Do Gazebos Add Value to Homes? (Do This to Add More Value)

Do Gazebos Add Value to Homes

Building a Gazebo in your backyard certainly has its pros. A spot of shade in your yard, a beautiful focal point in your garden, etc. However, will building this structure actually add value to your home or property?

A properly maintained gazebo can add value to your property because it can be listed as an outdoor entertainment area. In states with good weather, this will add a few thousand dollars to your property value.

In this article, we’ll have a look at why gazebos can add value to your home and other concerns you might be contemplating. Building a gazebo has a lot of advantages for a homeowner – if it’s done correctly.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Since proper maintenance is the key that unlocks added property value, we’ve researched some products that will make it easier to take care of your gazebo. 

Products to help you maintain your gazebo.

1. Wood SealantIf you have a wooden gazebo, this will preserve the health of your wood.

2. Ladder– to access the gazebo’s roof and clear any leaves and debris away.

3. UV Protection Spray– if you have canvas sides to the gazebo, use this spray to protect it from the sun’s rays.

Gazebos and Property Value

Gazebos hold many advantages for property owners. Protection against the elements in your yard, a beautiful focal point, and increased property value.

Gazebos Value Added

A gazebo in your yard can definitely push your property value up as it is a unique and beautiful addition to any garden. A few factors influence the amount of value-added you can expect:

  • Maintenance – is the gazebo well looked after and still in the best shape?
  • Size – the bigger, the better (usually) because it could double as an outdoor entertainment area.
  • Convenience – does it already have electric wiring for lights or plumbing fixtures for a sink (if necessary).
  • Does the structure complement your house?

If your gazebo ticks all these boxes, you can expect anything from $1,000 and upwards added to your property value. In general, outbuildings like gazebos and pergolas are known to increase the property value – if you’ve taken care of it.

Tax Concerns

If you are planning on building a gazebo, you’ve probably thought about the possible effect it might have on your property tax. Well, it’s not a simple yes or no answer.

The tax laws differentiate between the states, although in most cases, a garden structure can be taxed if it is deemed as a ‘permanent structure’ or is attached permanently to the property.

In some states, a gazebo is deemed a ‘permanent’ structure if it has a concrete floor, whereas, in other states, this does not matter.

We would recommend contacting an appraiser in your local area and asking them about the property tax laws associated with gazebos and other garden structures.

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Ideas to Improve Home Value

Besides gazebos, there are various other ways to improve the value of your home. Let’s look at some.

The Best Interior Improvements

According to a report given by the National Association of Realtors, the best interior improvements to your house are:

  1. Installing new wooden floors
  2. Converting your basement into a living area
  3. Renovating your old closets, and
  4. Refinishing old hardwood floors

Basically, any improvement on your house can count in your favor. However, big renovations tend to hike up your home value the most.

The Best Exterior Improvements

The exterior of a property is sometimes more important than the interior to potential buyers. Buyers want to be proud of their property and want other people to like their yard.

Some of the best ways to improve the exterior of your house could be small projects like simply mowing the lawn or pulling all the weeds. Having a neat garden is a great first step to improving your property value.

You can add a pool and a gazebo in the backyard to serve as an entertainment area.

Most families have certain social ideals, and having a gorgeous gazebo in the yard already will certainly increase the prospect of them buying the property.

Any projects you attempt to make your yard and garden look more appealing will improve the value of your property marginally.

Things to Avoid Outside the Home

Now that we’ve discussed how you can improve your property value, let’s look at what may be decreasing your property value.

You should keep up with the maintenance of your outdoor structures and elements. A pool is a great asset to any property unless it’s green and mossy.

A gazebo that has rotting blanks has the same sentiment. Even simply allowing the weeds to flourish in your garden could have a detrimental effect. 

If you do decide to build external structures on your property, make sure that they are up to standard and to the local building codes. Nothing is more irritating to a potential buyer than a building code problem.

Final Thoughts

If the gazebo is built according to building codes, maintained regularly, and provides seating space for entertainment purposes, it can definitely improve the value of your property.

To be 100% sure, you can contact a local appraiser to have a look at your gazebo.

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