Neighbors Rooster Won’t Shut Up (Doing This Might Help)

Neighbors Rooster Won’t Shut Up (1)

Many neighbors are surprised when a rooster moves in next door and it doesn’t just crow at the break of dawn. Instead, it crows all the time. So, what are you supposed to do when your neighbor’s rooster won’t shut up?

If your neighbor’s rooster won’t shut up, you should speak to your neighbor about your frustrations regarding this. If they do not act on the situation, you have the right to file a complaint with the police.

However, before you get the police involved, you should consider some other options. Here we will let you know why roosters crow non-stop, how you can work with your neighbor to alleviate the issue, and what you should do if they don’t listen to you. 

Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Relying on your neighbor and the law to take care of the noisy rooster is about all you can do in this situation. Unfortunately, it is illegal to take the matter into your own hands.

However, you can suggest these tools that may quiet your neighbor’s rooster:

1. Rooster Indoor Cage – A great place for a rooster to sleep that also keeps the noise inside

2. No-Crow Collar – A safe and effective way to minimize the rooster’s crow

Why Roosters Crow Non-Stop

To first gain some compassion for your neighbor and rooster, let’s discuss all the reasons why a rooster might be crowing more than you expected.

Why Do Roosters Crow Non-stop?

Roosters have many reasons to crow, other than the sun coming up. They crow to claim their territory, as a mating call, and to compete against other roosters. Unfortunately, these reasons pop up at any time of the day.

If you are surprised to find out that a rooster doesn’t just crow at the crack of dawn, you’re not alone.

Many people believe this thanks to many movies and TV shows that show the charming rooster waking up the other farm animals. 

But, if you ever lived beside a rooster, you know that they sing their song all day long.

Why Does My Neighbors Rooster Crow All Day?

Your neighbor’s rooster that is crowing all day is likely protecting its territory and warding off any potential predators. Roosters crow at many birds that may appear threatening.

As annoying as it may be, this all-day-crower is not unusual. Roosters do crow for plenty of the day, regardless of what Hollywood lets us perceive. 

Your neighbor’s rooster is likely crowing at any signs of a threat to his territories, such as seagulls, hawks, and many other birds. Safe to say, if there are birds in the sky, the rooster will crow. 

Rooster Crowing at 4 AM

Roosters will begin to crow whenever they feel that their territory is being threatened. This can include their physical space or the hens that they are trying to protect. If this is disturbing you, you should speak to the owner of the rooster.

If a rooster is constantly crying every night around 4 a.m., this can create a rude awakening for you.

You should speak to the owner of the rooster and ask them to perhaps consider keeping their rooster inside their garage in a cage during the night. 

As mentioned, roosters will crow whenever they feel their territory is being threatened.

Since there are many nocturnal animals, for instance, raccoons and coyotes, a rooster will feel the need to crow at these animals to make their territory known.

The Legalities of Owning a Rooster

Now that we have determined why roosters crow at times other than the sun coming up, let’s discuss where roosters are allowed to live. 

Can Neighbors Have Roosters?

Your neighbor can have a rooster as long as they are not violating any laws set out by your state, city, county, subdivision, and even neighborhood. The laws vary greatly so checking the appropriate rules and regulations is essential.

For example, in New York City, it is illegal to have any roosters on your property- which makes sense considering the number of noise complaints that rooster would bring in. 

But, in Los Angeles, depending on your property size, you are allowed up to ten roosters! And, if you live on less than one-half acre, you are allowed two roosters.

How’s that for laid-back California. 

Are You Allowed To Keep a Rooster in a Residential Area?

If you live in a residential area that states you are specifically allowed to own a rooster on your property, it is allowed. However, more often than not, it is not allowed.

Most cities have strict laws against roosters because of their constant crowing that can disturb everyone around them. 

If you are curious if your neighbor is allowed a rooster in your area, contact your local governing authority to get the details since laws vary from city to city and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. 

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How to Get the Rooster to SHUT UP

Okay, now to the good stuff. So, you have realized that your neighbor is legally allowed to have a rooster but that doesn’t change the fact that it is super annoying. Here’s what you do next.

How Can I Get My Neighbor’s Rooster to Shut Up?

The first step you should take to get your neighbor’s rooster to shut up is to have a friendly conversation with your neighbor. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do anything to their rooster but you may be able to suggest strategies.

Approach your neighbor in a friendly manner and have a conversation with them discussing how the rooster is disturbing you.

Your neighbor may not be aware that this is the case and will look into strategies to get the rooster to become quieter.

​​How Do I Get My Neighbor’s Rooster to Stop Crowing

To get your neighbor’s rooster to stop crowing, you can start by having a friendly conversation with your neighbor and discuss how the crowing is affecting your peace. In most cases, your neighbor will understand and try to work out a strategy with you. 

You can suggest to your neighbor to use a no-crow collar for your rooster. These collars are comfortable for the rooster and truly minimize the strength of their crow. 

You can also suggest to your neighbor to keep the rooster inside your garage at night in a cage that is covered by a heavy blanket. This will trap any noise that the rooster may create while you are sleeping. 

How Do You Deal With a Neighbor Who Is a Rooster?

If your neighbor is a rooster, you should probably check with your local bylaws if that rooster is allowed to live beside you. If they’re not, it will be a lot easier to get rid of them.

Many cities and counties have specific bylaws that prohibit roosters from living within city limits. However, they are more allowed outside of city limits in the country. 

If you live in the country, you should have a discussion with your neighbor and let them know that the rooster is causing you great disturbance.

You can only hope that your neighbor will understand your concerns. If not, you may be able to file a noise complaint. 

My Neighbor’s Rooster Keeps Waking Me Up

If your neighbor’s rooster keeps waking you up, you can either have a conversation with your neighbor about the noise disturbance or you can file a noise complaint with your local police. 

If you have already talked to your neighbor about the noisy rooster, and they have not done anything about it, you have the right to file a noise complaint.

It is possible that your neighbor could be threatened with the law of nuisance

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My Neighbors Rooster Is Driving Me Crazy

If your neighbor’s rooster is driving you crazy, you may need to implement some strategies of your own until your neighbor can get the rooster under control. You can try wearing earplugs at night to drown out the rooster’s crow.

Earplugs are a tried-and-true method to block any noise that will disturb your sleep. It is important to use earplugs that are comfortable for you so you can sleep soundly.

Thankfully, these earplugs from Amazon are designed with comfort in mind.

Should I Talk to My Neighbor About Their Rooster?

Talking to your neighbor about their rooster is definitely the most civil strategy you can take. You should always talk to your neighbor before you bring in the law. 

Hopefully, your neighbor will be sympathetic to your situation and try to do something to quiet the rooster. You can suggest to them a no-crow collar.

This special collar diminishes the force behind a rooster’s crow while not causing any pain or discomfort- if used correctly.

What Can I Do About a Noisy Rooster?

If you are experiencing a noisy rooster, the only thing you can do is speak to the owner of the rooster and hope that they understand your concerns. If not, you may have to go to the police. 

Here are some suggestions you can give your neighbor to keep his rooster quiet:

  • Bring your rooster in your garage at night and keep him in a comfortable cage that is covered with a blanket – this will mask the noise if the rooster decides to crow
  • Use a no-crow collar 
  • Condition the rooster to not crow 
  • Release the rooster back to a farm

Can You Stop a Rooster From Crowing?

There are ways that you can stop a rooster from crowing, some more humane than others.  A no-crow collar has been found to be very safe and effective for quieting a rooster.

Another way to stop a rooster from crowing is to condition the roosters not to crow. However, this takes a lot of time and dedication and is a lot to ask of your neighbor.

This is why the no-crow collar is an easy and ideal way to minimize the crowing. 

When You Have to Involve the Law

Sometimes neighbors don’t care about your concerns. If you have tried being civil by talking to your neighbor about their noisy rooster and they have not acted in any way, you can contact the police. Here is how to go about that. 

My Neighbor Doesn’t Care About Their Noisy Rooster

If you have attempted to talk to your neighbor about their noisy rooster and they do not care that it is bothering you, you can approach the authorities and let them know the situation. 

Regardless of where you live, there is typically always an acceptable amount of noise that is allowed.

You can let your local authorities know that you have attempted to talk to your neighbor about their noisy rooster and they have done nothing to control the noise.

The authorities will likely send a letter to your neighbor explaining to them that the noise is unlawful and unacceptable. Hopefully, your neighbor will respond by implementing strategies to quiet his rooster. 

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Who Deals With Noisy Roosters?

Your local police will deal with the noisy rooster if it comes to that point. They will first deal with your neighbor and give him a chance to quiet his rooster.

The police will likely send a letter to your neighbor stating that the rooster is causing his neighbors too much disturbance and that they need to quiet the rooster.

If your neighbor does not Implement any strategies to diminish the noise, the police are allowed to physically remove the rooster. 

Can I Call the Cops on a Rooster?

You can certainly call the cops on a rooster. You have the right to live in a quiet area and if the rooster is making that impossible, the cops can get involved. 

Regardless of what is making the noise, noise cannot reach a certain level to the point that it disturbs others around it. You can call the cops on a rooster who is being extra noisy to file a noise complaint. 

Can the Police Take Away a Noisy Rooster?

The police are indeed allowed to take away a noisy rooster but only after they have given a warning to the owner of the rooster. The owner has a chance to control his rooster’s noise. 

Once someone calls the police about a noisy rooster, the police will likely visit the owner or write them a letter describing that the noise is causing a disturbance in their neighborhood.

The police will then give the owner some time to control the noise or relocate the rooster. If the owner does not abide by any of this, the police are allowed to take away the rooster. 

Can a Rooster Violate a Local Nuisance Ordinance?

A rooster is capable of violating a local nuisance ordinance. If a rooster is being too loud, it is violating local noise allowances and the owner can get charged with public or private nuisance. 

This typically occurs after the owner has had several warnings and has still not implemented any strategies to quiet the rooster.

Since there are many resources available that help quiet roosters, the owner really has no excuse. 

Can You Complain About a Rooster?

You can certainly complain about a rooster who is causing you a lot of disturbance because of its constant crowing.

If the rooster’s crowing is acting as noise pollution, you have the right to complain about it to authorities.

Typically in neighborhoods, or even in the country, there are noise allowances and if they are being broken, you can complain. 

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How Do You Report a Loud Rooster?

To report a loud rooster, you can either call your local police station or file a complaint online through your city’s website. 

Let the authorities know that the rooster is crowing to a point where it is disturbing your peace. Let them know that you have spoken to the owner and they have done nothing about the crowing.

The police officer will either fill out a report for you or ask you to file a report. 

How Do I File a Complaint About a Rooster?

The easiest way to file a complaint about a rooster is to go to your city’s website and search for noise complaints. There will likely be a form you can fill out to complain about the rooster.

For example, this is the noise complaint form for New York City. Although roosters are not allowed in New York City, this is a great example of what a noise complaint form will look like and will give you an idea of what information is needed.

Other Strategies to Avoid

As mentioned, speaking to your neighbor and involving the police is the only way you should go about a noisy rooster. But, in case you have thought of some other strategies, we’re going to let you know why they are a bad idea. 

Can I Kill My Neighbor’s Rooster?

You should never kill your neighbor’s rooster, especially without their permission. You will likely get charged with animal abuse and face some time in jail.

Apart from animal abuse, you will likely get charged with many other crimes that you didn’t even know existed.

It is just a terrible idea to kill your neighbor’s rooster and you should never consider doing it unless you want to spend a lot of time in jail and face some very hefty fines. 

Can I Shoot My Neighbor’s Rooster?

You cannot shoot your neighbor’s rooster. Shooting an animal that is not yours, that clearly belongs to someone else, breaks several crimes that you will have to pay for. 

If you shoot your neighbor’s rooster, you will likely face heavy fines and jail time. You’ll be breaking several laws, most that you don’t even know to exist.

It is highly illegal and should be avoided. 

How Do I Get Rid of My Neighbor’s Rooster?

Unfortunately, you cannot personally get rid of your neighbor’s rooster. You have to first speak to your neighbor about the rooster and ask them to quiet it. If this does not work, you can go to the police. 

Getting rid of your neighbor’s rooster by yourself can land you in a lot of legal trouble. Instead, you should speak with your neighbor about your concerns and ask them to deal with the noisy rooster.

If this does not work, you can report the rooster to the police. 

Can Neighbors Complain About Chickens?

Your neighbors can complain about your chickens if they are disturbing your neighbors in any way. For example, if the chickens are coming onto their yard or are creating too much noise.

If your chickens are disrupting your neighbor’s peace in any way, they have the right to complain about the chickens. However, they should complain to you before they complain to the police. 

What Should I Do if My Neighbor Is Complaining About My Rooster?

If your neighbor is complaining about your rooster, you should consider their point of view and try to quiet your rooster. There are main ways that effectively quiet a rooster that you can look into. 

You should not ignore their complaints since they have the power to go to the police if you do not do anything about it.

You may be charged with a noise complaint and may have to remove your rooster from your property.

Final Thoughts

We understand how brutally annoying roosters can be when they keep you up all night long and you have to listen to them all day long, as well.

However, you need to be careful with how you deal with the situation. 

You should always speak to your neighbor first about their noisy rooster before going to the police to maintain your friendly neighborly relationship. 

And, it goes without saying that you should never deal with the rooster yourself. Do not try to harm or physically remove the rooster as you can land in some serious legal trouble. 

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