White Pipes in Your Yard? (What They Are & How to Hide Them)

White Pipes In Your Yard

Have you noticed strange white pipes sticking out of the ground in your yard? If so, you’re not alone! Many homeowners have these mysterious white pipes but don’t know what they are or what to do about them. So what exactly are these white pipes, and why are they there?

The white pipes sticking out of the ground in your yard are sewer backflow pipes. These pipes are essential for cleaning out your home’s sewer lines and preventing clogging. Your plumber will need easy access to this pipe in order to unclog your sewer lines.

Finding strange pipes sticking out of the ground can be peculiar but there is a reason for these pipes. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of what these pipes are used for, what they are made of, and how to disguise these white pipes. 

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

The white pipes sticking out of the ground are indeed necessary but that doesn’t mean that they are not unsightly. Thankfully, we have some tricks up our sleeves to disguise these not-so-aesthetic pipes!

Our favorite products to disguise white pipes in your lawn:

1. Wildflower Seed Mixture Why not take the opportunity of an unsightly pipe to create a beautiful garden patch!

2. Artificial rock – Placed over the pipe, no one would ever know!

3. Artificial tree stump – Ideal disguise and quite a charming addition!

White Pipe in My Yard

Your first thought might be that something is broken or something is wrong when you see a white pipe sticking out of your yard.

No need to fret, it’s probably a backflow pipe, let’s discuss how to identify these pipes.

What Are the Pipes Sticking Out of My Yard?

Various pipes run underneath your yard, including electrical lines and sewage pipes. Some yards have a white PVC pipe that can stick up to 15 inches above the ground. This is usually a sewer cleanout.

If you see a white PVC pipe sticking out of your yard, it is completely normal.

Check that the pipe is covered. If not, you could buy a rubber cap to ensure that sewage does not leak out into your yard.

What Is the White Pipe in My Front Yard?

The white PVC pipe in your front yard is a sewer backflow pipe. This pipe prevents sewage from leaking through your yard, toilet, or sinks. It also gives a plumber access to the sewer line when it needs to be snaked.

This white pipe is vital if your sewer line gets clogged.

You would start to smell and see sewage leak out of your shower or any other drain in your home and a plumber would use the white PVC pipe to unclog the sewer line.

What Are White Pipes Used For?

White pipes or PVC pipes are generally used for sewage pipes, water mains, and other drainage systems. These pipes are made of plastic and are renowned for their long-lasting properties.

PVC pipes are the preferred choice for most plumbers as they are lightweight, yet strong and durable.

These white pipes are also rust and corrosion-free, so it requires a lot less maintenance or replacements.

What Is the White Drainage Pipe Called?

The white drainage pipe is known as a PVC pipe. These pipes can be seen sticking out a few inches in your front yard and acts as a sewage backflow pipe. Plumbers need access to these PVC pipes when unclogging a sewer line.

PVC is made of polyvinyl chloride and is a modern alternative to metal piping. It does not cause erosion or rusting, but it does have an impact on sustainability.

A common color scheme shows that white PVC pipes specifically are used for drain waste or cold water piping. This is not universal though.

What Pipes Are Always White?

PVC pipes are most commonly white, especially the sewage and water pipes in our homes. You might see a white PVC pipe sticking out of the ground in your front yard. This is the sewage backflow pipe.

These pipes are necessary but not always situated in a discrete area.

You can camouflage the pipe with landscaping but it should still be easily accessible for plumbers if your sewer line becomes clogged.

Yard Issues

There are pipes in your walls, attic, and in your yard. Detecting them might be difficult, but most yards will have a backflow pipe sticking out of the ground.

Let’s dive into some other issues that you might have.

How Do You Know if You Have Pipes in Your Yard?

Almost all homes have sewage and water pipes running underneath their front yard, so they are definitely there. These might be difficult to spot though, so you can contact a contractor to pinpoint these pies for you.

Alternatively, you could purchase a pipe and utility line locator. These will be able to indicate exactly where all the pipes and utility lines are located in your yard.

Although, this is only necessary if you plan on digging or grading your yard.

How Do You Hide Septic Vent Pipes?

Landscaping is one of the easiest and inconspicuous ways to hide a septic vent pipe. Planting native shrubs around the pipe camouflage it from view, while still being accessible to a plumber when needed.

It’s not completely necessary to get your hands dirty; you could also purchase artificial landscaping to decorate or completely hide your septic vent pipe.

Artificial rocks or artificial tree stumps could be the perfect unobtrusive solution.

How Do You Get a Pipe Out of the Ground?

To remove a pipe from the ground you would need to dig a hole around the pipe and make sure the pipe is completely exposed. You should be cautious to not damage the water or sewage line that the pipe is connected to.

To prevent any major damage, we recommend contacting a plumber to remove any pipes that are underground on your property.

When removing water pipes, make sure to switch off the water, to prevent any water (or sewage) from flooding your lawn.

What Is a Yard Vent?

The yard vent is directly linked to your sewage system. It is used as a backflow pipe when your sewage system is clogged. It should stick out a few inches above the yard or you can camouflage it with landscaping.

This vent is a necessary part of your plumbing system. It also allows sewer and septic gasses to exit the plumbing system safely.

These gasses are a natural byproduct of the bacteria that break down the waste in your sewer line.

How to Recognize Vent Pipes?

Any PVC pipe that has a large diameter, around 1½ inch, that seems to be connected to the water or sewer line, can be a vent pipe. Usually, there are only one or two sticking up in your yard and a few in your attic.

These pipes are also usually white but can be blue in some areas. There aren’t many other pipes in or around your house so it should not be difficult to recognize a vent pipe.

You could also contact a plumber if you’re unsure.

Is That a Water Pipe in My Yard?

Most times the pipe in your yard is a sewer backflow pipe. It allows a plumber to unclog your sewage system. However, sometimes it can also be a gray water line that carries water off your property.

Gray water lines are for water drainage. These pipes carry the dirty water from your sink, tub, washing machine, etc.

Your gray water is not the same as sewage since it’s kept in two different piping systems. A pipe in your yard is most likely a sewer backflow pipe.

What Is a PVC Pipe?

PVC pipes are used in almost every building as a transport pipe for waste and sewage to the septic tank which is usually outside the building.

In this section, we dive into the uses of PVC pipe and what it is made of.

What Is the Large PVC Pipe Sticking Out of My Yard?

The large PVC pipe sticking out of your yard is most likely the sewer backflow pipe. These pipes give plumbers easy access to your sewage line. It also prevents sewage from flowing back into your shower or sinks.

It’s common to have these pipes sticking out of the ground in your front yard.

If it does get damaged in some way you would need to contact a plumber as soon as possible to assess and replace the pipe if necessary.

How Do You Cut PVC Pipes to Stick Out of the Ground?

To cut a PVC pipe that sticks out of the ground you would need a hacksaw. Slowly draw the blade back and forth into the pipe until the entire pipe is cut. Slow movements will ensure an even and straight cut.

Before cutting a PVC pipe that sticks out of the ground in your yard you should investigate what the origin of this pipe is and if it has a specific purpose.

Most times, these pipes are sewer backflow pipes and should not be cut.

What Is White PVC Pipe Used For?

Usually, white PVC pipe is used for drainage systems and low-pressure applications. Sometimes it can also be used for gray water plumbing. However, this is different in every country, there is no universal standard.

White PVC pipes are also often used for irrigation by farmers. It’s preferred due to the lightweight and the low toxicity levels.

Furthermore, PVC pipes do not rust or erode as metal pipes tend to do when exposed to water.

What Is White Sewer Pipe Made Of?

White sewer pipes are known as PVC pipes. PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a type of enforced plastic that is used in plumbing and irrigation. It’s lightweight and is highly preferred by plumbers across the US.

The raw materials for PVC come from salt and oil. PVC is also fully recyclable and can be used as a second or even third product sometimes. It has a fairly small carbon footprint, compared to other products.

Maintenance Concerns

You don’t really need to clean these pipes regularly if you have a cap installed on the top. If the sewage line does get clogged you would need to contact a plumber.

Let’s discuss some other maintenance concerns.

Do I Need to Clean the Pipes in My Yard?

It’s not necessary to clean the PVC sewage pipe in your yard. Although if you suspect that your sewage system might be clogged or if you notice a backflow into your sinks or tub, you should contact a plumber.

Another sign to call the plumber is a sewage smell wafting from your drains or sinks. The plumber will be able to clean the line through this backflow pipe.

Your backflow pipe should be easily accessible in your yard. 

That being said, if you do not have a cap on your backflow pipe (which you should) there might be sticks or other debris clogging the entrance to the pipe.

You should regularly check this and make sure the pipe is clean. 

How Do I Clean My Lawn Drain Pipes?

You could use a plumber’s snake to clean your lawn drain pipe if no plumber is available. Snaking probably won’t permanently solve the issue, but it will help to prevent flooding until a plumber can evaluate the problem.

Having a plumber’s snake can also help to unclog sinks and drains in your house. Although we do recommend contacting a plumber if you think your sewer line might be blocked.

There is only so much that you can do.

What Kind of Pipe Goes From the House to the Septic?

A PVC pipe connects the drainage system in the house to the septic tank. Sometimes the pipe could be made of ABS or cast iron. Regardless, PVC is the most common and preferred pipe to use.

PVC is made from an enforced plastic that is lightweight, easy to install, and less maintenance than cast iron pipes.

It also does not react to the bacteria found in sewage, making it the ideal pipe to connect the drainage system and the septic tank.

How Do I Keep the Pipes in My Yard From Getting Clogged?

Regularly check the pipes in your yard for any debris. If you notice any blockage you could try to flush it out with a hosepipe or use a drain snake to break up debris pieces and unclog your drain.

Since these pipes lead from your house to the septic tank, be sure that you don’t send items down the toilet which could cause a blockage.

Items such as cotton pads, diapers, baby wipes, menstrual products, etc. These can cause a clog in your pipes.

Related Questions

What’s the Difference Between a Green and a White Sewer Pipe?

The green pipe is thinner and has about 3 times smaller walls than the white pipe. Green PVC pipes are used in gravity-feed waste drain systems, while white PVC pipes are used in pressurized systems.

White PVC pipes are less susceptible to leaks, cracks, and damage from tree roots as the walls of the pipes are thicker.

White pipes are usually preferred due to their durability. Surprisingly, the green pipe usually comes with a higher price tag.

What Color Are Septic Pipes?

The pipes that connect the house drainage system to the septic tank can be either white or green. White pipes are preferred more often due to their durability but don’t be surprised to unearth green septic pipes under your yard.

Green pipes have a smaller wall and are usually a lot less durable. These color classifications are only applicable in the US.

Other countries might have a different color scheme since there are no universal PVC color schemes.

What Are the Pipes in My Backyard?

The pipes that you see sticking out in your backyard could be a sewage backflow pipe or a gray water line. These pipes should not be cut down or pulled out of the ground. They are necessary to prevent flooding and backflow.

Most often these pipes will be white or green, and some don’t like the look of the pipes sticking out of their yard.

You could camouflage the pipe with landscaping (native shrubs or flowers) or you could even decorate it with artificial landscaping.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you completely understand what the white pipe in your yard is. If you’re still unsure you should contact a plumber before attempting to dig around the pipe.

We recommend buying a cap for the pipe and making sure no debris gets inside.

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