Neighbor Keeps Feeding My Dog! (Do This to Make Them Stop)

Neighbor Keeps Feeding My Dog

So, your neighbor keeps feeding your dog.  That can be really frustrating, especially if your dog has dietary restrictions or if they’re in training.  But what can you do about a neighbor that keeps feeding your dog? 

You can stop neighbors from feeding your dog by politely explaining to them that you don’t want other people feeding your dog. If they don’t listen or are unapproachable, keep your dog from going to their house by putting them on a leash or keeping your dog within a fenced-in area. 

Some neighbors will understand the first time you say something about feeding your dog, but some neighbors will even come onto your property and feed your dog even if they know you don’t like it.

In this article, we discuss how you can stop your neighbor from feeding and possibly harming your dog.  

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If your neighbor continues to feed your dog after you requested them not to, you will need to take further steps.

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Neighbors Feed My Dog

When neighbors feed your dog, your dog’s diet will not be regulated, which can cause health issues and get in the way of training your dog.

In this section, we will go over what you can do to stop your neighbor from feeding your dog. 

What Can I Do About My Neighbor Feeding My Dog?

If your neighbor is feeding your dog and you don’t want them to, try keeping your dog on your property, using a leash, lead, or fence.  You can also place a collar on them that says, “please do not feed this dog.”

You can also start by talking to your neighbor about why you do not want them to feed your dog. Most people who feed dogs have good intentions and do not think it will harm them.

However, if they are offended or still feed your dog after you discuss the situation with them, you will need to keep your dog on your property

Can My Neighbor Get in Trouble for Feeding My Dog?

In some cases, your neighbor could be held accountable for feeding your dog. One way is if they harmed the dog because they fed it. The other way is if they trespassed on your property while feeding your dog. 

In both cases, you first need to talk to your neighbor. Either tell your neighbor not to feed your dog or tell them they are not allowed on your property.

You can also post no trespassing signs to legally state to your neighbors that they are not welcome on your property to feed your dog without your permission.

How Do I Stop My Neighbor from Feeding My Dog?

To stop your neighbor from feeding your dog, keep your dog on your property and put a collar on your dog that says “do not feed.” In addition, if your dog has allergies or health issues after consuming certain foods, you can also state that on a customized collar. 

If your neighbors also freely come onto your property and feed your dog, you can put up no trespassing signs, which should tell them they need your permission to go onto your property.

No trespassing signs also help when you report your neighbor or anyone else trespassing.  

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Why Does My Neighbor Keep Feeding My Dog?

Your neighbor probably feeds your dog because they love dogs and making dogs happy. If you don’t want your neighbor to do so, tell them. Unfortunately, they probably haven’t considered that you wouldn’t want them to feed your dog. 

If your dog gets sick every time the neighbor feeds them, the neighbor could be poisoning your dog. If you suspect that, let the local authorities know and immediately take your dog to the vet!

Also, keep your dog on your property on a leash or in a fenced-in area. Also, ensure your neighbors know they are not welcome on your property and post no trespassing signs. 

How Do I Tell My Neighbor to Stop Feeding My Dog?

One way to tell your neighbor to stop feeding your dog is to politely tell them you prefer they not feed your dog and, if you feel comfortable doing so, give them a reason why you don’t prefer that. However, if they are not approachable, keep your dog on your property and away from them.

Some neighbors feel comfortable going onto other neighbors’ property and will feed your dog on your property.

To keep them off your property, post a sign that clearly marks your property as a no trespassing zone. You can also post “keep out” signs as well, or put up a fence.

Etiquette for Feeding Others’ Dogs

Some people do not care if you feed their dog, but it is proper etiquette to ask first. There are many reasons it is not good to feed dogs that are not yours, including the health and wellbeing of the dog and your own safety.

So let’s dig into the proper etiquette for feeding someone’s dog and reasons not to.

Is It Rude To Feed Someone Else’s Dog?

It is rude to feed someone else’s dog without asking first. Some dog owners do not like others feeding their dogs for many reasons. Dogs that are bred or are for breeding are usually on controlled diets. Other dogs need controlled diets as well. 

If a dog is overfed or fed too much of a specific food, it can get sick or become overweight and have health issues.

Additionally, some people do not want their dogs to eat anything but dog food, so they will not beg for fresh food or refuse to eat their dog food. 

Can I Get in Trouble for Feeding My Neighbor’s Dog?

You can get in trouble if your neighbor complains to the neighborhood committee, but most likely it will be a warning or small fine.  However, you can get in trouble if your neighbor tells you not to feed their dog, but you do anyway, and the dog becomes sick.

You can also get in trouble if you trespass on the neighbors’ property to feed the dog, especially if your neighbor has made it clear you are not welcome without an invitation.

You can also get into trouble for being on someone’s property when it is marked with a no trespassing sign or fence. 

Is it Illegal to Feed Someone Else’s Dog?

It is not illegal to feed someone’s dog, but it could get you in trouble. For example, if something was found wrong with the food you gave the dog, and the dog died, you can be sued.  Additionally, if you leave food out for someone else’s dog, you could be charged for leaving food out in certain areas. 

Check local laws and lease agreements for anything against leaving food out. Rodents and other pests like the same food you leave out for dogs and other pets.

This can cause issues in cities and some neighborhoods. Additionally, you don’t want to attract rats and such to your house. 

Is it Ever Okay to Feed Someone Else’s Dog?

You can feed someone else’s dog if they give you their consent. Also, you can ask them if you can feed their dog. Many people don’t care, but some dogs have diet restrictions because of their health or training.

Some dog breeds have sensitive stomachs and can’t handle eating as much fat, grains, or other foods.

Additionally, it could be illegal or against the policy in a neighborhood to leave food out for pets because other unwanted animals might also come to eat. 

Why Do Other People Give My Dog Treats Without Asking?

People who give dogs of other owners treats without asking probably don’t consider it an issue. Of course, it is proper etiquette for others to ask before feeding someone else’s pet, but some people don’t think about asking. 

If you notice they are about to feed your dog and you don’t want them to, tell them not to in a polite and non-accusatory way.

If they decide to give your dog treats anyway, keep your dog on your own property and put up either a fence or “no trespassing signs.”

Poison Concerns

If you believe your dog has been poisoned, immediately take them to the vet. Poison can cause long-lasting damage in two hours.

However, after the poison has been dealt with, there are some actions that you can take. We’ll talk about those actions in this upcoming section!

What Can I Do If My Neighbor Poisoned My Dog?

If you suspect or know your neighbor poisoned your dog, take your dog to the vet immediately. Then, you can call the local authorities. Poisoning a dog is considered animal abuse and is illegal in all 50 states. You can sue them in civil court, and they can face up to seven years in prison. 

If you do not have access to a vet or your dog needs treatment immediately, you can give them 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Give your dog one teaspoon for every five pounds they weigh, but do not give a dog more than three tablespoons. 

The peroxide will help them vomit out some of the poison. Afterward, you should still take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. 

Can You Sue Your Neighbor for Poisoning Your Dog?

You can sue your neighbor for poisoning your dog. Poisoning dogs on purpose with the intent to harm or kill is illegal and considered animal abuse. In some cases, a person can serve up to seven years in prison and be fined. 

You will need to be as specific as possible when talking with the authorities because they will need to do an investigation.

Additionally, when you go to your vet, ensure your dog is tested for poisons and that your dog is not sick for a different reason.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Eating Other People’s Food?

To stop your dog from eating other people’s food at your home, feed them before mealtime, or give them their own treat away from where you and other people are eating. However, if your dog is going to the neighbors and eating their food, keep your dog on your property instead. 

You can also tell guests you have over and neighbors nearby not to feed your dog.

This helps your dog with not overeating and keeps them away from neighbors’ trash and other things that can be harmful to the dog and a nuisance to the neighbors. 

What Do I Do If I Think My Neighbor Poisoned My Dog?

Take your dog to the vet first if you believe your neighbor poisoned your dog. You can have a blood test done while you’re there to test it for common poisons. Then, you can call the local authorities who will investigate. After that, they can face a fine and possibly jail time.

If you’re unsure if your dog is poisoned, look for these signs:

  • Fatigue 
  • Seizures
  • Loss of coordination
  • Refuse to eat or drink
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Take your dog to the vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms. Many of these symptoms are signs of poisoning with antifreeze and rat poison, among other poisons. 

The quicker you get your dog to the vet, the less severe the complications may be.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Taking Food From Other People?

To stop your dog from taking food from other people, keep your dog in your yard or a room while you have guests over. Also, feed your dog right before you have people over to eat, and you can give your dog a treat while you are eating. 

To keep your dog in your yard, you can use a long leash that keeps them on the property but gives them space to roam.

Or, you can build a fence to give them free rein of your yard or property. 

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Related Questions

Can I Get in Trouble for Feeding My Neighbor’s Dog?

You can get in trouble for feeding your neighbor’s dog if they have asked you not to. This is also true if you feed them something that makes the dog sick. You can also be prosecuted for trespassing if you enter their property to feed the dog.

If you are feeding the dog because they look hungry or malnourished, you can (and should!) report the owner for animal neglect.

Try to talk to your neighbor first and ask if you can help with feeding the dog, but if they are not approachable, or refuse help, call the local authorities or the humane society. 

How Can I Stop Neighbors From Feeding My Cat?

To stop neighbors from feeding your cat, you need to let your neighbors know you don’t want them to do that. You can’t report someone who feeds your cat unless you’ve asked them not to, and what they gave your cat makes your cat sick. 

If your neighbor doesn’t listen to your request to not feed your cat, or they forget and feed your cat anyway, keep your cat on your property or in your house.

On the other hand, if your neighbor likes to come onto your property, let them know they need your permission first and put up no trespassing signs.

Is It Rude to Pet Someone’s Dog?

Some people might find it rude if you pet their dog without permission.  Some dogs are training or are service dogs should not be petted. Usually, service dogs and dogs in training will have something marked on their collar, vest, or leash. However, you should always ask before you pet someone’s dog. 

It is also for your safety that you don’t pet someone else’s dog without asking. For example, someone might have a dog that seems sweet but is violent against anyone other than its owners.

Additionally, some dogs are anxious around other people, and you could cause them more anxiety by petting them. 

Final Thoughts

We hope your neighbors understand and listen when you say you don’t want them to feed your dog, but if not, we hope this article gives you another suggestion that will work for you.

We also hope you will keep an eye on your dog for signs of poisoning and that you will know what to do if you suspect poisoning. 

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