Can I Pee in My Backyard? (You Should Read This First!)

Can I Pee in My Backyard?

There is something about peeing outside that feels so natural and liberating, not to mention how convenient it is! If all washrooms are occupied in your home, your backyard is always there calling your name. But have you ever wondered if it is legal to pee in your backyard? 

You can pee in your backyard as long as nobody sees you. However, if your neighbor catches you urinating, they have every right to report you to the police, in which you may get charged with public urination.

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to urinating in your backyard and many things to consider. But, if you choose to ignore these laws, we can guarantee ur-ine (sorry I had to) for a lot of trouble.

So, before you answer the call of nature, you might want to keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the legalities of peeing in your backyard.

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Is It Okay to Pee in My Backyard?

As long as you are out of view from anyone, it is okay to pee in your backyard. Since your backyard is your private property, you can do as you please. 

However, suppose your neighbor or neighbor’s house is in plain view of where you are choosing to urinate, and they happen to notice you peeing. In that case, you could be reported to the police and charged for public urination even though you are peeing on private property. 

Additionally, public urination is a punishable crime in all states, and you could be fined if proven guilty by either the state or your city. 

Can You Pee in Your Front Yard?

It is best to avoid peeing in your front yard. Although your front yard is private property, it is not necessarily private since it is visible to many pedestrians and neighbors. If these people catch you peeing, then you can be charged with public urination. 

Thus, peeing in your front yard is risky business since your chances of being caught are extremely high. Not to mention, it may be embarrassing for someone to notice you peeing and seriously disturbing for the person who can see you. 

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Is Peeing Outside Against the Law?

Peeing outside is against the law. If you get caught peeing outside in public, you can get charged with public urination, or even worse, be arrested for indecent exposure, which could get you on the sex offender list. 

Now, that may seem like a giant leap and a little intense, but it is the law. If you get caught peeing outside, things can get pretty messy pretty fast depending on who is around- especially children. If a child and their mother see you, you’re in big trouble. 

Why Does Peeing Outside Feel Good?

Peeing outside feels so good because not only are you relieving yourself but you are also surrounded by the beauty of nature – the gorgeous scenery and the fresh air – instead of being enclosed in a small room with harsh deodorizing scents. 

There’s also something exciting about it, as well- perhaps the fear of getting caught adds an extra bit of adrenaline to the whole experience. Either way, outdoor enthusiasts praise peeing outside and say that it adds to the enjoyment of their adventure. 

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Can You Go to Jail for Peeing in Public?

Whether you go to jail or not for peeing in public depends on the individual scenario. If you are innocently peeing in public and trying not to be seen, you won’t go to jail and will instead only get fined.

However, if you are making a scene by peeing in public while you are completely aware that people are watching you and are disturbed, you can get charged for more than public urination. You may also get charged for public nuisance and possibly indecent exposure, which is a sexual offense

Neighbor Urinating on My Property

If your neighbor is urinating on your property, your best bet to have them charged, if that’s what you want to do, is to catch them in the act. This way, you will report them to the police and possibly have them charged for public urination. 

Because that’s just wrong, no one wants their neighbor doing their business in your yard like a wild animal. Can we have some respect, please?! Catching them in the act is definitely the best way to have their business taken elsewhere. 

Is It Illegal to Pee on Someone’s Property?

It is indeed illegal to pee on someone’s property. You can get charged with any or all of the following crimes: public urination, indecent exposure, and vandalism. These crimes can land you with some hefty fines and jail time.

If you get caught peeing on someone’s property, you can first get charged with public urination. If you are peeing as well as making a vulgar scene out of it, you can get charged with indecent exposure, which may land you on the sex offender list.

Lastly, since you are destroying someone’s private property with your urine, you can get charged with vandalism. Trespassing may also be in the cards for you. So, find a washroom, instead.

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What Happens if You Pee on Someone’s Property?

Peeing on someone’s property can land you in a lot of trouble with the law, even if you think it’s an innocent act. If someone reports you, the police can charge you with public urination, indecent exposure, vandalism, and trespassing. 

So, it’s best to hold it in and find the nearest designated peeing area aka a public washroom. Being at risk for so many charges is not worth not finding a washroom and just going wherever you please.

How to Report Public Urination

If you have noticed someone urinating in public, call your local police station and they will inform you of the next steps. They may ask you to report it over the phone or through an online form.

Your city may have an online form to fill out to give details about the incident you witnessed, like this form from the city of New York. If not, the attendant at the police station will be able to take down your information.

They will ask you when and where it happened and if you are able to describe the offender. 

Is Urine Bad for Grass?

Urine is bad for grass due to the high concentrations of nitrogen contained within the urine. This will damage the grass causing burns and creating patches in your yard.

So, technically, yes, urine is bad for grass. The nitrogen and sodium concentrations are so high that they will burn the grass causing dead grass patches in your yard. The nitrogen and sodium then can spread through the soil damaging the surrounding grass.

Should You Pee on Your Lawn?

You should avoid peeing on your lawn since human urine contains high concentrations of nitrogen and sodium which are deadly to your lawn. The high concentrations will cause your grass to turn yellow and brown since the grass is burning from the elements. 

As liberating as it may feel to do your business on your nicely-kept lawn, it won’t do any good for the health of it and may cost you money, in the long run, having to plant new grass to grow.

If you can make it to your washroom, instead, that might be the wisest choice if you care about how your lawn looks. 

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Does Human Urine Kill Grass?

Human urine does in fact kill grass due to the high concentrations of nitrogen and sodium present in the urine. Although nitrogen is beneficial to the growth of grass, when it is present in such high concentrations, it can be damaging. 

If you urinate on your grass in the same spot, you will start to notice the grass slowly turning yellow and then brown. This is because the grass is starting to burn and die and you will have to replant grass in the bare areas. 

Related Questions

Is It an Offense to Pee in the Street?

Peeing in the street is an offense- the crime is considered public urination. If you are charged you can face a fine of up to $500 and possibly other charges.

If you are peeing on the street and trying to be discreet as possible, it is possible that you will be let off on just a public urination charge. But, if you are making a scene and being vulgar, it’s likely that you could get charged with indecent exposure.

You could also get charged with vandalism as peeing is considered destructing public property. What you will be charged with all depends on the scenario and is up to the police.

Is It Illegal for a Child to Pee Outside?

Technically, it is illegal for a child to pee outside since there is not an age limit or exceptions for public urination. However, depending on the situation, you may not get charged.

We all know kids will be kids and sometimes there’s not much you can do when they got to go. A child peeing outside is less likely to get charged compared to an adult peeing outside, similar to most crimes.

However, if the act appears to be vulgar and not innocent, it’s possible that the parent or guardian of the child could get into some trouble with the law. 

Will Police Investigate Public Urination?

Police do have to investigate a public urination incident since it is a crime. When someone has been reported for public urination, the police will investigate the matter after more pressing emergencies have been tended to. 

Police will get phone calls and online submissions of people reporting someone in public urination. It is up to the police to investigate the incident and apprehend whoever is responsible. 

Can You Be Charged With Public Urination After the Fact?

You can be charged with public urination as long as your case is still open. If you were reported for public urination, police are investigating the matter and can charge you when they have enough evidence to prove you guilty.

Police will use whatever resources they have to build up the necessary evidence to charge you with public urination. This can include witnesses or footage from a public camera- from storefronts or street cameras. 

Final Thoughts

So after learning all the possible consequences of urinating in public or your backyard, hopefully, you will think twice before you pull down your drawers. 

And if you must pee in public or your backyard, make sure no one is around! Put your head on a swivel as you pee to look out for anybody who might spot you. 

If someone does catch you, apologize immediately and tell the onlooker how much of a bind you were in as this may convince them to not report you.

The charges you may face are simply not worth the little bit of uncomfortable pain you will feel as you hold in your pee.

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