawn maintenance is enforced. It is likely that there is a certain length that grass can be and if it goes above this then that is grounds for being fined. 

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Letter to a Neighbor to Clean Up Their Yard

Writing a letter to your neighbor is a respectful way to inform them that their yard is causing some public disturbances. Consider writing a letter before you report your neighbor to someone of authority.

Include in your letter who you are and why your neighbor’s yard needs to be cleaned up- Perhaps you believe it is bringing down the neighborhood’s property value or believe it could be a health risk. 

Whatever the case may be, remember to word your letter with kindness, respect, and sympathy. There could be something going on with your neighbor that is beyond your neighbor’s control. They may feel embarrassed that they let their yard get to such a state and being met with a harsh letter will cause them to retreat even more and continue to neglect their yard.

Offer to help your neighbor with their yard work or supply them with the tools they might need. Remember, it is not your responsibility to clean your neighbor’s yard but you can do your part by at least offering help and not being rude about it. 

At the end of the letter, casually mention what will happen if they refuse to clean up their yard, in the most non-threatening way possible. 

Can I Sue My Neighbor for Not Keeping up Their Property?

You could possibly sue your neighbor for nuisance if there are laws implemented that enforce the maintenance of a property. 

If the condition of your neighbor’s property is disturbing you or causing you health concerns, then it’s possible that you could sue your neighbor for public or private nuisance. However, this may be a tricky battle and an expensive one. 

Related Questions

What Do I Do If My Neighbor’s Yard Is a Junkyard?

If your neighbor’s yard is a junkyard, first speak to your neighbor and offer to help them to clean it up. If they refuse to clean up their yard, then reach out to either your HOA or your local government. 

Your neighbor is likely breaking a law or a regulation if their yard is a junkyard and you can possibly get your neighbor fined. 

City’s have standards of lawn care that must be followed and having a junkyard as a yard is certainly not following those standards. File a complaint to either your HOA or the city’s government to inform them of the situation and hopefully get it solved. 

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to dealing with a neighbor that is neglecting their yard.

Although it may be awkward and uncomfortable confronting your neighbor about their messy yard, remember to do so with the utmost compassion. Allow them to explain themselves first before you say too much. 

The most important thing you can do is approach them with a helping mindset and not a complaining mindset. You don’t want to ruin any neighborly relationship. 

But, if your neighbor is simply a jerk, then you can report them to your city or HOA and hopefully, they will get the situation resolved. 

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