How to Stop the Neighbors Dog From Peeing in My Yard

how to stop the neighbors dog from peeing on my lawn

Having your own dog pee in your yard is frustrating enough, but having your neighbor’s dog pee in your yard takes things to a whole new level. Having been in this situation myself, I needed to figure out how to stop the neighbor’s dog from peeing in my yard.

As a general rule, you should first try politely speaking with your neighbor about their dog peeing in your yard. If talking to your neighbor doesn’t work, you can place repellents or dog barriers around your property to block the dog’s access and stop this from happening.

If you have a persistent problem with a neighbor’s dog peeing on your lawn, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will suggest tips to stop this from happening without harming the dog or treating it inhumanely.

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Keeping your neighbor’s dog off of your property can sometimes be challenging, especially if your neighbor lets their dogs run around freely.

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How Can I Keep My Neighbor’s Dog Out of My Yard?

You may be a dog owner yourself but it would be hard to love on a dog that’s not yours, wanders into your property, and destroys it by leaving urine marks, poop, and holes on your well-manicured lawn. The worse thing is knowing that the dog that does it belongs to your next-door neighbor.

But before you burn bridges with your neighbor, understand that it could be an isolated case. The dog may have just gotten off its leash or escaped its property and ended up on yours. If this happens, you may want to let it slide and just observe the dog.

However, if you notice the same dog visiting your property over and over again for the reason that it has made your lawn its toilet, it’s time to take action. The first step you can take to keep your neighbor’s dog out of your yard is by going over to your neighbor for a talk.

Most likely, the owner doesn’t know what their dog has been doing when they’re not around. If that’s the case, talking to the neighbor in a calm and polite way should call their attention.

It’s also likely that your neighbor might feel embarrassed about their dog causing such trouble. You might be the wake-up call they need to train their dog to behave well.

If you have to talk to your neighbor about the problem, let them know in a nice way how it’s giving you a hard time, considering you’ve spent a lot of time and money maintaining your lawn. As much as possible, avoid losing your temper or escalating things quickly.

Meanwhile, if you have talked to your neighbor and your repeated complaints fell on deaf ears, you may want to consider other options. In the next section, we will discuss some methods to keep other dogs away from your yard, including installing barriers and putting up deterrents.

One important tip when confronting your neighbor about their dog is by providing proof. If you can’t or don’t want to install an outdoor security camera, recording a video of the dog doing the at is already enough.

What Will Stop Dogs From Peeing on My Lawn?

Dogs love grass. It’s irresistible to them – they love rolling on it, munching it, and even leave presents. Whatever you do, dogs will always be attracted to grass and it may be challenging to stop them from peeing unless you put in the effort.

One way you can keep dogs away is to startle them with your sprinklers. For instance, you notice that a dog is lurking around your property. Once they go near your lawn, it’s time to turn up the sprinklers.

Now, this could either scare the dog away or it will end up triggering their playfulness. If it’s the latter, then it might be a good idea to resort to deterrents or repellents.

What Is a Good Natural Dog Repellent?

You may need to think of ways to naturally repel your neighbor’s dog because hurting them is not an option. Some dog repellents can easily be made at home using ingredients you already have in your pantry. And if you’re worried about hurting the dog physically, don’t – because these repellents are not made to do so.

Homemade repellents simply make your lawn uninviting because of the smells. One of the deterrents many homeowners swear by is cayenne pepper. This works not only on other people’s dogs but it might also be helpful if you want to keep your own dogs away from your precious garden.

Can I Put Cayenne Pepper in My Yard?

Cayenne pepper or chili pepper is considered an organic dog repellent that can also work against insects and birds. When capsaicin, the main component of chili peppers, comes in contact with the dog’s sensitive nose as it’s sniffing around your yard, it can cause irritation.

This irritation will be associated with a negative experience, which will ultimately discourage the dog from coming back. Sprinkling cayenne pepper stops dog peeing in your lawn and it’s a pretty quick and easy solution.

You can even be generous in using the cayenne pepper powder around the edges of your lawn. And you don’t have to worry about hurting your turf or the surrounding plants because cayenne pepper is biodegradable. Once the dog smells of the cayenne pepper, they will stop on their tracks and no longer go further into your yard.

Is Female Dog Urine Worse for Grass?

Most yard problems resulting from dog urine get pinned on female dogs. It’s important to understand that a female dog’s urine doesn’t have high concentrations of nitrogen that can kill plants. It doesn’t matter whether your neighbor’s dog is male or female; dog urine, in general, is destructive.

How Do You Stop a Dog From Peeing in a Certain Spot?

Dogs always remember their spot for peeing and pooping. And if they were successful with leaving their mark on your property, that would make them come back often – unless you put out a nasty smell that will deter them.

Again, cayenne pepper helps in this case. Simply sprinkle the spots where you suspect the dog frequents. Other than cayenne pepper, you might also want to try spraying vinegar.

How to Keep Dogs From Peeing on Trees

Problems in your grass lawn can easily be fixed, especially if you spot them early, such as catching the dog in the act. You can easily put deterrents as mentioned above, but you can’t say the same thing when trees are around.

And if you’re one who worked so hard to take care of trees in your yard, you should realize that dog urine can ultimately affect tree growth. Most of the time, dog urine on trees is often overlooked, unlike your lawn. And worse, trees are a favorite mark for dogs.

When trees are in contact with the high nitrogen in the dog’s urine, it can result in wounds, which will eventually develop into peeling and cracks. This makes the trees vulnerable to infection.

Usually, this happens at the base of the tree, so you might want to protect that part at all costs. One way is by installing tree guards, to make sure the dog’s pee doesn’t hit the tree. One excellent example, which has been positively accepted by homeowners, is Dawg Tree Pee Guard.

How to Stop Dogs Peeing on My Hedge

Meanwhile, you might also want to protect your hedge from dog urine. After all, it’s not easy to maintain hedges. You may have spent money to make sure it stays in shape and maintains a lush condition. Hedges can also be a natural privacy screen but it will become useless if its growth is affected by dog urine.

Spraying cayenne pepper powder at the base of the hedges is one way to address the problem. If this doesn’t work, you may need to fence the plants altogether.

Fencing Your Property

This may sound unfair considering it’s not your own dog that’s causing problems to your lawns. But some homeowners have resorted to fencing their property to make sure no dog wanders into their lawn. Of course, if you don’t mind paying for the expenses, installing a fence may be the best idea.

You might also be in need of a fence to add aesthetics to your property. However, if you only wanted a fence to keep out a neighbor’s dog, you could try and negotiate with your neighbor. Let them know that their dog’s behavior is giving you some difficulty and that the only solution is fencing.

Your neighbor will either agree to your request; they could also see it as a ridiculous proposal they want nothing to do with. Either way, be prepared for what’s to come and be ready to take on the next step.

Understanding Dog Urination Laws

You may be thinking about suing your neighbor as the next best thing because no matter how much you complain or explain to them about their dog’s behavior, nothing happens. But before you do, there is a need to understand the laws regarding dog waste.

In the following sections, we’ll be answering some questions people might have regarding dog’s peeing in public and private properties.

Is It Illegal for a Dog to Pee on the Sidewalk?

Dogs need to go out to pee and poop, so no, it’s not illegal for a dog to pee on the sidewalk per se. What you have to think about is where in a public street should you allow your dog to do it – and that is away from areas with heavy foot traffic.

If you have to bring your dog outside to pee, don’t let him do it on a bench where people are sitting, for example. Instead, go behind a building or near a bushy area (not your neighbor’s garden) and let your dog relieve himself.

Is It Rude for My Dog to Pee on Someone’s Lawn?

It is definitely rude to let your dog pee on someone’s lawn. Maintaining a lawn is no joke. You have to wait for weeks and months for the grass to grow into its lush state. Not to mention, there’s money involved in getting the right fertilizers and spending for mowing.

All of that effort and money can be wasted when dogs urinate on the lawn and kill off the grass. Besides, as a dog owner, that could get you in trouble.

Is It Illegal for My Dog to Pee on Someone’s Lawn?

Not only is it rude to have your dog pee on someone’s law, but it’s also considered trespassing. It may not be the dog’s fault and you can’t have the police catch the dog for acting normally, but it’s definitely the dog owner’s responsibility.

Trespassing doesn’t only mean entering someone’s property without permission. It also means allowing something or someone they have control of to enter someone else’s property. Letting your dog pee on someone else’s lawn will result in damage of property, which is also considered illegal.

As for the consequences, this will depend on your state or local laws. Some may not have stringent rules regarding dog urination, but others do. So, it’s better to check with your local regulations.

Where Should I Let My Dog Pee?

If it’s considered illegal to let dogs pee in someone’s lawn and it’s rude to have dogs pee in public spaces, unless well-hidden, you might ask, where should dogs pee then? The best place will be in your home – whether in its own potty spot or in your own yard.

Sure, you may be suffering from damaged lawn yourself, but that’s your dog and it’s your responsibility. You can designate a potty spot in your yard or let him pee and poop before ever taking him out for a walk.

Note that some people, especially neighbors, however, won’t mind if your dog pees in their mailboxes. This will all depend on the kind of neighborhood you have but just make sure to avoid other’s lawns.

Conclusion: Is It Ok to Let Your Dog Pee on Someone’s Lawn?

If you think “A dog peeing on my property is not acceptable,” then you’ll also realize that it’s not okay to let your own dog pee on someone else’s lawn. If you have a persistent problem with dogs peeing in your yard, always remember to talk to the owners first. 

If talking doesn’t work, that’s the time to take other measures, including putting repellents in your yard. There are different repellents that work but most homeowners swear by cayenne pepper. 

Whatever repellents you decide to use, remember never to intentionally harm dogs to get them away from your property. This is a criminal act that can send you to jail.

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