How to Keep Rain off My Porch? (This Trick Always Works)

How to Keep Rain off My Porch

As the rainy season approaches, many homeowners start making preparations. It can be very frustrating going outside and finding your porch soaking wet. So, how do you keep the rain off your porch?

To keep the rain off your porch, you must install a barrier to block the rain. The ideal barriers are window shades and window blinds. These effectively block the rain from coming onto your porch and are easy to source and install.

This article will discuss the various options you have to keep your porch dry and how they compare. Each home and homeowner have different needs, so we have done all the research for you.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Drinking a warm cup of coffee on your porch and listening to the rain could be a very peaceful or frustrating moment due to the rain blowing in. Let’s look at some products that will block the rainwater.

Here are our favorite options from Amazon to keep your porch dry:

1. Waterproof Outdoor Curtains – Ideal to open and close on demand, perfect for keeping light rain and sunshine out.

2. Porch Screen – A more permanent solution that keeps out most of the rain.

3. Waterproof Shades – The most comprehensive solution, but blocks your view from the porch.

Keeping The Porch Dry

A porch is usually the first area of a house that someone sees, so you would want to keep it presentable. However, it’s not very easy when the porch is wet after even a rain cloud passes.

Let’s look at how you can keep your porch dry.

How Do I Stop Rain From Coming on My Porch?

To stop rain from coming on your porch, you would need to find a method for protecting your porch, whether you use waterproof curtains, awnings, storm windows, etc. There are many options available.

Installing rain curtains would be your easiest, quickest and cheapest method of keeping the rain off your porch.

It won’t provide 100% protection, meaning your porch might get a little wet, but it would definitely help.

How to Keep Rain From Blowing on Your Porch?

Rain can blow onto your porch when it’s slanted by the wind, so to prevent a wet porch, you should add a barrier. A rain curtain is a quick and easy option, but a porch screen would be a more comprehensive option.

porch screen not only ensures a dry porch but also offers some privacy from neighbors.

Many people keep their porch screens up year-round and enjoy protection from the rain, sun, and other natural elements. 

How Do I Keep My Porch Dry?

There are various ways to keep your porch dry. The most comprehensive being storm windows/fiberglass windows. However, some don’t opt for this option since it can make your porch feel closed off from nature.

Fiberglass porch screens protect against heavy rain while keeping bugs and small animals at bay.

Alternatively, you could also use plastic sheets or tarps, which can be easily installed before expected rain and taken down after. 

How Do You Keep the Rain off a Three-Season Porch?

A three-season porch shields you from rain, sunshine, and insects. You might have a defect if your porch gets excessively wet when it rains. Contact the company that installed your three-season porch and voice your concerns.

Your three-season porch should already have porch screens installed, but if you’re in a pinch, you could install new screens over the windows.

This will suffice if you’re expecting a lot of rain before you can repair your porch.

Best Products to Keep Rain Off Your Porch

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Porch Mesh Screens

It’s common to see mesh screens over windows to prevent insects from flying into the houses, although nowadays, they are becoming more popular on porches as protection against rainwater.

Do Screened Porches Get Wet?

A screen is not a solid wall, so it won’t be able to keep every drop of water off your porch. However, it does offer significant protection when it’s raining. Your porch might get slightly wet near the edges.

If you move your furniture away from the edges of your porch, you should be safe. However, it depends on how hard it rains and how the wind blows the rain.

It might be slightly wetter if rain is blowing directly into your porch.

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Are There Window Screens That Keep Out the Rain?

Window screens are designed to keep the rain and insects out of your house/porch. Many people prefer window screens since they allow fresh air and wind to flow through the window while offering privacy.

The Toolritz Fiberglass Window Screen is one of the best window screens available that keep the rain out.

It’s not a solid wall, so a few drops might still fall into your house or porch. Don’t expect 100% dryness, especially during a heavy rainstorm.  

How to Stop Rain From Coming Through the Window Screen?

You can install waterproof shades or blinds to keep you dry when heavy rainfall soaks through your window screen. These will stop rain and sunshine from coming through the window screen.

The waterproof shades are more solid than the mesh window screen, so you’re almost guaranteed to stay dry inside.

However, they block the view out your window, which could be a deal-breaker!

How Do You Make a Storm Window for a Screened Porch?

A storm window can be inserted into the interior of a screened porch for protection against extreme weather conditions. It can be made from glass or acrylic sheet glazing, like plexiglass.

Measure the size of the porch screen and build a wooden oak frame of the same size. You can then install a plexiglass sheet into the wooden frame or think of plastic wrap if you’re in a pinch.

Create a seal by stapling long strips of polyethylene plastic to the frame.

Do Screens Keep Water Out?

Screens are usually quite effective in keeping rain and moisture out. However, they are not 100% resistant, so you might have a few wet spots inside the house or porch during heavy rainfall.

In most cases, screens are made of fiberglass or stainless steel and in the form of fine mesh. The mesh allows air to travel through but blocks most of the water and moisture from the outside.

Screened-in Porch

A screened-in porch is a porch that is enclosed with screens. These offer the most comprehensive protection against rainwater. Let’s look at the benefits of this option and if it’s worth it.

How Do I Put Privacy on My Screened Porch?

A screened porch protects you from rain and harsh UV light, although it’s not always very private. A surefire way to get some privacy on your porch is by installing weather-proof outdoor curtains.

Weather-proof outdoor curtains could look modern and chic while offering plenty of privacy to anyone on the porch.

Alternatively, you could also install window shades over the screens on your porch.

Is a Screened-in Porch Worth It?

The value of a screened-in porch depends on the area in which you live. A screened-in porch would be worth it if you have constant rainfall, many bugs, or privacy concerns.

Have a drive around your neighborhood and look for neighboring houses with screened-in porches. If many houses have this feature, it indicates it’s worth the investment.

Although if it seems like no one has it, and the area does not really require it, it might not be worth it.

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What Are the Disadvantages of a Screened-in Porch?

To screen on your porch would cost quite a bit since you would have to buy all the extra material and pay for the installation labor. You would also have another element of maintenance on your house.

The fiberglass mesh could rip easily due to animals scratching at it or even simple wear and tear. You would need to include the mesh screen in your maintenance budget.

Even though it’s mesh and see-through, it could still obstruct the view of your porch.

How Long Does a Screened-in Porch Last?

On average, you can expect your screen around the porch to last 5 to 8 years. This is only a rough estimate, as there are many factors that influence the longevity of a screened-in porch.

These factors include the quality of material used in the original installation and the quality of the maintenance throughout the years.

A harsh environment with strong winds and consistent heavy rainfall could also decrease the age of a porch screen.

Porch Covers

You can cover your porch temporarily or permanently to keep it dry during the rain. In this section, we’ll look at some methods to cover your porch. Some offer more comprehensive protection than others.

How Do You Put a Cover on a Porch?

There are multiple ways that you can cover a porch for some shade, some more expensive than others. The most common method is installing an awning over your porch.

A retractable awning can be quite customizable and is found in various textures and colors. Some prefer a more traditional look of a galvanized steel frame with a screen roof or some other outdoor material. 

Are There Rain Curtains for a Porch?

There are outdoor, weather-proof curtains that can be installed on a porch, gazebo, pergola, or any outdoor structure. These offer privacy and shade when drawn and look elegant and modern in your backyard.

However, rain curtains do not offer the most comprehensive protection against rain or other natural elements.

Your porch will probably still get a little wet, and some sunshine will still fall on your porch.

Is There an Extendable Overhang for a Screened Porch?

There are many options for extendable overhangs to protect your porch even more from rain or sunshine. In some cases, you can extend the roof of your porch using the same material for a cohesive look.

If that’s not possible, though, you can install a retractable awning that can be opened or closed depending on your needs.

These awnings can be designed in different styles, textures, colors, and shapes to suit any need.

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Porch Enclosure

Your porch could also be completely closed off from the outside to form an enclosure. This can be quite expensive, but it looks very cohesive. Let’s look at the specifics of an enclosed porch.

What Is a Porch Enclosure System?

A porch enclosure is when a porch has a roof, walls, and a door, but the windows are replaced with full-length screens. The screens prevent insects from getting in and keep the porch dry when it rains.

Many people eat dinner on their enclosed porches during summer because the cool air drifts through the screens. It is costly to install and maintain, but the benefits outweigh the cons for most.

What Is the Best Way to Enclose a Porch?

For a permanent enclosure, you can hire a contractor to build a wooden frame that attaches to the roof of your porch and has cutouts for screen windows. There are companies that specialize in enclosed porches.

For an even more enclosed feel, you could replace the screens with glass windows.

Having a solid frame with screen or glass windows is the best and sturdiest way to enclose a porch, but there are certainly cheaper options than this one. 

How Do You Temporarily Enclose a Porch for Winter?

A temporary enclosed porch could be made of a retractable screen or rain curtains that could be opened and closed with ease. These are ideal for short periods, like a single season, or even a climate with varying weather. 

Retractable screens will be the better option if you live in an area with constant winter rainfall, while rain curtains will be the better option to keep most of the cold air out.

There are other methods of temporarily enclosing your porch for the winter. You would have to find what works best for you.

What Is a Rain Diverter?

If your house has no gutters, driveways and walkways could become slush when it rains or snows. As the name states, rain diverters are designed to slide into your roof and divert rain away from the area directly underneath.

These diverters can help to keep your driveway and walkway manageable. Sometimes they are also used to guide rainwater into a water storage tank.

Rain diverters can be installed anywhere on your roof.

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Related Questions

How Do I Stop Rain From Coming on My Balcony?

Installing a retractable waterproof awning would be one of the best ways to keep your balcony dry when it’s raining. You could install a roof over the balcony for a more permanent solution, but this is not always possible when renting.

If your landlord does not agree to an awning or permanent roof, you could simply buy a big umbrella and open it over your balcony.

It might not dry the whole balcony, but it would be better than nothing.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Cover a Patio?

A patio umbrella that you can purchase from Amazon would be the cheapest way to cover a patio, although it will expose some pieces on the side to the rain. Another cheap option would be a temporary canvas sports gazebo.

These gazebos might not look very pleasing, but they will do the job and keep your patio dry for a fraction of the costs of a permanent roof.

If your patio is next to the fence, you could purchase a sheet of canvas fabric and tie it to the fence and to your house.

How Do You Waterproof a Sunroom?

As soon as you notice a water leak in your sunroof, you should inspect the room and find the leak. Check the frames of all the windows for small holes and check the chaulking of each window.

As a precaution, you can add additional roof sealant around the outside corners and sides of the roof.

If your unroof has a chimney, or anything similar, you would need to reseal the roof around the chimney hole as well.

Final Thoughts

A porch is exposed to the elements more than other areas of your house. You would need to install a barrier, like a mesh screen, to keep the porch dry.

There are also many other options we discussed in this article.

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