Is It Illegal to Put Nails in Your Driveway? (Do This First)

Is It Illegal to Put Nails in Your Driveway

Random cars using your driveway as a turnaround spot is inconvenient and annoying. Frustration might lead to questionable ideas and researching whether it is illegal to put nails in your driveway.

It is illegal to put nails in your driveway, no matter the reason. You will be causing tire damage to anyone who uses your driveway (permitted or not), and you’ll be responsible for footing the bill for their repairs.

Other options available are completely legal and safe for every party involved. Let’s discuss these options and why using nails in your driveway is frowned upon by the law.

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

Although nails and spike strips are illegal, other ways exist to keep people off your driveway. Here are a few options for you to consider, and most likely won’t get you into any legal trouble.

Products that you can use to keep unwanted cars off your driveway

1. No Turn-Around Sign– Placed on the edge of your driveway to warn people to stay off your driveway.
2. Traffic Cones– Also placed at the edge of your driveway to block people from entering your driveway.
3. Security Cameras– to capture evidence of someone repeatedly trespassing.

Keeping People off Your Property

Anyone who lives on a busy road knows the annoyance of seeing (and hearing) random cars use your driveway as a U-turn spot. Although this might annoy some more than others, there are ways to keep them off.

No Turn-Around Signs

A sign might not seem very intimidating, but most people will obey a sign since we always want to avoid conflict. We recommend getting a No Turn Around Sign on the edge of your property.

It’s illegal to place private signs on a public road, although you can place it on the edge of your property line.

Traffic Cones

If you’ve tried the sign, but it doesn’t seem to be working – consider traffic cones. Similarly to signs, you can place traffic cones on the edge of your driveway (not on the public road).

The only issue with this option is that you would need to manually remove and replace the cones every time you leave your driveway. 

Guard Dogs

If you enjoy the company of dogs, consider getting larger guard dogs who could ward off any unwanted trespassers. People will soon stop misusing your driveway if there are big scary dogs storming at them. 

You could also put up a Guard Dog Sign (a combination with our first tip) to warn people of your big *scary* dogs – PS. We’re pretty sure chihuahuas also classify as ‘big scary dogs’.

Delivery Trucks 

If your property is conveniently located for a U-turn, you might also see delivery trucks like Amazon and FedEx use it as a turnaround spot. We would recommend any (or all of the above-mentioned ideas.

To have complete security, you could install a gate over your driveway. This will make it impossible for anyone to use your driveway as a turnaround spot.

Neighbors Using Your Driveway

If your neighbors are using your driveway and blocking your access to your house, consider having a conversation with them. Explain that you do not want their vehicles on your driveway and that you will take legal steps if they continue.

We would recommend installing security cameras to gather evidence.

Keeping it Safe and Legal

In most cases, if someone parks on your driveway, it would be considered trespassing – which is illegal. However, in some jurisdictions, it is legal for adjacent neighbors to use each other’s driveway. This is quite rare, though, especially if your neighbor has enough space on their property to park their car.

If you feel that your neighbor or another car specifically is constantly misusing your driveway, contact a lawyer to set up a trespassing case. 

Other Options Instead of Nails

Spike strips might sound like the perfect solution to permanently deter someone from using your driveway, but this is illegal. You will be causing a lot of damage to their tires and will be held responsible for buying new tires, which could cost you up to $1,000 per tire. Rather put up a sign, or install a fence to deter people from using your driveway.

Police undergo training to use spike strips to stop a fleeing suspect. They are prepared for any outcome since the car will probably slide on the road a bit after driving over a spike strip. They are not for sale by any major retailers since it is highly illegal, and you could get a massive fine for using them on your personal property.

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How to Safely Use Nail Strips

Like using spike strips, it is illegal to use nails on your driveway as a means to deter someone from using it. If a nail were to puncture someone’s tire, you would be held responsible for the damage – even when they were on your driveway without your permission.

We would use traffic cones to block anyone from using your driveway. Although it’s vital that these cones are on your property and not on the public road – this is illegal. Place the cones two feet from your property line to be sure.

Nail Gun in Your Driveway

The Vevor Pneumatic Nail Gun is strong enough to shoot nails into your concrete driveway. These nail guns shoot the nails with the sharp end down, meaning they would not be a threat to anyone trying to use your driveway.

Final Thoughts

It is illegal to put nails in your driveway to keep people off. However, there are other safe and legal options to consider if you constantly have people using your driveway. If, after trying all of these methods, you still have the same problem, seek a real estate lawyer and enquire about your options.

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