Neighbors Complaining About My Dog Barking (So I Did This)

Neighbors Complaining About My Dog Barking

Having your neighbor complain about your dog barking can turn into a stressful moment. Besides, your dog is just communicating with the world- what’s so wrong with that? Yet, we definitely don’t want to be disturbing our neighbors. So, what can you do if your neighbor is complaining about your dog barking?

If your neighbor is complaining about your dog barking, you should try being understanding of your neighbor’s complaints. Apologizing to your neighbor usually helps smooth things over. Lastly, make sure to pay attention to your dog’s behavior to find out why the dog is constantly barking. 

Now, you may be thinking, “Easier said than done!” And we totally get that. So, in this article, we’ll walk you through all the steps you should take to reason with your neighbor and get barky Fido to be a little more anti-social. 

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What to Do When Your Neighbor Complains

Ah, the burning question of what to do when your neighbor complains about your loud pup. Let’s get right into it!

What Can I Do If My Neighbor Complains About My Dog Barking?

If your neighbor complains about your dog barking, you should start by really listening to your neighbor and expressing empathy. The goal here is to diffuse the situation so your neighbor doesn’t call law enforcement. 

It’s important not to become defensive in this situation. Instead, listen to your neighbor, empathize, and apologize.

Then, let your neighbor know that you have a plan in place to learn why your dog is barking so much so you can then later correct the behavior. 

What Should I Do If My Neighbor is Harassing Me About My Barking Dog?

If your neighbor is harassing you about your barking dog, you need to assess if you are in the wrong. You can check your local noise ordinances to determine if your barking dog is breaking these bylaws. 

If this is the case, then you need to correct your dog’s behavior or keep them inside more often.

However, if this is not the case, then you should have a stern conversation with your neighbor and let them know that you don’t enjoy being harassed about something invalid. 

Can My Neighbor Complain About Constant Dog Barking?

Your neighbor is allowed to complain about the constant dog barking. They can even call the police if you let your dog keep disturbing them. Legally, your neighbor can express their concerns how they see fit. 

You need to make sure you are following all laws and guidelines. If you aren’t following the rules of your region, you can be fined or have your dog taken away from you.

It’s best to refer to the noise bylaws in your area to see if your neighbor’s complaints are valid. 

How Much Does a Dog Have to Bark For Someone to Complain About It?

If a dog is barking for an excessive amount of time, typically ten minutes, this is enough to warrant a complaint. Additionally, if your dog is barking early in the morning or late at night, this can also warrant a valid complaint. 

If someone complains, you can be given a written warning. Then, you are given five days to resolve the issue.

If you do not fix the situation within the allotted time, you can face a $50 fine if it is your first offense and a $75 if it’s a second offense. 

Of course, this all depends on where you live so be sure to check your local bylaws to learn the exact details. 

What is Classed as Excessive Dog Barking?

Excessive dog barking can be classified as any amount of barking that bothers or provides discomfort to others. The exact amount of barking can vary depending on your region. 

Be sure to check your local laws before annoying your neighbors. If your dog is barking excessively you will need to take action to stop this or your neighbor can get the local authorities involved in the issue.

Should I Apologize To My Neighbor If My Dog’s Barking Is Bothering Them?

If your dog’s barking is bothering your neighbor, you should absolutely apologize to them. Although it is not you or your dog’s intention to bother your neighbor, it is still happening. Apologizing lets them know that you understand their struggles. 

You should have a conversation with your neighbor about the barking and get on the same page with them. Understand their schedule so perhaps you can adjust when you let your dog outside.

Either way, apologizing is the first step to take to mend the relationship with your neighbor. 

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When Things Get a Little Messy

Things can get a little messy if your barking dog continues to be the feisty fluffer that they are. If your dog doesn’t stop barking so much, unfortunately, the following can happen. 

What Happens If Someone Complains About Your Dog Barking?

If someone complains about your dog barking and you fail to diffuse the situation, the complainer can get the authorities involved. They can even file a noise complaint against you if the barking is breaking your local noise bylaws.

If they get enough complaints, then the local animal control authorities or police can give you a warning or a fine. Normally, the fine is $50 for your first offense and $75 for your second offense. So, be careful!

What Constitutes Excessive Noise?

Excessive noise constitutes loud sounds that disturb the peace. For example, a lawnmower or normal vehicle traffic wouldn’t count as this but loud conversations and motorcycles can count as excessive noise. However, this can differ between different situations.

If you live near an airport or busy street, you would not be able to use those to report excessive noise. You will need to use your common sense to differentiate between what would count and what would not. 

How Long Can a Dog Bark Before It Becomes a Problem?

A dog can bark for 10 – 20 minutes before it becomes a problem. At night, a dog can bark for 5 minutes before it can be a problem. Barking late at night or early in the morning can be counted as a problem as most of your neighbors will probably be sleeping.

It’s best to try to minimize your dog’s barking time as much as possible. Others can find consistent barking annoying. They can even report you to local authorities and you could get fined or have your dog taken away for abuse.

Is Excessive Noise Considered a Nuisance?

Excessive noise is considered a nuisance. Everyone has the right to a quiet peace of property. If someone is disturbing that peace considerably it is a legal nuisance. However, some laws might not have heavy restrictions on this. 

It can depend on what noise can be considered a nuisance though. If children are playing on the street that wouldn’t count. But if someone is having a loud party that could count as a nuisance.

Just be considerate and you should be fine.

Can I Get Charged For Nuisance If My Dog Barks a Lot?

You can get charged for nuisance if your dog barks a lot. Your neighbor can complain to the police or animal control if your dog is constantly barking. If you fail to fix the problem, you can get fined $50 for your first offense.

Additionally, you can get fined $75 for your second offense. It’s important to be careful how much you let your dog bark because it can have serious consequences.

Your dog could also be taken away if you let it bark too much because it counts as abuse.

Can I Get Sued For a Barking Dog?

You can get sued for a barking dog but this is often the last resort of your neighbor. You will be only taken to small claims court if you have ignored your neighbor’s complaints and warnings from the proper authorities. 

Although this is possible, it is not very likely, especially if you don’t ignore your neighbor’s complaints. As soon as your neighbor expresses a concern, be sure to listen and adjust the behavior. 

Can Animal Control Take My Dog For Barking?

Animal control can take your dog away from barking but only in certain situations. If you have repeated offenses of the animal barking, you could be taken to court to explain the excessive noise. If they find that you are being abusive or neglecting the dog, animal control can take your dog away from you.

One of the reasons dogs bark a lot is anxiety. If you leave your dog outside this can create stress for them which causes them to bark more. Increased levels of anxiety are just as bad for dogs as they are for humans. 

Can the Council Do Something About My Barking Dog?

The council in your local area can do something about your barking dog. However, local laws can differ depending on where you live. You will need to research the laws in your area so you can know if you are disobeying them or not. 

The laws concerning this would include noise nuisance laws as barking can be classified as a nuisance. The local authorities in your town are able to do something about your barking dog if it is disturbing the peace of your neighborhood.

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How to Train Your Dog to Bark Less

Ah, so perhaps you’ve had a change of heart? Training your dog to not bark is a common fix to this issue. Here’s how!

Why Does My Dog Bark So Much For No Reason?

Your dog could be barking so much because they could want something from you or they could be surprised by something they saw. Other reasons include anxiety, being excited/joyful, or just wanting attention. 

Barking is how dogs express their emotions. So usually a dog never barks for absolutely no reason. Try to pay attention to your dog and see what is wrong before becoming frustrated with them. Barking is in their nature.

What Actions Can I Take To Modify My Dog’s Barking?

The actions that you can take to modify your dog’s barking are blocking the view that causes the dog to be in alarm, training your dog to be quiet when asked, getting your dog used to the environment around them, and giving them attention.

There are different reasons why your dog makes a lot of noise and it will take different ways to stop them depending on the reason.

If your dog’s barking is a cause of alarm you will want to block the views where your dog can bark and train them to listen to your command. 

If they bark a lot when people enter your home, make sure to have all greetings be calm and quiet to hopefully train your dog to react in the same way. 

What Can I Give My Dog to Stop Barking?

There are several items that you can give your dog that temporally stop barking but they are not the most humane options. You can put a bark collar on your dog that makes a high-pitched sound, or sprays citronella mist when your dog barks. 

You can also get a bark-activated ultrasonic emitter or a muzzle that keeps your dog’s mouth shut. However, these options are not the kindest way to get your dog to stop barking.

They provide discomfort to your dog and often don’t work.

How Can I Train My Dog To Bark Less?

The best way to train your dog to bark less is to teach them the quiet command. You can do so by saying “quiet” calmly when your dog starts barking. When your dog stops, even for a quick second, you give them a treat. This tells the dog that they will get a reward if they listen to you and stop barking.

Be sure to only give your dog the treat if they are not barking. This can send confusing signals to the dog and their training won’t work.

You’ll have to have the treats ready to go so you can give them to your dog in the quick moments between barks. 

How Do I Stop Excited Barking?

You can stop excited barking by greeting your dog calmly and training your dog to react in a more calm manner. Do this by not giving your dog any affection or attention when they are barking in the way you dislike. 

Picking your dog up only tells them that you like it when they bark. You can also train them with the quiet command that was mentioned previously.

That way you will have more of an immediate response. 

How Do You Stop Nuisance Dog Barking?

There are many ways you can stop nuisance dog barking but mainly the way to fix this is entertaining your dog. You can do this by giving your dog lots of exercises, giving them lots of toys to play with, and socializing your dog. Basically, a tired dog is a quiet dog.

You can also train your dog to listen to a command to stop barking. You will need to do this by giving them treats when they stop barking after you say the command.

You will need to be ready to give them the treat even if they stop barking for a second.

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Are Bark Collars Cruel?

Bark collars are cruel because they inflict pain and discomfort on your dog just for following their instincts. You should not use a bark collar when trying to curb your dog’s barking habit. They have been found to be ineffective in this process. 

Instead of using a bark collar, you can train your dog, ignore it, or find the cause and remove it. Professional training is also an option if you feel that you aren’t up to the task.

Bark collars should be your last resort in this situation as they only inflict fear which can lead to aggression. 

What is the Best Bark Collar to Use?

The best bark collar to use would probably be no bark collar because it is cruel to your dog but most have found the shock collars to be most effective. However, this can depend on your dog because they might require a gentler form of training. 

Other kinds of bark collars you can use are citronella spray collars and beeping collars. These options are less cruel because you aren’t causing your dog pain by using them, just discomfort.

It is better to train them using positive reinforcement instead.

Related Questions

Why Does My Dog Barking Give Me Anxiety?

Your dog barking gives you anxiety because sudden noise can cause your stress hormones to spike. It can also cause your physiological and psychological functions to change. An example of this could be a sudden loud noise breaking your concentration on something.

Consistent dog barking can have negative effects on your health. It can cause sleep deprivation, hearing impairments, and psychological and physical problems.

For the good of your health, train your dog to bark less. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, all the information in this article provided you with the information you needed about complaints against your barking dog.

Remember to listen to your neighbor with empathy if they are expressing concerns and try your best to correct the behavior of your beloved pup. 

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