Where to Buy Serama Chickens Online

buy serama chickens online

As the saying goes: “good things come in small packages,” which rings true if you own a serama chicken as a pet or show bird as these tiny birds are the smallest breeds of poultry found globally. If you’ve done your research and want one to call your own, here’s where to buy serama chickens online and how to find reputable breeders who stock serama chickens for sale. 

Type in “serama chickens for sale near me,” and you’re likely to be overwhelmed by such a wealth of information that you won’t know where to start looking.

This article will give you an overview of the beloved and adorable chicken, the different sub-species available, advice on whether to purchase eggs or a fully-grown chicken, and provides a comprehensive directory of some of the best breeders across America and Canada.

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Serama Chickens Overview 

Its official name is the serama chicken, but the breed is also called ayam cantik, meaning pretty chicken, or ayam katik, which translates to pygmy chicken, referring to its diminutive size, in the Malay language. 

Whatever name you refer to it by, it can be collectively agreed upon that the serama chicken is a friendly and lovable family animal that makes a great cuddle buddy and with its distinctive appearance, an excellent show bird.

While the type of chicken, originally from Malaysia, isn’t commonly found in America, it’s numbers are slowly rising to meet demand. 

Not only are these creatures a wonderful addition to the family, but they’re also great breeders despite their small stature. 

Hens are also known to be maternal, so you can, for the most part, expect a high hatch rate and a healthy brood of baby chicks in the future. 

While you might need several to make a decent-sized omelet, it is possible to cook this breakfast meal using a dozen or so unfertilized eggs. 

They’re also unique because they don’t have a bantam counterpart, meaning you won’t get a regular-sized sized serama chicken – they’re one of a kind.

So where to buy malaysian serama chickens from? Learn more below.

What Types of Serama Chickens Are Commonly Purchased Online?

It’s essential to learn the different classes of the bird, according to size, before you continue with your search. 

There are four different classes, ranging from micro to C-class. The general rule of thumb is that the smaller the chicken or the egg, the more expensive it will be. You’ll soon get wind that it’s challenging to find micro serama chickens for sale near me because hatching and rearing chicks so minuscule is incredibly tricky. 

In these instances, a Class A is easier to find and still incredible small – five of these make up one standard chicken’s egg. 

Apart from size, the types of serama chickens available are differentiated by their feathers, which are smooth, frizzled, or silkie, which describes how they lie on the bird.. 

Depending on whether you want a specific type of chick, refine your search to “frizzled serama chickens for sale” or “silkied serama for sale.”

Where to Buy Serama Bantams Online and the Necessary Precautions That You Should Take

Buying anything online can be a gamble, no less a breed of serama for sale on Craigslist. 

Be wary about sellers who overclaim, especially with regards to promises of ‘breeding true’ – serama bantam chicken comes in assorted colors, so pairing specific roosters and hens won’t necessarily mean your chick will come out with the same or similar coloring. 

At the same time, while serama chicken bantams for sale vary in height but won’t grow taller than 10 inches – if yours is bigger than the average by a margin, you’ve probably haven’t been sold a purebred serama bantam. 

Ensure that the breeder is NPIP certified, which means that your flock of birds has been tested and found absent of diseases. The last thing that you want is your new pet spreading illnesses in a confined space and killing the rest of your clutch. 

Where Can I Buy Serama Chickens Online?

It’s possible to buy from anywhere in America if you can find a breeder who can ship your poultry to you. 

Where Can I Buy Ayam Serama Breeds Nationwide?

Feather Love Farms is a Californian-based farm and one of the United States’ most prominent suppliers of rare and exotic show birds, including serama chickens. The company specializes in hatching and shipping day-old chicks, which should be delivered at your nearest post office within a day or two depending on where you’re based. 

For more info:

Buy Serama Eggs Online 

Many people question whether it’s better to buy eggs or chicks. It’s easier for beginners to start with birds because hatching eggs can be risky and is not always guaranteed.

If you do purchase the latter, it’s essential to incubate the eggs at 60 degrees Fahrenheit to increase your chances of successful hatching. 

Buy premium assorted eggs and more from My Pet Chicken. Log in or sign up here.

Serama Chickens for Sale in Alabama


Mt. Moriah’ Farms in Dothan raise their tiny seramas with love and care – buy yours now!

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Arizona 


Are you based in Phoenix, Arizona and looking for seramas that are show-quality material?

Sweet Peeps have various seramas for sale.

For more info:

Inspire Farms is a small, family-run feed shop located in Mesa, Arizona who also stock serama chicks. 

For more info:

Disclaimer: limited availability of serama chicks.

Serama Chickens for Sale in Arkansas


Hale’s Farm in Waldron breed assorted seramas (silkied, frizzled and traditional).

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in California


Silkie Down Farm, based in Sacramento, breed happy and healthy purebred flocks, and their primary focus is on silkies and serama breeding. 

For more info:

Disclaimer: Please note that there is limited stock available.

Purchase premium quality adult seramas from OC Seramas, an experienced breeder located on the West Coast of California.

For more info:

Alchemist Farm & Garden is a small hatchery in North California who specialise is beautiful heritage and rare poultry, including serama breeds. 

For more info:

Disclaimer: please note that only silkied seramas (colors: white, partridge, and grey) are available. 2019 orders are done for the year; orders will commence again in February 2020.

Serama Chickens for Sale in Colorado


Want to add a serama chicken to your poultry family? Buy yours at Colorado Foothills Serama Chicks and Eggs. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Florida 

If you live in Florida or the Sunshine State, then you’re in an ideal climate to raise serama chickens, who thrive best in temperate conditions. See below for some of the best places to buy these chickens. 


RNK Farms is a small, family-run venture in northern Florida that’s home to a flock of tiny but regal roosters and hens.

For more info:

  •  Shop here to buy eggs and other products
  •  Make inquiries here.

Gainesville-based O’Leno Farm supply heritage and exotic purebred varieties to the bird-loving masses of Florida, which includes broods of ayam seramas. 

For more info:

Disclaimer: pick up and by appointment only on Saturdays and Sundays noon – 5 pm. 

Danlee Farms are a small animal farm in Florida that ship fresh hatching eggs, and live chicks across America. 

For more info: 

Hands Full of Seramas, in Kissimmee, are passionate and experienced independent breeders of serama chickens.  Roosters, hens, breeding pairs, and chicks are available for purchasing. Shipping is available across America (excluding Hawaii).

For more info:

Sand Hill Bantams, located in Archer, are batam specialists with white American seramas currently in stock. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Georgia


Georgia Silkie Serama & Sebright Chickens in Newnan breed various types of chickens, including rare birds, such as seramas. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Idaho 


Malaysian seramas are highly-sought after – purchase yours while stocks last from Foxfire Farms in Spirit Lake: home of rare chickens and gamebirds. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Illinois 


Calypso Agave Ranch in Lockport breed various types of farm animals, including thoroughbreads, llamas, goats, and serama chickens. 

For more info:

  • Check out their Facebook page
  • Call 815 722 6255 for booking and inquiries. 

Disclaimer: Limited availability. 

Naperville-based Serama Lab breed various types of award-winning seramas, including Malaysian, American, frizzle, and silkie.

For more info:

  • Check out their Facebook page
  • Call 630 370 9226 for bookings or inquiries

Disclaimer: please note that shipping is available but only when weather conditions are favorable.

Serama Chickens for Sale in Iowa

Mainly cattle and sheep are bred at Salsberry Farm in Corydon, South Iowa. However, there are also limited stocks of serama chicks now available, so don’t miss out! 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Indiana


Purchase chickens, turkeys, chicks (including serama), and guinea pigs from Gannon’s Hobby Farm in Coatesville.

For more info:

  • Check out their Facebook page.
  • Call 317 371 3561 for bookings and inquiries.

Serama Chickens for Sale in Kansas


Young serama bantam hens and rooster available from White’s Riverside Hatchery in Great Bend.

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Kentucky


Operating since 2005, Bluegrass Seramas in Georgetown are experienced breeders who raise serama showbirds. 

For more info:

Sledd Creek Farm is a unique hatchery in Mayfield who raise an assortment of chickens, including tiny Malaysian seramas.

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Louisiana


Owned by the premier breeder, Jerry Schexnayder, Jerry’s Serama’s LLC in South Louisiana is the largest hatchery (comprising purebred, USDA certified, and NPIP seramas) in America. 

For more info:

Labyrinth Seramas in Hammond is home to traditional and Malaysian-style seramas. 

For more info:

Disclaimer:  Labyrinth Sermas have specific local pick up, live bird and egg’s shipping policies – take a look here

Serama Chickens for Sale in Maine 


Black-and-gold serama pairs, silkied, and smooth seramas and more available at Mini Chicken Seramas, Wells.

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Maryland


Malaysian seramas available from award-winning breeder, exhibitor, and author, Josiah Woodfield of Woodfield Bantams, Millington.

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Massachusetts


Become a proud owner of the world’s tiniest chickens by purchasing one or a couple from C-Spot Farm

For more info or to purchase a chick online:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Michigan


Pixel Seramas of SE Michigan raise chicks and breeding pairs that are occasionally available for purchasing. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Missouri


Buy hatching eggs, chicks or adult birds from Show-ME Silkies and Stuff where careful packaging and fast delivery to your local post office are included. Please note that hatching eggs are sold in a dozen, but a half dozen or more can be arranged on special request. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in New Mexico

New Mexico

Under The Rainbow Farm is a small farm based in Valencia country. Bred here are unusual types of poultry, including seramas. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in North Carolina

North Carolina 

Purchase hand raised and tame chicks as ornamental birds and beloved pets from Sapos Southern Seramas

For further info: 

Serama chickens for sale in Ohio


If you’re searching for where you can buy serama chickens in the ‘Buckeye State,’ you’ll find them at Laurel Meadows Farm. The farm breeds smooth and frizzle variety packs, sold in six or 12 eggs per carton. You can pick them up at the farm or choose to have them delivered at an additional rate. 

For more info:

Disclaimer: A minimum order of four eggs is required. A non-refundable deposit is required when ordering live chicks. 

DG Seramas in New London raise, breed, and show quality Serama chickens

For more info:

Serama chickens for sale in Oklahoma


Perfectly Poultry, based in Oklahoma City, breed various quality chickens, including smooth, frizzled, and silky seramas. 

For more info:

Serama chickens for sale in Oregon


Oregon Serama breed various types of seramas in assorted colors: smooth, frizzle, silkied, and silkied frizzle.

For more info: 

Serama chickens for sale in Pennsylvania


Greenery Ridge Fine Fowl in Lancaster County, owned by poultry enthusiast Bonnie Gruenberg, breeds rare chickens from scratch on a small scale, including American and traditional seramas. 

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in South Carolina

South Carolina 

Sunshine Seramas is a large family-owned farm obsessed by ‘all-things-serama’.

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Tennessee


Located in northern middle Tennessee, Slayton Seramas raise and breed quality seramas.

For more info:

Serama Chickens for Sale in Texas


Are you looking for serama bantam chickens for sale in Waco, Texas? You’ll find a wide variety of purebred poultry featuring ducks and chickens at Bossie Biddies, including American Seramas, Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons, and more. 

Ann and Charles Hoehn, founders of Bossie Biddies, started their poultry (and crafts) business in the 1980s, and are experienced and knowledgeable breeders. 

Learn more about their current breeds and varieties by:

Disclaimer: Please note that adult birds are sold only, and not chicks or eggs, and preferably sold in pairs. Shipping is permitted. 

SeaBreeze Hens in San Leon are providers of hand raised hens, pullets, and chicks. Serama chicks (new hatch to a month old) are available in assorted colors. 

For more info:

Fresh hatching eggs available from Watson Ridge Ranch, Kempner. 

For more info:

Serama chickens for sale in Houston Texas and surrounds 

Four hours to pick up poultry might seem like a long drive for some, but not if you’re after excellent quality hens at The Dunham Farm in Burleson, Texas! 

For more info:

  •  Please visit their website.
  •  Call 817 627 4789 for inquiries regarding stock and availability.  

Serama Chickens for Sale in Vermont


Sugar Feather Farm in West Berlin specialize in rare, heritage, and unique breeds of fowl, including seramas.

For more info: 

Disclaimer: please note that this is for pick up only. Please arrange a convenient time and date here

Serama Chickens for Sale in Virginia


It’s in the name – Sensational Seramas, assorted seramas sold here for pick-up or delivery. 

For more info:

  • Check out their Facebook page.
  • Call 843 494 2324 for bookings and inquiries.

Serama Chickens for Sale in Washington


Fertile hatching eggs available at Just Fowling Around, Brewster 

For more info:

Disclaimer: no live chicks are shipped.

Seawind Seramas is a small Washington state breeder of seramas. 

For more info:

  • Check out their Facebook page.
  • Call 360 621 5220 or bookings or inquiries.

Disclaimer: no lives chicks are shipped.

Serama Chickens for Sale in Canada


If you’re looking for reputable breeders in the Great White North, you won’t be disappointed by DC Heritage Poultry’s selection and outstanding service. Delivery is possible across Canada for hatching eggs and in specific areas for live chicks. 

Serama chickens for sale in Ontario can also be shipped with DC Heritage Poultry.

For more info:

  • Please visit their website.  
  • Place your order here. 
  • For concerns and questions, email dcheritagepoultry@gmail.com or call 819 647 2118.

Please note: picks up are possible but by arrangement only. Weekdays 9 am – 3 pm and weekends 10 am – 1pm. 

Purchasing Chicken Coops, Fencing and More for Your Beloved New Pets

serama chicken coop

Serama chickens may be tame, but that shouldn’t mean they can run amok without protection. If your chicks sleep outside, they’ll need a serama chickens hatchery and other accessories to prevent them from being preyed upon by opportunistic predators.  

One great way of making sure your serama chickens stay protected is by housing them in a large backyard chicken coop, which will keep them safe from dangerous predators while also sheltering them from the elements.

If you’re unsure of the best chicken coop to buy, here are some of our top picks:

You may also want to pickup some other handy items for your chicken coop like a coop heater to keep your chickens comfortable during the colder seasons.

Recap: Where to Find Malaysian Serama for Sale Near Me

Want something more exotic than a dog or cat as a pet? A Serama rooster can make an excellent feathery friend.

  • We’ve learned that these miniature birds, with their friendly character and quieter-than-normal chicken habits, make the ideal domestic animals. They’re easy-to-breed, are non-aggressive, and even snuggle occasionally. 
  • When it doubt about the size you’d like, choose Class A serama’s; they’re cute, small and boast high hatch rates, which is useful information to know if you’re incubating your eggs. 
  • You may ask, “Where can I buy serama chickens”? From California to Ontario, you can purchase eggs, chicks, or fully-grown breeds online, which is convenient if you’re far from a poultry farm that stocks this rare breed of chicken.