Neighbor Has Too Many Dogs? (Here’s What You Should Do)

Neighbor Has Too Many Dogs

If you’re living next to a neighbor that has too many dogs, you’re no stranger to the constant howling and barking that comes from this. It can also be dangerous to walk or jog in the neighborhood if they’re allowed to roam freely. So what can you do about this?

If your neighbor has more dogs than they can take care of, you should call your local animal control center to assess the situation. It is likely that the dogs are being neglected and could be in harm.

Since animal abuse is not always the case, we are going to break down exactly how you can determine this. Having an animal control officer visit you can be a traumatizing experience and you should be certain that something serious is going on before you make any calls. 

We’ll let you know when the time is right to do so in this article. Because sometimes it is and you don’t want to miss out on doing the right thing. 

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How Many Dogs Are Too Many Dogs?

Before we start calling the doggy police, let’s determine how many dogs are too many dogs in the eyes of the law. Because sometimes, people just don’t know how to control their puppy love. 

Is There a Limit on How Many Dogs You Can Have?

Most cities have a limit on how many dogs you can have in your household. This is usually two to three dogs, excluding puppies. However, if you live in the country, there is typically not a limit on how many dogs you can have. 

Most cities implement a maximum number of dogs you can have in a household to decrease the problems that can occur because of dogs.

These problems include:

  • Barking
  • Dog droppings
  • Aggressive behaviors, which sometimes result in attacks. 

However, typically there aren’t laws that limit the number of dogs you can have if you live outside of city limits.

You are allowed to have as many dogs as you want as long as they are not causing trouble to anyone in your area and are well taken care of. 

How Many Dogs Are Allowed on a Property?

Most cities usually cap the number of dogs you can have on your property to three dogs. In some cities, it is only two dogs. 

For example, in Roeland Park, Kansas, you are only allowed to have two dogs of six months of age or older or one litter of puppies. If you would like to have more dogs, you have to obtain a special permit. 

Is It Illegal to Own More Than 3 Dogs?

If your city has specific municipal ordinances that state that you cannot own more than three dogs, it is illegal. You may be subject to a fine and possible jail time. 

It is illegal to own more than three dogs if your city says that the maximum number of dogs you are allowed to have is three. 

You may be exempt from this law if you have filled out a special form typically called an animal license variance request. This license allows you to have more dogs than the bylaws state.

Do My Neighbors Need a Special Permit to Have Multiple Dogs?

Generally, your neighbors will need a special permit to have multiple dogs if your city has a maximum number of dogs allowed on a property. Typically, this permit only allows for one extra dog.

If your neighbors have a special permit granted by your city to have more than the maximum number of dogs allowed on their property, they are technically not breaking any laws. 

However, you still call animal control on your neighbors, and they can double-check that they have the permit.

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Are My Neighbors Allowed Multiple Dogs if We Live In the Country?

Typically, there are not any laws regarding how many dogs you can have in the country. If your neighbor’s dogs are causing a threat to you or your family then you can report the dogs to animal control.

Dogs that are considered nuisance dogs can be reported to animal control. If these dogs are causing any discomfort to the way that you live your life, you can report them.

For example, excessive barking, aggressive behavior, and excessive droppings that are not cleaned up.

When Too Many Dogs Becomes a Problem

Sometimes, people innocently have one or two more dogs than they are allowed to BUT the dogs are in great condition and aren’t creating any problems.

Other times, people allow so many dogs into their homes that they are eventually unable to care for them, yet they don’t do anything about it. This is when things become a problem. 

How Many Animals Is Considered Pet Hoarding?

There is not a specific number that determines animal hoarding but instead a specific condition. If an area is unable to provide proper sanitary conditions to a number of animals, whether two or twenty, it is considered animal hoarding. 

It is possible that your neighbor is an animal hoarder, especially if they have more than three dogs and are not able to provide proper living conditions.

Once the living space appears to be taken over by the dogs, animal hoarding is suspected. 

Is Pet Hoarding a Crime?

Pet hoarding is a crime and falls under animal cruelty and animal abuse. Animal abuse is considered a federal crime with steep fines and possible jail time. 

People who hoard animals generally are not of sound mind and are incapable of properly taking care of the animals. When pets are being hoarded, they are often being neglected.

Neglectful conditions can cause them to be in very poor health conditions since they are basically starving. 

What Is Considered Dog Neglect?

Dog neglect is when someone does not provide a dog with the basics that they need to survive – for example, food, water, and shelter.  The dog must also be free from emotional and physical abuse.

When you become an owner of a dog, you take on a massive responsibility. You must always provide your dog with adequate levels of food, water, shelter, and veterinary care. 

If you suspect that your neighbor has too many dogs to take care of, some – or all – of the dogs may be experiencing neglect. 

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What To Do About Your Neighbor With Too Many Dogs

So you suspect that your neighbor is not able to provide for the number of dogs they have but you are not sure what to do next. Read on to find out.

When Should You Call Animal Control on a Neighbor?

You should call animal control on your neighbor if you suspect that your neighbor has an illegal amount of pets on their property or if you suspect animal abuse.

However, if your neighbor’s pets are not causing you any discomfort, you may not want to call animal control on them. If the dogs are well taken care of and are not causing you any troubles, why report your neighbor?

If there is something that is bothering you, you should speak to your neighbor directly.

It is possible that they are unaware of the situation and will likely do anything to resolve it so they don’t have to face having their pets taken away from them. 

How Do I Report Someone With Too Many Animals?

To report someone with too many animals,  you should call your city’s official animal control center. Be sure not to call a private animal control center as they are not usually affiliated with the city.

Animal Control organizations work together with your city’s governing body to enforce animal bylaws. These official animal control centers are technically law enforcement. 

However, there are many private animal control centers that are not affiliated with the law and you should avoid contacting these organizations. 

Your city’s official animal control center will be listed on your city’s website.

How Do You Anonymously Report Animal Hoarding?

To report animal hoarding you should call your local animal control agency or your local police station. Animal hoarding is a form of abuse and should be reported as soon as possible.

It can be understandably scary to report your neighbor, especially if you already have a bad relationship with them – or even a good one.

So, when you call your animal control agency or your police station, you can choose to not release your personal details. 

How Do I Report Animal Neglect Near Me?

To report animal neglect near you, you can call your local animal control center or your local police station. You will have to provide your neighbor’s address along with the details of the neglect.

You should not feel bad about reporting animal neglect. Whether or not the neglect is intentional, doesn’t matter. What matters is that the animal is suffering and someone should advocate for them.

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Can Dogs Be Taken Away From Owners?

Dogs can be taken away from their owners if an animal control officer determines that the dog’s life is at risk. If the dog is experiencing a neglectful situation, it is likely that it will be removed. 

In the case of an animal control officer finding out that a household illegally has too many dogs, it will not immediately take the dog away.

Instead, it will give the owners a chance to relocate the dog or relocate themselves to an area that allows that number of dogs, such as the country.

Situations That Do Not Classify as Animal Hoarding

It is possible for a household to have too many dogs but not be considered animal hoarders. However, the number of dogs can still become a problem if the dogs are disrupting the neighborhood. 

What Is Considered a Nuisance Dog?

The most common situation that causes a dog to become a nuisance dog is when it barks or howls continuously to the point where it disturbs the peace of the neighborhood. 

Your municipality will have specific parameters that determine what is excessive barking. For example, Placer County defines excessive barking as consistent barking for 20 minutes out of one hour. 

However, the barking does not count as excessive if the dog was barking at something specific and the owner took steps to alleviate the barking.

So, excessive barking only counts if the dog is barking or howling for no reason and cannot be controlled. 

Dogs tend to howl at nothing when they are in packs. So, this explains why there is a limit to dogs that are allowed in a household. 

Can I Complain About My Neighbor’s Dog Barking?

Complaints about barking dogs are one of the most common complaints made to animal control officers. You can complain about a dog barking as long as it is disrupting your peace.

Typically, a dog has to be barking or howling for twenty minutes straight within an hour. Barking is especially serious within the times of 10 PM and 7 AM.

You can call either your animal control center or the local police station to complain.

Can a Dog Be Taken Away for Barking?

A dog can be taken away for barking but it is not a quick or simple process. Typically, the owner of the barking dog will have at least three warnings before the dog is taken away. 

Taking a dog away from its owner can cause the dog and the owner serious distress. A dog will typically be taken away after an animal control officer has visited the household at least three times. 

The animal control officer has to determine that the dog is not barking at anything specifically and that the owner has not done anything to prevent it from barking. 

What Happens When You Call Animal Control on a Dog?

When you call animal control, an animal control officer will visit the household in question and assess the situation. They typically give three warnings before removing any animal. 

Animal Control Officers are aware that removing an animal from their home can cause the animal great distress, along with the owners. 

Therefore, when an animal control officer visits home, they will assess the situation and determine how serious it is. If it is very serious, they may take the dog away from the situation immediately.

But, if the situation is not very serious, for example, the first complaint about a barking dog, the owner will typically only receive a warning. 

What Happens to Dogs When Taken Away From Their Owners?

When dogs are taken away from their owners, they are brought to an animal shelter. Animal shelters take care of the dogs until they are adopted by a new family.

It is sometimes necessary to remove a dog from a certain household if the dog is not being taken care of. Animal control officers are law enforcement who ensure that animal abuse does not happen. 

When they have to remove an animal from a household, they will bring the animal to a certified animal shelter and will then take care of the animal until it gets adopted by a new family.

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Related Questions

Is Leaving a Dog Outside Animal Cruelty?

Leaving your dog outside in poor weather conditions is considered animal cruelty. Poor weather conditions can be extreme temperatures, rain, snow, or excessive wind.

Essentially, if you leave your dog outside in certain weather conditions that would affect your health, you are committing animal cruelty.

As a dog owner, you are responsible for protecting your dog, whether that be from unbearable temperatures or falling trees.

How Many Dogs Are You Allowed to Have in Detroit?

Detroit allows four dogs over the age of four months per household. Each dog must be licensed by the city. You are also allowed one little of puppies. 

So, if you’re a dog lover, Detroit is a great option for you. Most cities only allow two to three dogs and a permit is required if you choose to have an extra one. 

What Can I Do About My Neighbors Dogs in My Yard?

If your neighbor’s dog is constantly in your yard and is disturbing you in some way, you should speak to your neighbor about it. It is possible that they aren’t aware of their dog’s adventures.

Speaking to your neighbor before going to any local authorities is always a good idea. Dogs can be very mischievous but likely never want to cause you any harm.

The same goes for your neighbors (minus the mischievous part). 

Having a chat with them about the situation may be the most peaceful way to resolve the situation. However, if they are careless, you should call your local animal control center to report the issue. 

Final Thoughts

As the common saying goes, too much of anything is a bad thing- dogs are not excluded.

If you suspect that your neighbor has more dogs than they can look after, you shouldn’t think twice about reporting them to animal control.

Additionally, if the amount of dogs they have is causing you and your family any lack of peace, you also have the right to call animal control.

Everyone deserves to live in their house peacefully and sometimes you just have to be the bad guy.

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