Neighbor Won’t Leash Dogs? (Do This to Make Them)

Neighbor Won’t Leash Dogs

Dealing with a neighbor who refuses to leash their dogs can be a difficult and stressful situation. It can lead to concerns about safety, property damage, and barking that disrupt the peace.

If your neighbor won’t leash their dogs, it’s important to approach the situation calmly and respectfully. Start by talking to your neighbor and expressing your concerns about the dogs. If that doesn’t work, you may need to consider involving local authorities, such as animal control or law enforcement.

Not every dog that you come across without a leash is going to be aggressive. Some owners train their dogs to have excellent recall, so they feel valid to let them roam without a leash. Nonetheless, in this article, we’ll discuss what you can do to ensure your neighbor puts a leash on their dog.

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How Do You Deal With a Neighbor Who Doesn’t Leash Their Dog?

Some people see nothing wrong with having their dog run around without a leash while on a walk. Nothing would be wrong with this if there were no other people or dogs in the area, but that’s probably not the case.

If you notice your neighbor leaving their dog to run loose, there are a few things that you could do. The easiest is to simply avoid your neighbor altogether and take another route with your dog/family. Although, this is not always possible.

If you notice a loose dog running towards you while walking your dog, try your best to avoid contact between the two animals. Use your body as a shield between the other dog and yours. Dogs are usually territorial animals (reminiscent of their wild ancestors) and will fight to defend their owners.

For the worst-case scenarios, we would recommend carrying pepper spray with you. This should only be used when your life or your dog’s life is in imminent danger.

Dog Roaming The Neighborhood

The laws differ between states and local governments regarding whether a dog may be walked without a leash. However, in most cases, if a dog is roaming around in the neighborhood without their owner nearby, that dog is ‘at large’. 

You can contact animal control to notify them of an ‘at large’ dog, and they will most likely collect the dog and take them to the pound. You can also contact your local municipal office to enquire about the city laws regarding dogs and leashes.

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Talking To Your Neighbor About Their Dog

A neighbor constantly walking their dog without a leash can cause some extreme anxiety for any other dog owners in the neighborhood. We would recommend having an open conversation with your neighbor. 

Do not approach them in a hostile manner or immediately start voicing your concerns – this behavior will cause anyone to act defensively. Rather broach the subject a few minutes into the conversation and calmly voice your concerns. 

Providing valid arguments will probably allow your neighbor to understand the situation from your point of view:

  • Not leashing their dog increases the risk of a fight with other dogs, causing unnecessary vet bills.
  • Not leasing their dog could also cause small children or other animals to be injured, even if their dog is ‘not aggressive.’

Also, do some research on your city’s laws regarding dog leashing and mention to your neighbor if they are breaking the law.

You could also recommend some leashes that you enjoy to your neighbor. Retractable leashes are great to allow your dog the freedom of movement but still be able to contain the dog if necessary.

Know Your Leash Laws

Every state and local government has varying laws regarding leash laws and proper dog care. If you see a dog roaming the neighborhood without their neighbor, contact the neighbor and inform them that their dog is loose. However, if this is a common occurrence, you should contact animal control.

Is it Neglect to Not Walk a Dog?

99% of dog owners will tell you that taking your dog for their daily walk is essential to get the proper amount of exercise. Although, this might not always be the case. If you live in a rural area with a big property, taking your dog for a walk off the property would not be necessary.

Dogs also come in various sizes, and a chihuahua does not need nearly the amount of exercise that a border collie does. Dog owners should purchase/adopt dogs that fit their lifestyle.

If you notice that your neighbor rarely walks their ‘high-energy’ dog, you could complain to animal control. They will launch an investigation and determine whether your neighbor is neglecting their dog.

The same can be said if you consider not walking your dog anymore. The exercise and mental stimulation of the walk would need to be replaced with another activity to prevent your dog from becoming agitated.

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Police as a Last Resort

When a dog is at large without threatening others, you should contact local animal control to report the dog. However, if the dog is threatening other dogs or other people, it’s advisable to call 911 (only in cases of emergency, though). If it’s not an emergency, you can also call 311 – a non-emergency hotline for the police.

We would recommend investigating a loose dog, if possible. Check if their owner is nearby and contact animal control if not. You should not simply ignore a dog roaming the neighborhood since someone is probably looking for them.

Final Thoughts

In short, if your neighbor is not leashing their dogs, have a civil conversation with them and voice your concerns. If this does not seem to help, contact a local animal control and make sure you understand local leash laws.

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