Why Are Outdoor Trash Cans So Expensive? (Budget Options)

Why Are Outdoor Trash Cans So Expensive

Outdoor trash cans are a necessity for keeping our surroundings clean and organized. However, many people are often surprised by the high cost of these seemingly simple containers. Why are they so expensive?

Outdoor trash cans are expensive due to the durable materials needed in the manufacturing process. These cans are designed to last for years. It’s important that they are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements and regular use.

There are outdoor trash cans that are not as expensive, although they might not be as durable. In this article, we examine different trash cans and why it’s a good idea to invest money in a good quality outdoor trash can.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Even though they can be expensive, an outdoor trash can is essential for any property. In the modern day, we yield an extravagant amount of waste per day. The trash truck comes around once a week (usually) and collects this waste from the outdoor trash cans in the neighborhood.

Our favorite outdoor trash cans from Amazon:

1. Rubbermaid Trash Can– a manufacturer known for its durability and quality
2. United Solutions Trash Can– a less expensive option yet widely used.
3. iTouchless Trash Can– a high-tech alternative with an odor-control filter.

Cheap VS. Expensive Trash Cans

It might seem like a waste (pun not intended) to fork out a large sum of money on a trash can that basically just stands outside your house. However, the added value almost always indicates the durability of the trash can.

Generally, trash cans with lids are more expensive than those without. The design and effort of manufacturing a lid for the trash can automatically increase the value of the finished product.

Cheap and expensive are relative terms since what might be expensive for me can be cheap for you. However, high and low quality is not as relative. Let’s look at the characteristics of cheap (low quality) vs. expensive (high quality) outdoor trash cans.

Cheap Outdoor Trash Cans

Usually, cheap outdoor trash cans are not considered the most durable since they are susceptible to environmental factors such as the weather. However, these would be good options if you store your outdoor bin in an enclosed space – like a garage or shed.

Popular (cheaper) outdoor trash cans:

Expensive Outdoor Trash Cans

Expensive trash cans are most often the most durable trash cans. These can be left outdoors through all the seasons and still carry your trash for many years. Trash cans made of stainless steel or other metals are ideal for rural areas and are known to last much longer. However, some plastic trash cans are also considered durable.

More expensive popular trash cans:

What Kind of Technology Does a Trash Can Need?

Smart homes are becoming more of the norm as technology advances to make our lives easier. Smart trash cans are already a thing! 

Few things can smell as foul as a trash can, so we would definitely recommend investing in a trash can with an odor-control filter. These are especially useful if you have trashcans in your house that often cause an unpleasant odor.

Another convenient option is a touchless trash can. These can open with a motion detector or simply by waving your hand near the lid. These are perfect for areas where sanitation is preferred (like the bathroom). 

What Kind of Lifespan do Trash Cans Have?

The lifespan of a trashcan depends on several factors, such as the manufacturer, materials used, and storage conditions. A good quality trash can that is stored in an enclosed space can last 10 to 15 years. However, a poor-quality trash can that is not as well looked after will probably not last more than a few years.

Tips to prolong the lifespan of  a trash can:

  • Always store your outdoor trash cans in a dry and enclosed space (like the garage or a shed).
  • Always use trash bags – never throw trash directly into the trash can.
  • Do your research before purchasing a new trash can, and ensure the manufacturer has a durable reputation.

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Trash Can Assecories

If you have a strong odor coming from your trash can, but you can’t afford to buy a new high-tech odor-control trash can, we have a trick for you. Dab a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto a cotton ball and place this at the bottom of your trash can (between the trash can and the trash bag).

Final Thoughts

We use outdoor trash cans to dispose of all the waste that we don’t want in our homes anymore. These trash cans are designed to be durable and easy to use, which inevitably increases the price of outdoor trash cans.

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