Can I Poop in My Backyard? (You Should Read This First!)

Can I poop in my backyard?

Nature can sometimes call at the most inconvenient times, and there’s not much you can do to control it. If you’ve ever locked yourself outside of your house or just couldn’t make it in time, you might be wondering if you can poop in your backyard. Is this legal?

Pooping in your backyard is illegal and you may face hefty fines if someone reports you. If you have a backyard with a lot of privacy, your risk of being seen is pretty low. If someone does notice you, there is a chance you will be reported and charged with public defecation.

To save yourself from a lot of legal trouble, we have gathered everything you need to know when it comes to pooping in your backyard. Read this to become a responsible pooper.

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Is Pooping in Someone’s Yard Illegal?

It is illegal to poop in someone’s yard- especially if it’s not your yard. If you get reported, you can be charged with public defecation, trespassing, and/or vandalism. The charges and severity of charges all depend on individual situations.

For example, if you are in a terrible emergency and try to poop in someone’s yard while being as discreet as possible, you may get away with a warning.

But if you are vulgar about it- doing it on purpose- then your consequences can be a lot worse.

The same applies to urinating in your yard. Make sure to read our blog post that explains everything you need to know about peeing in your backyard.

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Is It Illegal to Poop on Someone’s Property?

It is indeed illegal to poop on someone’s property. Not only will you get charged with the obvious trespassing, but you could also get charged with public defecation and indecent exposure. 

The charges you face will depend on your specific situation and what motivated you to poop on someone’s property. If it was an innocent act out of desperation, you may be issued a warning or a small fine. However, if it was a vicious act, you will be in big trouble. 

Is It Illegal to Poop Outside?

Pooping outside is indeed illegal. If you get reported for pooping outside, you may get charged with public defecation, indecent exposure, and/or vandalism. The charges all depend on the specific situation.

A warning or fine of $500 will be issued to you if you get caught pooping outside with a good reason that usually has to be an innocent one.

If you are pooping outside just to rebel or destroy someone’s property, then you will be facing the heaviest charges.

Are You Allowed to Poop in the Woods?

Pooping outside is illegal and pooping in the woods is no exception. Not only is it an unsightly spectacle if anyone catches you, but it’s also unsanitary and harmful to nature. One can get charged with public defecation if they are caught.

That being said, sometimes there is no other choice than to go into the woods. If you must, make sure no strangers will be able to catch you.

Once you have done your business, pick up your waste and throw it into a trash can as soon as possible. This way you will protect the health of the environment and other animals who might want to eat it.

Is Human Poop Toxic?

Human poop is capable of transmitting certain diseases that otherwise wouldn’t be transmitted. It is not necessarily toxic but it can be dangerous if consumed.

If you come across poop on the ground, keep your distance from it. Or, if you feel brave, you can pick it up and dispose of it in a proper trash can. Make sure to immediately wash your hands thoroughly after for at least one minute.

Does Human Poop Attract Animals?

Bears are the most notable animals attracted to human poop. If you have human poop in your backyard, for whatever reason, best to pick it up so you don’t attract bears into your yard.

Having a bear in your backyard can be bad news for local animals such as dogs or cats, or even chickens. Bears are attracted to human feces and urine.

If you have to do your business in your backyard, make sure to clean up after yourself to keep these large animals out of your property.

What Is a Poop Kit?

A poop kit is a kit of supplies that assist you in being prepared in case you have to poop in nature. Its main purpose is to help you poop outside responsibly by getting rid of the waste as easily as possible. 

Included in the kit is a trowel to dig holes with, toilet paper, a small bag to store your used toilet paper in, a wag bag that is used in case you can’t dig a hole (you will have to go in this bag), hand sanitizer to stop the spread of bacteria, and of course, a bag to store all of this in. 

Where Do You Poop if You Don’t Have a Toilet? 

If you don’t have a toilet to poop in, you can attempt to dig a hole in a private place where no one is around. Make sure to not get caught and dispose of your poop appropriately. 

The most important thing to consider is to make sure no one is around while you do your business. If you get caught pooping in a public place, you may get charged. 

What Happens if You Bury Poop? 

When poop is buried it slowly decomposes while releasing toxic elements into the soil where it has been buried.

It is not a good idea to bury poop if you care about the health of your local environment and water system. Human feces can contaminate the area where it was buried and leak into water systems, contaminating water, as well.

If you have to do your business outside, it’s best to pick up your waste instead of burying it. 

What Happens If You Defecate in Public? 

If you defecate in public and get caught you may get fined and/charged for public defecation. If you don’t get caught, then you’re lucky but shouldn’t test your luck! 

Defecating in public can land you in some serious trouble if you get caught. You may be reported and charged with public defecation, indecent exposure, and/or vandalism. 

How Do I Report Public Defecation 

The easiest way to report someone pooping in public is to call the police and report it directly to them over the phone. Another way is to check if your city’s website has a public urination/defecation form to fill out and submit. 

 Either way, you will be asked to report where the incident happened and at what time, and if you could describe the person. The police will then begin an investigation. 

How Long Does it Take for Human Poop to Dissolve? 

It takes human poop about a year to dissolve/disintegrate. This is why it is best to not leave human poop outside as it could contaminate the soil and attract unwanted animals. 

If you have to poop outside, always try to leave no trace behind. This is the best practice for keeping our environment healthy for ourselves and for nature.

Final Thoughts

Nature can call at any time and sometimes at the most inconvenient time possible. If you absolutely must poop outside, make sure you are not able to be seen by any strangers – or your neighbors – and make sure you clean up after yourself.

If you fail to follow these tips, you could land yourself in a lot of trouble with the law. On the flip side, if you have noticed someone pooping outside, you can land them into a lot of trouble with the law, especially if they are doing it as a malicious act.

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