Can I Stop My Neighbor Feeding Birds? (Try Using This Trick)

Can I Stop My Neighbor Feeding Birds

Having birds congregate in your yard can be a beautiful sight, but it can also be a nuisance if they leave droppings and create a mess. If your neighbor is feeding birds, it can lead to an overpopulation of birds in your area and exacerbate the problem. What can you do about this?

Speaking to your neighbor about their actions is the best way to potentially get them to stop feeding birds. Let them know your concerns about the feeding and how it affects you and your home. If they are not receptive, you can speak to your homeowner’s association about the situation.

In some situations, it is illegal to feed birds. This is because there are environmental and ethical concerns with feeding birds. It is best to educate yourself before going to your neighbor or reporting them. In this article, we will take you along and find out the best thing for you and the birds. 

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If you are dealing with unwanted birds, squirrels, and mice that go to your neighbor’s feeder, first discuss your concern with your neighbor. If talking doesn’t work and there’s no law or policy set in your area, you will need something to help you deal with the issue.

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Neighbors and Their Birds

Neighbors who love birds also tend to love feeding birds, which can cause problems for your yard. If you have a complaint against your neighbor, talk to them first before reporting them. In this section, we cover ways to talk to your neighbor and when to report them. Let’s begin!

Can You Complain About Neighbors Feeding Birds?

If you rent in an area owned by a landlord or group, you can take your complaint to them. Or, if you live in a community neighborhood, you can take your complaint to the neighborhood committee. However, you should always talk to your neighbor first. 

Some cities have laws, and some neighborhoods have policies already in place when it comes to feeding birds and other critters. For example, some areas have problems with people feeding pigeons or leaving bird feed out that bears like to find. 

How Do I Stop My Neighbor From Feeding the Birds?

To stop your neighbor from feeding birds, you should first talk to them. Then, you can complain to the neighborhood committee if they refuse to listen or do nothing about their bird feeders. And if you are renting a home, you can see what your landlord can do. 

Check your local animal rights and laws in your area. Some places ban feeding birds during certain months of the year, and some ban feeding specific bird types. The most common bird that areas ban from feeding pigeons. 

Can I Make My Neighbor Stop Feeding Birds?

You cannot make your neighbor stop feeding birds if they do so on their own property. However, in some areas, during certain months, you can report them feeding birds, and they can be fined, but only if there’s already a law or policy in place. 

You can also complain to your landlord or neighborhood committee, who might do something if there is a policy in place, or if it is a reasonable request and that the birds are causing damage or being a serious nuisance. 

How Do I Tell My Neighbor to Stop Feeding Birds?

Do your research and tell your neighbor why it’s not good to feed birds. You can also inform them that the birds and other critters attracted to the bird seed are causing problems. If you can also mention that it is not good for birds to be fed close to a house. 

When bird feeders are placed in front of a window for people to watch, birds can be harmed or killed by flying into the window. Therefore, it is suggested for bird feeders to be placed 3 feet away from any houses.

It’s also suggested not to leave your bird feeder out during the summer months. However, you can plant flowers that attract birds. 

Pigeons Hang Out Where They Are Fed

Pigeons are one of the most troublesome birds because they are messy, spread disease, and come in uncomfortable swarms. In some areas, they are such a nuisance it is illegal to feed them. So let’s get into how to stop your neighbor from feeding these pesky birds. 

How Can I Stop My Neighbor From Feeding Pigeons?

Pigeons are on the banned list of birds to feed in many areas. Cities might have laws against it, and many local communities have policies against it. So check your local laws and policies and let your neighbor know. 

It’s always best to talk to your neighbor before seeking legal action against them. Then, after they have heard your thoughts and complaints but refuse to do anything about it, you can talk to the local authorities if it is illegal or the neighborhood committee. 

Can You Be Fired for Feeding Pigeons?

If you feed pigeons at your workplace, which is against a policy, you can be fired for feeding them. In some places, it is illegal to feed pigeons, and you will have to pay a fine if caught feeding them.

People have also been sued for feeding pigeons because pigeons cause a mess with their feces and deter people from businesses or real estate.  No one wants to walk or sit where pigeons have been. 

How to Report Someone Feeding Pigeons?

If you see someone feeding pigeons and you know it’s against the law in that area, you can report them to the local police. If you live in a neighborhood with a committee, you can report them to the committee.

It’s always best to try to talk to the person first. Unfortunately, many people who feed pigeons are not aware it’s a bad thing or even that it’s illegal. However, most places do not have these laws or policies against bird feeding. 

Why is My Neighbor Attracting Pigeons to Their Feeder?

Your neighbor might be attracting pigeons to their feeder if they have sunflower seeds, millet dried peas, and sorghum in their feeders. Because pigeons are attracted to the same seeds many other birds are attracted to, so your neighbor might not be doing it on purpose. 

It is illegal in some areas to feed pigeons. Pigeons are not only a nuisance to neighbors but to people on beaches, in cities, and anywhere pigeons congregate in large flocks. If they are attracted to a place, they cause a lot of mess and hassle for people and businesses. 

Neighbor is Feeding Pigeons and it’s Affecting My Property?

If your neighbor is feeding pigeons and it’s affecting your property, you should first talk to your neighbor about your complaint. If they refuse to do anything about it and continue, you can report them to the local authorities if it is illegal in your area. 

Some neighborhood committees have policies about feeding pigeons, and you can send your complaint to them, and they can handle the situation. In addition, some landlords will do something about it if you and your neighbor rent. 

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Rules and Laws

Some areas limit what birds you can feed and when you can set out feed for birds. In this section, we will go over those laws and regulations to be on the lookout for in your area. Let’s begin!

Bird Feeding Laws?

For the most part, you can feed wild birds without consequence, but check with your local humane society to see if there are any limitations or guidelines. For example, in some cities, it is illegal to feed pigeons because they cause such a mess. 

When you are at your house, there might be laws or standards in place from HOA or the city for leaving food out for any animals. In some areas, bears and other wild animals will come looking for food and want the bird seed. 

Can You be Fined for Feeding Birds From a Yard Feeder?

In some areas, you can be fined for leaving out food for animals, including leaving bird seed in a yard feeder. This is because yard feeders attract other wild animals instead of just birds. 

Bears love the same food as birds and are more likely to come out during the warmer months. Additionally, squirrels and large birds like yard feeders will also cause havoc in your yard and your neighbors’ yards. 

Is it Illegal to Feed Pigeons?

In some areas, it is illegal to feed pigeons. This is because pigeons are messy and carry diseases. Additionally, pigeons will flock around an area where they get fed, and they will bother anyone trying to get through the area. 

Feeding pigeons is not usually bad, but make sure you know the local laws before feeding them. The same goes for feeding any birds. However, the bald eagle is illegal to feed on a federal level. 

Is it Illegal to Feed Certain Wild Birds?

In some areas, it’s illegal to feed pigeons, and in every state, it is illegal to feed a bald eagle. You can’t feed pigeons because they become a nuisance after a while. However, it is illegal to feed bald eagles because they will fight over food. 

It’s also not good to feed owls and other predatory birds. When the predatory birds associate humans with food, they might trust the wrong sort of humans. Also, if you feed owls mice from the pet store, the mice may be carrying pathogens and parasites. 

What are the Laws Surrounding Feeding Wild Birds?

It is a federal law that no one is to feed bald eagles, and in some areas, there are local laws against feeding pigeons. It is illegal to feed a bald eagle because it is harmful to them. After all, bald eagles will fight themselves and other predatory birds for food. 

It’s not good to feed predatory birds or other creatures that can harm humans. When animals become comfortable around humans and associate them with food, it’s dangerous for humans, and depending on the human, it can be dangerous for the animals. 

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Other Struggles Caused by Bird Feeders

Many issues come with feeding wild birds. However, there are also good ways to feed birds and deter birds from specific areas. In this section, we will go over some issues and solutions. 

What’s the Best Bird Deterrent?

Reflective objects, cat and owl scarecrows, and wind chimes are the best bird deterrents that will not harm the birds. However, reflective objects do not work for some birds, and wind chimes only work for a year or two before the birds get used to the sound. 

There are other deterrents, but some can be harmful to the birds. One is a pet cat. Cats kill thousands of birds annually, but cats will take care of your bird situation. Another semi-harmful deterrent is spikes. You can put spikes where birds like to perch. They don’t want to perch on spikey surfaces. 

When Should Bird Feeders be Taken Down?

It’s a good idea to take down bird feeders in the summer. Bird feed can become rancid faster in the warmer months. Additionally, bears roam more in the summer, are attracted to bird seed, can cause damage, and are more likely to harm humans. 

If it doesn’t get to 100 degrees in the summer months, you can put the bird feeders in a shaded area. However, what is more helpful to the birds in the summer, is to grow plants with seeds they like and to have a bird bath to provide much-needed water. 

Can My Neighbor’s Bird Feeder Be Too Close to My House?

In most neighborhoods, bird feeders are allowed. However, if you feel the feeders are too close to your house, raise your concern with your neighbor. Additionally, if they put it on your property, you have a right to take it down.

It is suggested by bird experts not to put a bird feeder closer than three feet to a window because birds are more likely to fly into the window and get hurt. If your neighbor’s feeders are closer to three feet from your house, share that information with them. 

My Neighbor’s Bird Feeder is Attracting Rats?

Suppose your neighbor’s bird feeder is attracting rats. First, talk to your neighbor about taking the feeder down. If they refuse, some cities and neighborhood committees have a law or policy in place to fine your neighbor. 

Some areas have bears that will come during warmer months and eat from a bird feeder, so some of those areas do not allow for bird feeders to be out during certain months. Some areas do not allow you to feed pigeons either. 

Related Questions

What Happens if You Stop Feeding Wild Birds?

If you stop feeding birds for a short time, the birds will most likely find food elsewhere. However, if a whole area stopped feeding birds dependent on the feeders, birds might struggle to find food, especially during winters. 

Overall, feeding birds is not harmful to birds or the rest of the environment, but we aren’t necessarily helping birds when we feed them.

We are mostly feeding them for our own enjoyment. Considering that, remember to maintain bird feeders and put them in a place where they are less likely to be hurt. 

What are the Environmental Concerns for Feeding Birds?

Some concerns with feeding birds include attracting other harmful wild animals like bears and bobcats. Feeding birds can also be harmful to the birds. For example, if you put food out and don’t clean up the area, the food will become rancid and molded. 

In some areas, it is illegal to feed specific bird species because the birds cause a mess, or the feed attracts rodents and other unwanted wild animals. In neighborhoods, birds and other animals that eat bird food ruin gardens and flower beds, leading to neighbors complaining. 

Can HomeOwners Associations Make Rules About Bird Feeders?

Yes, HomeOwners Associations can make rules about bird feeders. Often, bird feeders attract other unwanted wildlife like rodents and sometimes bears. Bird feeders are also not always best for birds if they are not maintained or are too close to the house. 

When bird food is left out too long, it can get molded and rancid, making birds sick. Also, if the feeder is too close to the house, birds can miss the feeder and fly into a window or side of the house. 

It’s best to keep feeders three feet from any houses and take the feeders in during the hottest months when more pests are out, and the food will go bad faster. 

Final Thoughts

It seems like a good thing to do when we feed birds and other animals, but it’s not always best for the animals and is a nuisance to neighbors. 

If you are a neighbor of a good-intentioned bird feeder, let them know when it’s a good thing to do and when it’s annoying or harmful to the birds. Also, they will probably like to know whether it’s illegal or not.

We hope this article has been helpful and that you know how to approach your neighbor and this issue. 

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