Neighbor Has a Pitbull? (Do This to Keep It Away for Good)

Neighbor Has a Pitbull

So, your neighbor has a pitbull, and you don’t know how to keep it away from your yard. It can be a concerning situation, especially if you believe their dog is dangerous. Luckily, there are many things you can do to avoid negative incidents with your neighbor’s dog, and they are all legal.

You can keep your neighbor’s pitbull out of your yard by politely speaking to your neighbor about your concerns. If that doesn’t work, you can use pet repellents across your yard to keep the pitbull away. Lastly, you may need to call animal control to handle the situation.

It is important to deal with situations in a calm, orderly fashion while following proper protocol. If not, you may risk getting dog bites!

So, stick around because we will cover everything you need to know about pitbull ownership’s legality and how you can keep your neighbor’s dog out of your yard. 

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You can try talking to your neighbor about what worries you, or you can try to reduce your yard’s attractiveness by keeping it clean. But, you can also use motion sensors to keep unwanted animals at bay or pet deterrents to keep your neighbor’s pitbull away. 

Here are some things your yard may need to keep unwanted visitors from entering:

1. Pet Corrector Deterrent SprayKeep unwanted canines out of your yard using this spray.

2. Ultrasonic Pet Deterrent It does not only keep dogs away. It keeps rodents at bay too.

3. Dog Proofer Fence ExtensionAdd height to your fence to avoid climbing or jumping dogs.

Dealing with Pitbulls

Some situations are dangerous, but others can simply be innocent. Nevertheless, you must know how to deal with a situation where a pitbull is in your yard. So, let’s talk about what to do below.

How Do I Keep My Neighbors Pitbull Off My Property?

You have to first talk to your neighbor about your concerns regarding their pitbull and tell them to keep it off your property, but if that does not work, there are other options you can consider. For example, you could consider calling animal control.

Usually, talking to your neighbor in a non-confrontational way resolves the issue easily. However, it is important to remind them about the dangers of leaving their dog in the open.

Some of these risks can include their pet harming themselves or others. 

If you’ve already tried speaking to your neighbor, you may be interested in searching your local laws regarding roaming dogs.

If you find that your neighbor is violating the law by keeping their dog outside their property unsupervised, you can call animal control. 

Additionally, you can try to use non-harmful pet repellents or ultrasonic motion sensor pet repellents.

Likewise, ultrasonic motion sprinkler systems can help you repel dogs and other pets, but remember that these methods are not always effective.

How to Prevent a Neighbor’s Pitbull From Getting Into My Yard?

Using homemade or store-bought outdoor pet repellents, you can prevent a neighbor’s pitbull from getting into your yard. Be sure that they are not harmful to the environment. The smell of these repellents will keep the pitbull at bay.

Besides pet repellents, you can also try to add plants that have an unattractive smell to dogs. It won’t harm them, but it will keep them away. Some of these plants include rue citrus and citronella

What Do I Do if My Neighbor Has a Pitbull?

Unless your local city laws forbid the ownership of Pitbulls, there is not much you can do regarding a neighbor who owns a Pitbull. However, if it turns out that they are, indeed, violating local law, then you should leave this for animal control to handle.

It is not advisable to go and deal with their dog alone, especially if they have not posed a direct threat to you.

In fact, if you try to do something to your neighbor’s dog without them knowing and are attacked, the law will not favor you. 

What to Do About a Neighbor With an Aggressive Pitbull?

If your neighbor has an aggressive pitbull that threatens you or your property, you must call animal control or law enforcement. Either authority will take care of the situation without you needing to get personally involved.

It is not recommended that you try to fight an aggressive dog. Doing so can result in severe injuries, which will become costly to you long term.

Thus, ensure to call animal control if things escalate and don’t attempt to approach the animal. 

How to Live Next to a Pitbull?

Living next to a neighbor that owns a pitbull is not so difficult since all you have to do is to protect your property from external elements by putting up fences and security cameras. Of course, you should also avoid making direct contact with the dog.

Sometimes the pitbull may bark, and other times it won’t.

But unfortunately, the reality is that it is often the upbringing of the owners that causes behavioral problems in their pets rather than the pet breed itself. 

A badly educated dog will bark at random and try to be aggressive with other people, and this is more so in the cases of Pitbulls because they are known to be territorial animals.

They will attack out of fear, neglect, or abuse. If you notice this, call animal control right away.

Moreover, if the animal poses a direct issue, speak to the neighbor about your concerns and try to reach an agreement.

Don’t be confrontational or insult your neighbor, but tell them what has been happening and ask what you can do to help them resolve the issue. 

If the neighbor is not being cooperative, then it is recommended that you check your local laws to determine which one will protect your case the most.

Remember that certain cases may require an animal law or injury attorney.

Is There a Pitbull-Proof Fence?

Some fences are meant to keep your yard Pitbull free, making it impossible for them to climb up. They can be found online and are often more than six feet tall to prevent dogs from jumping over.

There are also different types of these fences, some of which are more convenient than others. However, you can also choose to cover up your current fence or install an L footing to prevent the furry friend from digging underground.

You can also install extensions on your fence and then cover it with a mesh to prevent the dog from jumping over your fence or climbing.

Again, the more secure the fence, the less likely the pitbull will climb on it.

Laws and Safely

Some cities may forbid owning Pitbulls, but not all states allow Breed Specific Legislation. Perhaps your neighbor is not aware that they’re violating the law. So, let’s discuss laws against Pitbulls below!

Are Pitbulls Against the Law?

Pitbull ownership can be against the law under Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), although 21 states banned them. Breed Specific Legislation is the laws that regulate the ownership of certain animal breeds, and dogs like Pitbulls and Rottweillers are included.

States that banned Breed Specific Legislation include Florida, Texas, and California.

This means that they don’t allow discrimination against dogs based on breed but will check each dog’s case individually in situations of aggression. 

Do Pitbulls Have to Be Muzzled in Public?

Some local laws can require you to muzzle your pitbull in public if they allow Breed Specific Legislation, in which case, your pet is considered a dangerous dog, and the owners should provide extra care for it.

For example, the Code of Ordinances of Denver, Colorado, specifies that dangerous dogs should be properly muzzled in public.

This is done to avoid further incidents that may cause injuries to others, although it is not certain whether these regulations have worked.

What States Have Laws Against Pitbulls? 

There are no state-level laws against Pitbulls, but many cities forbid or regulate their ownership. San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago are examples of cities that have forbidden the ownership of Pitbulls and similar dog breeds.

There are currently 937 cities that have banned Pitbulls in the United States. The states that uphold the most pitbull bans are Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio.

However, there are no state-level prohibitions, and most cities agree that nobody should have a pitbull in their home.

Where Are Pitbulls Banned?

Pitbulls are banned in cities where states hold Breed Specific Regulations, which work to regulate the ownership and breeding of these dogs and other similar breeds. Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri have many cities that uphold these laws.

Many organizations have tried to outlaw these bans because they are perceived as discriminatory. However, experts agree that any dog breed can show signs of aggression, which is not exclusive to Pitbulls.

Thus, other cities have dangerous dog statutes without specifying breed.

Can You Report a Neighbor’s Dog for Being Aggressive?

If a neighbor’s dog has shown signs of aggression towards you or your loved ones, you can report the incident to animal control and let them take care of it. You can also lawsuit your neighbors if their dog caused you injuries that required medical attention.

If the injuries you suffered were due to the negligence of your neighbors in not taking care of their dog the way they were supposed to, you’d likely receive compensation for the damages their pet caused you.

However, we recommend that you look for proper legal advice from an injury or animal law attorney that can guide you better throughout this process.

What to Do if You See a Pitbull?

If you see a stray pitbull, try to remain as calm as possible and don’t make eye contact with this dog since they could perceive it as a threat. Instead, let the pitbull leave and slowly walk away from the scene. 

However, if you’re just standing and a pitbull decides to approach you, don’t try to pet it right away. Instead, let it sniff for a while and see if it is friendly or aggressive.

You can pet it after you confirm it is friendly, but if uncomfortable, ignore the dog until it walks away on its own. 

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The Truth Behind Aggression

Pitbulls can indeed become dangerous dogs if provoked continuously. However, isn’t it the same with other dogs?

Are Pitbulls truly aggressive? Let’s debunk these issues in this section!

Are Pitbulls Considered an Aggressive Breed?

Pitbulls are deemed aggressive to the general public, but the truth is that they are only aggressive towards other animals and could be aggressive with strangers. In addition, many experts agree that Pitbulls don’t attack humans unless something is wrong.

There are many reasons a pitbull may attack someone, including fear, stress, abuse, neglect, or threat.

They will feel threatened if they encounter new environments, that is, new people moving next door or new animals.

Since Pitbulls are territorial animals, it is not surprising that they may want to protect their territory. That is why they will probably fight other animals if they ever land in their owner’s yard.

What Should You Do if You Encounter an Aggressive Pitbull?

If you encounter an aggressive pitbull, keep your hands to the side, don’t move, and avoid making eye contact with the dog. Then, once it loses interest in you, you are free to walk away slowly without alarming the canine.

However, some incidents may require you to use a backup plan. For example, if the dog aims to bite you, throw a sweater, jacket or bag at them, so they bite that instead of your hand.

If the attack continues, use pepper spray or any other repellent to keep it away. 

Do Pitbulls Attack Without Warning?

Although experts agree that Pitbulls are not aggressive towards people, they could attack without warning if they suddenly feel scared, threatened, or anxious. For example, if you touch an area where they’re hurt.

Another thing to remember is that Pitbulls are territorial, so when you’re inviting new guests, they may feel uncomfortable around them.

Thus, if you’re a pitbull owner, your dog needs constant socialization to become accustomed to new people and gain their trust.

Do Pitbulls Suddenly Snap?

Pitbulls, like any other breed, can snap if they feel scared, threatened, hurt, or have felt anxiety and nervousness for a long time. Therefore, Pitbull owners need to monitor their dog’s behavior to avoid any incidents.

If you believe your furry friend is not acting normal, try taking them to a vet or seeing a behavioral therapist that can assist you in its behavior.

In addition, taking early precautions can help you and your family reduce the stress that may arise from a bite incident. 

What Makes a Pitbull Angry?

Many factors make a pitbull angry, including petting them while they’re still eating, underlying medical conditions that haven’t been treated, threats, and lack of socialization. You must avoid these practices if you want to keep your dog happy.

Of course, these are not exclusive to Pitbulls. Most dogs are territorial, so they won’t like someone touching them if they are eating their food.

Likewise, they will feel anxious if they feel hurt, like when something pointy sticks onto their paws.

You should take your dog to a vet if there is any underlying medical condition you suspect they may have. If you keep delaying this, you may risk having your dog suffer unnecessary pain.

Likewise, Pitbulls are highly social dogs. Isolation is not good for them, so that they may become aggressive due to loneliness. They need their fun time with you, so don’t leave them alone for long.

What to Do About the Neighbor’s Pitbull Attacking the Fence?

If a neighbor’s pitbull is attacking the fence, you should consider adding things that repel the dog from your fence, like plants of citronella or rue citrus. Yet, putting up a taller and stronger fence can be your best option.

There are strong fences you can buy that won’t allow a dog to climb over them.

Additionally, you may want to increase the height of your fence to six feet or above to ensure that the dog does not jump over and fall in your yard. 

If you believe the dog is becoming too aggressive, you should call animal control and let them handle the situation.

Under no circumstance should you approach the fence or let anyone in your family approach it. Doing so can result in injuries.

Related Questions

What Can I Do About My Neighbor’s Aggressive Dog?

If your neighbor’s dog is aggressive towards you or has injured you, you should consult with your local animal control center to handle the situation. If you try to handle the situation yourself, things may not become good for you.

For example, if you try to wrestle or fight the dog, there is a high chance that the Pitbull may attack you, resulting in serious injuries.

Therefore, animal control or law enforcement should take care of the situation. 

However, if your neighbor’s dog injured you severely, you can file a claim in a civil court or lawsuit them due to the injuries their negligence caused you.

You may receive compensation for your medical expenses and further damage this incident has caused you.

Do Pitbulls Bark a Lot?

Although Pitbull’s bark if they sense a threat, they don’t bark as often as other dog breeds. Hence they are not expected to bark a lot. However, remember that this can vary per situation, as all dogs develop behaviors according to their environment.

Normally, dogs barks if they see a stranger or another animal. Pitbulls, especially, are very jealous of their territory and wouldn’t want another companion unless you raised them to be used to it. 

Likewise, if they see random strangers walking down the street, they may bark at them due to their protective instinct. However, this is unlikely to happen if you accustom your dog to being used to new people.

Who to Call When There Is an Aggressive Dog?

You can call animal control, a local shelter, or a humane society group if you find an aggressive dog and believe it needs to be seized or helped. You should not approach the dog if it is acting aggressively towards you.

Usually, you can find these phone numbers on your government website. However, if you believe the situation is escalating, you may call law enforcement, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Final Thoughts

If your neighbor has a pitbull, you shouldn’t worry unless you are certain they are breaking the law or their dog has become violent.

If an incident arises and their dog goes onto your yard, don’t try to handle the situation on your own. Instead, call law enforcement or animal control to help you resolve the issue.

Moreover, don’t try to pet a stray pitbull, or any stray dog, for any matter.

All dogs can become dangerous and aggressive if provoked or mistreated, which is why you should be very careful when dealing with strange dogs.

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