Behind every great website is a great origin story right? Well, I wouldn’t say the origin story of Yard Blogger is movie script material, but it’s more so the story of an average everyday person with an interest in blogging and the outdoors.

I started Yard Blogger back in late November 2019 with the goal of sharing information I’ve learned over the years related to the outdoors. Additionally, I wanted this to turn into something that would eventually supplement my income passively.

Traditionally, bloggers will write posts on topics they think are cool or interesting, then wonder why their posts never actually generate traffic to their website. I’ve been down this road myself in the past, and it’s never fun. I knew I needed to take a different approach, one that would actually work and help me make money from my blog.

With that in mind, I started doing searches on how to make money blogging. I’ve bought courses in the past on this, but nothing that really worked to the extent I needed. One day I came across the guys over at Income School, and they were talking about how they have a portfolio of websites that earn them full-time incomes.

I was of course pretty skeptical about this since people will say anything to make a buck, but what did I have to lose? Plus their community seemed really supportive and helpful. I reluctantly bit the bullet and signed up for Project 24. This one decision changed my life forever.

The premise of Project 24 is that the course will teach you how to build a successful blog that produces a full-time income in about 24 months. While the definition of full-time income is different for everyone, generally they say if you’re making $4,000 USD per month, that’s considered full-time.

It’s only been about 14 months since I bought the domain name, chose a great web host (BigScoots and SiteGround are both great options), and started this blog.

Since then the website has been steadily gaining in traffic and generating a sizeable income (mainly from Ezoic Ads) for me and my family. With every day that passes, the earnings keep increasing as I publish more blog posts.

I’m truly happy and blessed to have come across Income School. If you’re in the same boat as I was, looking to supplement your income with a blog, definitely don’t hesitate to sign up for Project 24 by Income School today.