Neighbor Keeps Cutting My Grass (Do This to Stop Them!)

Neighbor Keeps Cutting My Grass

When your neighbor cuts your grass, they may think they are doing you a great favor. But, instead, they are only irritating you and making you uncomfortable. So, what do you do when your neighbor keeps cutting your grass?

If your neighbor keeps cutting your grass, you should speak to them politely about the situation. Let them know that you appreciate them helping you out but you prefer to cut the grass yourself. 

However, life doesn’t always run so smoothly. To help you solve this issue, we will discuss ways that you can get the message across to your neighbor so they stop cutting your grass, once and for all. 

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Sometimes having an open and kind conversation with your neighbor about their mowing habits isn’t enough to get the message across.

In this situation, you can start implementing physical barriers that will prevent your neighbor from even accessing your lawn.

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It is Okay to Feel Uncomfortable About Your Neighbor Mowing Your Lawn

While your neighbor may think they are doing you a kind favor, you may have other feelings about the situation, specifically, feeling AWKWARD.

No one wants someone on their property or doing them a favor when they didn’t ask for it. Let’s discuss this a little more in detail.

Neighbor Keeps Cutting My Grass

If your neighbor keeps cutting your grass without your permission, you should approach them in a light and friendly manner. Politely ask them that you would like them to stop. 

Now, this is easier said than done because this can be a very awkward situation, especially if your neighbor thinks he’s just doing a friendly gesture. And, it can come across as rude if not executed carefully.

However, you still need to instill your boundaries with your neighbor and let them know that you are uncomfortable with the situation.

You can start by thanking them for cutting your lawn but you would enjoy cutting the lawn yourself, instead. 

Neighbor Mowed My Lawn Without Asking

If your neighbor mowed your lawn without asking, you should give them the benefit of the doubt. It is likely they were just mowing your lawn to help you out and don’t expect anything in return.

However, this can be an uncomfortable situation. It is simply not normal for your neighbor to mow your lawn without asking you first.

Therefore, if it happens again, you should confront your neighbor about it but in a non-confrontational way.

Thank them for their services but let them know that you enjoy cutting your grass yourself and would like to do it instead. 

I’m Uncomfortable About My Neighbor Mowing My Lawn

If you are uncomfortable about your neighbor mowing your lawn, you need to set boundaries with your neighbor. It is likely that they are not trying to make you uncomfortable and instead just helping you out.

But, regardless, it still makes you uncomfortable, so, you need to speak to them about it. Let them know that you would like to cut your grass yourself and that you do not need their help. 

You can approach them anytime when they are outside gardening or outside cutting their own grass.

Just ensure that you’re doing it in a comfortable situation, and not when either of you is rushing to work. 

You want to give yourself enough time to properly explain yourself and have a decent conversation about it.

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How to Speak to Your Neighbor About Them Mowing Your Lawn

So, now that we have established that is okay to be uncomfortable about your neighbor cutting your lawn, let’s discuss how we should bring up the situation. 

Is It Rude to Mow Your Neighbor’s Lawn?

If your neighbor did not ask your permission to mow your lawn, it can be rude. However, most of the time they’re not trying to be rude and instead, helpful. 

Yet, it is still an uncomfortable situation. When your neighbor mows your lawn without asking, they are not respecting your boundaries, personal and legal property boundaries.

Therefore, it is perfectly normal to think that it is rude for your neighbor to mow your lawn without asking you. 

Is It Rude to Tell Your Neighbor to Stop Cutting Your Grass?

If you are uncomfortable about your neighbor cutting your grass, it is not rude to ask them not to. Your grass is on your property and therefore, belongs to you. Your neighbor does not have any right to cut your grass without your permission.

What can make the situation rude, is asking them in an unpolite manner to stop cutting your grass. It is possible that they’re just cutting your grass to help you out, especially if they are old-fashioned.

So, ensure that you ask them to stop cutting your grass in the kindest way possible. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they were just trying to help you out and were not trying to cause you any discomfort. 

How Do I Stop My Neighbors From Cutting My Grass?

To get your neighbor to stop cutting your grass, you will have to discuss the situation with them in an open and friendly manner. If this does not work, you can discuss the matter with your HOA.

However, before you involve anyone else, you should try your best to speak to your neighbor yourself. If they do not get the message the first time, speak to them more firmly the second time.

If they still do not listen to you, you can let them know that you will speak to your HOA, if you have one. But, give them a fair warning before you speak to your HOA.

If you do not have an HOA, you can let your neighbor know that you’re going to hire a mediator to come to speak to both of you. Mediators typically give both parties a new insight into how the others are feeling. 

How Do I Tell My Neighbors to Stop Cutting My Grass?

To tell your neighbors to stop cutting your grass, approach them during an easy time of the day; For example, if they are grabbing the mail, gardening, or cutting their own grass. 

Begin by thanking them for cutting your grass then let them know that you would like to cut it yourself.

You can let them know that you look forward to cutting your grass every week and would like to be able to, even if this is not true. 

You can also approach the situation by asking them why they’re cutting your grass. They may feel as though your grass is overgrown and therefore, want to keep it groomed. 

If this is the case, you guys can come to a middle ground that ensures that both of your grass is kept neatly, to each other’s liking.

How Do I Politely Get My Neighbors to Stop Mowing My Lawn?

The politest way to get your neighbors to stop mowing your lawn is to bring them over cookies or a thank you card. Then, let them know that you appreciate that they cut your lawn but you enjoy cutting your lawn yourself and would like to do it from now on.

You can also ask them why they are cutting your grass to give you a better understanding of what their intentions are.

If they are unhappy with the way that you maintain your grass, you can try to find a middle ground that will please both of you. 

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When Speaking to Your Neighbor Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, speaking politely to your neighbor doesn’t always do the trick. If you are dealing with a more difficult neighbor, here are some solutions that may get the message across to them. 

How Do I Stop My Neighbor From Cutting the Grass on My Side of the Property Line? 

If your neighbor is cutting the grass on your side of the property line, you can set up small marking flags that distinguish where your property line is. This is a cheaper option than installing a fence or putting up bushes. 

Placing small marking flags on your property line will let your neighbor know exactly where their property ends. Hopefully, this will prevent them from coming to your side of the property to cut the lawn. 

Should I Install a Fence to Force My Neighbor to Stop Cutting My Grass?

You can absolutely install a fence to stop your neighbor from cutting your grass if speaking to them first did not solve the situation. Thankfully, there are small, inexpensive fences that can be installed quickly. 

If you need to install a small fence to keep your neighbor off of your lawn, this is perfectly acceptable.

However, you should speak to your neighbor first about the situation before you put up the fence since this can be seen as a passive-aggressive act.  

We recommend the Zippity vinyl fence from Amazon since it is easy to install and much more inexpensive than a wooden fence. It is also very attractive!

Just ensure that you follow your city’s bylaws about putting up fences.

Should I Put Up Bushes to Force My Neighbor to Stop Cutting My Grass?

Putting up bushes is an effective and attractive way to get your neighbor to stop cutting your grass. Bushes offer a natural solution that benefits both you and your neighbor aesthetically. 

Planting bushes beside your property line will create a physical barrier to stop your neighbor from coming onto your side of the property.

Make sure that when you plant your bushes they are a certain distance away from your property line, depending on your city’s bylaws. 

Fun tip: Hydrangea bushes create a beautiful and bountiful property border. You can even purchase the seeds on Amazon!

Can I Put Up a Sign to Tell My Neighbor to Stop Cutting My Grass?

You can absolutely put up a sign to tell your neighbor to stop cutting your grass. There are specific signs that are meant for that which will hopefully get the message across to your neighbor.

Although a sign may seem passive-aggressive, unfortunately, since your neighbor chooses to not listen to you, it is just the next step you have to take.

You can place either two to five signs depending on how large your yard is so your neighbor definitely gets the point. 

Involving the Law

Involving the law is not something that you want to do right away, but, sometimes, it is necessary. Let’s discuss what you can do if your neighbor refuses to respect your boundaries. 

What if My Neighbor Damages My Fence While Cutting My Grass?

If your neighbor damages your fence while cutting your grass, you can politely ask them to pay for the damages. Fixing a fence can get expensive, so, it is in your right to ask them to reimburse you for the payment of the damages.

Politely inform your neighbor that he damaged your fence while he was cutting the grass and you would appreciate it if he could pay for the damages. 

Hopefully, he will be sympathetic and agree with your request. In a perfect world, he would even suggest fixing it for you. 

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Can I Charge My Neighbor For Trespassing if He Keeps Cutting My Lawn?

Charging your neighbor with trespassing when he won’t stop cutting your lawn, is definitely a possible solution. Your neighbor is technically trespassing, so you can attempt to have him charged for this. 

Although this may seem like a drastic solution, sometimes this is what it comes down to. Some neighbors are just stubborn and don’t understand your boundaries. 

Therefore, you should let them know that you are thinking of reporting them for trespassing. If this warning does not scare them off, then you should definitely report them. 

You will have to call your local police station and fill out a police report outlining the trespassing. You may also be able to fill out the report on your city’s website. 

Can I Sue My Neighbor if He Doesn’t Stop Cutting My Lawn?

You can definitely attempt to sue your neighbor if he doesn’t stop cutting your lawn. It is possible that you can charge him for trespassing or private nuisance. 

You can either have the court force him to stop cutting your lawn or they can force him to pay you for the emotional damage that it has caused to you. 

When anyone disrupts the enjoyment of your property, you have a chance of having them charged with private nuisance.

This is essentially when someone gets in the way of you living in peace and enjoying your home. 

How Do I Prove Where My Property Line Is?

To prove where your property line is, you can refer back to your title deed or land survey that you received when you purchased your home.

Both of these documents will identify where your property line is.

If you do not have access to these documents, you can contact either you’re real estate lawyer that you used while you were purchasing your home or your local land and building office. 

If a land survey was never completed, you can hire a land surveyor to perform a new land survey for you. Depending on where you live, this typically costs around $150.

What Is a Land Survey?

A land survey is a process that determines where your property boundaries lie. A land survey will conduct this process and then conclude the information in a land survey document.

This land survey will help you determine exactly where your property boundaries are.

If your neighbor believes that they are actually mowing their lawn, instead of yours, you can prove to them the location of your property lines with this official document.

How Do I Get a Land Survey?

To get a land survey, you will have to contact a licensed land surveyor. Sometimes land surveyors have their own business or they work within an architectural team. If you’re having a hard time finding a land surveyor, you can contact your real estate office. 

A real estate office will typically have someone that they work with constantly to get properties surveyed.

This may be your best route as they will be a trusted land surveyor who will not only be official but will also do the job properly. 

Can My Neighbor Claim My Land by Mowing It?

Your neighbor can attempt to claim your land by mowing it, but this is an extensive and complicated process. Your neighbor may be able to claim your land by adverse possession. 

If you believe your neighbor is mowing your land to eventually claim it, this can be extremely frustrating.

This is a sneaky act and it will never work in your neighbor’s favor, not to mention how uncomfortable of a situation it is. 

Your neighbor may think that they can claim your land by mowing it, but it will never work out for them since adverse possession is complicated. 

What Is Adverse Possession?

Adverse possession is a concept that allows someone to claim ownership of land that they do not already own.  The person has to maintain the land for at least ten years to be able to claim it, among many other factors. 

If you are worried that your neighbor could claim your lawn through adverse possession simply because he has been mowing it, you should not be worried.

Your neighbor has to be the only one taking care of your lawn for at least ten years, sometimes twelve before they are able to file a claim.

If you believe that your neighbor is up to this, you should speak to them about it immediately and let them know that it is completely unacceptable. 

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Is It Okay to Mow the Lawn at 9 AM?

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, 9 AM is typically too early to mow your lawn. You should aim to start mowing your lawn at 10 AM at the earliest to stay on your neighbor’s good side. 

It can be pretty frustrating to wake up to the sound of a lawnmower or a weed-wacker. Just because you are an early bird does not mean that everyone else around you is.

Therefore, you should respect your neighbors and start mowing your lawn at around 10 AM.

What Happens if You Cut the Grass Too Often?

If you cut your grass too often, you may end up scalping your lawn making it look bare. This can decrease the amount of nutrients that your grass needs. It can also cause the buildup of thatch, which can affect the health of your lawn. 

The basic rule of (green)thumb is to only cut one-third of the length of your grass. Also, only cut your grass when it grows.

If there hasn’t been a lot of rain, you should let your grass be until it can grow a little longer. 

Neighbor Dumping Grass Clippings on My Property

If your neighbor is dumping their grass clippings on your property, you should speak to them immediately about it. Not only is it rude, but they are also breaking some laws.

Technically, your neighbor is committing littering and unlawful disposal when they dump their grass clippings on your property.

They also may be committing trespassing if they are coming onto your property to dump the grass clippings.

Therefore, you should speak to them about it immediately but remain calm and try to approach it in a friendly manner. 

Final Thoughts

Although your neighbor may have the best intentions when he cut your grass, you should prioritize your feelings about it over their intentions.

If it is making you uncomfortable, speak to them about it and try to instill some appropriate boundaries that will work for both of you.

As always, you should speak to your neighbor in a kind and friendly manner to maintain your neighborly relationship. Yet, at the same time, clearly communicate your needs. 

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