How to Shut Down a Neighbor’s Party? (Doing This Works!)

How to Shut Down a Neighbors Party

Sleeping through your neighbor’s obnoxious party is the last thing you want to do after a long day. After trying to get to sleep, you feel forced to do something. So, how do you shut down your neighbor’s party?

To shut down your neighbor’s party, you should speak to your neighbor directly about the issue. Express that their noise is too loud and you would appreciate it if they could tone it down. If they are not receptive to your request, you can consider calling the police.

But, we understand that not everyone wants to get the police involved as this can be awkward later on.

So, we are going to let you know effective ways that you can communicate with your neighbor in hopes to get them to respect your wishes. Let’s get this party started! (or not?)

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9 Things You Can Do to Shut Down a Neighbor’s Party

Here are some quick and helpful strategies that you can take right now to shut down your neighbor’s party. Just remember to keep it legal!

1. Ask Your Neighbors to Kindly Keep the Noise Down.

Sometimes you need to kill the party with kindness. Visit your neighbor, knock on the front door, and ask them to please keep the noise down.

Explain to them that you can hear the party from inside your home and it is difficult for you to sleep. 

2. Inform Them of Local Quiet Time.

Your neighbor may not know that there are certain quiet hours within your area. Inform them of these rules and let them know it is against the law if you do not follow them.

3. Join the Party and Be Obnoxious to All the Guests.

If your neighbor is not budging, you can secretly join the party and start acting as the beloved ‘party pooper’. Start acting obnoxious to all the guests until they eventually can’t stand you anymore and leave.

4. Bring Some Friends and Ruin the Party.

If you feel like you don’t have enough obnoxiousness to go around, you can bring some of your friends and let them help you. 

5. Bring Your Own Music and Blast it Loud

Try to hijack the Bluetooth speaker and start blasting the most annoying music you can think of. It will be difficult for the owner of the speaker to track you down, so just blend it and scream about how annoying it is. 

6. Set Off a Stink Cloud. 

When your obnoxious tank runs low, you can set off a trusted stink cloud to clear the party out in no time. Just ensure that your stink cloud is safe and won’t harm anyone. 

7. Start Negotiations.

You can attempt to negotiate with your neighbor if they don’t want to shut down the party immediately. You can either suggest that they have to tone down the party completely or can keep it going for another 30 minutes max. 

8. Threaten to Report Them to Your Landlord or HOA.

If all else fails, you can let your neighbor know that you will have to call either your landlord (if you live in an apartment and share a landlord) or the HOA.

This can threaten their lease since they are not complying with being a respectful neighbor.

9. Call the Police.

As your last resort, you should call the police. Your neighbors are in fact breaking the law by not abiding by the local quiet hours and the cops can instruct them to keep it down. Usually, this method is effective.

Additionally, if there is anything illegal going on, the guests will flee. 

Other Strategies To Help You Shut Down Your Neighbor’s Party

Besides going absolutely crazy, let’s discuss ways that you can deal with your neighbor’s party. Warning: It involves confrontation. 

What Can I Do About Loud Partying Neighbors?

If your neighbors are partying too loud, you should wait until the morning to have a conversation with them. Or, if the party went rally late, maybe wait until the afternoon when they have had more time to recover. 

If you have been dealing with your neighbors partying for quite some time, you should have a conversation with them about it.

Let them know that you have noticed the parties are becoming a pattern and you would like to find a middle ground so that both of you are happy.

Always speak to your neighbors about the situation before going to a higher authority such as an HOA, landlord, or the police.

What Do You if Your Neighbors Are Having a Loud Party?

If your neighbors are having a loud party well past the designated quiet time, you can either wait until the morning to discuss the issue or pay them a visit during the party. 

Additionally, if your neighbors don’t tend to have loud parties often, you may want to let them get away with it this time. But, if they have loud parties all the time, you will definitely have to discuss the situation with them. 

If this is their first offense, you can think of using earplugs or a white noise machine to drown out the noise.

How Do I Shut Down My Neighbor’s Party?

If you have already spoken to your neighbor about their party,  and they refuse to listen to you, you can get the police involved. Just ensure it is at least 10 PM before you call the police.

This is because most areas have a designated quiet time that starts typically around 10 pm, and some areas at 11 p.m.

Therefore, the police won’t really take your complaint seriously if it is not passed this time since your neighbor is technically allowed to be creating some sort of noise. 

But, if it is past that time, you have the right to call the police. The police will visit their home and ask them to tone it down. 

How Do I Stop My Neighbors From Partying?

It can be difficult to stop your neighbors from partying especially if it is only bothering you. But, if it is bothering you and your neighbors, you may be able to get a group together to go talk to either your municipality or HOA.

Therefore, if you are stuck with a partying neighbor in your neighborhood, you should consult with your other neighbors to see if they are being disturbed, as well.

If they are, you can start a petition to possibly have your neighbor’s charged with public nuisance. 

What Can I Do About My Neighbors Who Have Loud Parties Every Weekend?

If your neighbors have loud parties every single weekend, opening up a conversation about the issue is the first thing you should do. Let them know exactly what is bothering you.

It can be extremely frustrating to have Friday roll around and instead of being able to relax in your home, you have to deal with your neighbor’s happiness being a little too loud. 

If this is the case, you need to open up a conversation with your neighbor about the situation. Let them know that the noise becomes too much for you to be able to enjoy you are home.

Hopefully, they will be sympathetic and suggest ways that you can meet in the middle. If they don’t seem to care, you can think of getting your HOA, landlord, or the police involved. 

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How Do I Tell My Neighbor to Turn Down Their Music?

The best way to tell your neighbor to turn down their music is to visit them in person. Knock on their door and let them know that their music is so loud that you can hear it in your home. Then, ask them to turn it down. 

The normal response from someone would be an apology and then turning down their music.

However, this is not always the case if you are dealing with neighbors who simply do not care or younger neighbors who think they are invincible. 

If they become defensive with you, keep your cool, and let them know that there are actually bylaws that state when you need to turn down your music. If it is past 10 PM, they are breaking the law.

What to Do About Neighbor Who Plays Loud Music?

If you’re dealing with a neighbor who plays loud music, you should let them know that it is bothering you. The best way to do this is in person so you can clearly discuss your concerns. 

Try to approach your neighbor during a time that you think won’t be busy for them. This can be anytime on the weekend, specifically when they are cutting their grass, gardening, or having a barbecue in the backyard. 

You can start by having small talk with your neighbor, asking them about their kids or their wife, etc., and then gently bringing up the situation. 

They may be completely unaware that you can even hear their music, so it is best to give them the benefit of the doubt before you start really getting into the conversation.

They may immediately apologize and promise to keep the music at a lower level. If that is the case, you can leave the conversation at that.

But, if they are not so receptive, you can explain to them how it bothers you by laying it out in more detail. Some people just need more information than others to be able to fully sympathize with you. 

How Do I Stop My Neighbors From Playing Loud Music at Night?

If speaking to your neighbor directly does not get you anywhere, you can let them know that you may call their landlord, HOA, or the police. This usually forces someone to turn down their music. 

Most cities have bylaws that prohibit people from making loud noise after a specific time. This time is typically 10 PM. So, if your neighbor is playing loud music after 10 PM, they’re likely disregarding this bylaw.

In this case, there’s a chance that the landlord, HOA, or police can get involved and force them to not play loud music anymore. 

You can either call your landlord, send an email to your HOA, or call the police. Calling the police will guarantee the fastest results. 

How Do You Shut Up Noisy Neighbors?

To shut up noisy neighbors, you should start by letting them know that their noise is too much. If this does not work, you may be able to get the police involved if you believe the noise is excessive. 

Excessive noise can be considered a private nuisance if it only bothers you, or a public nuisance, if it bothers your whole neighborhood.

Therefore, if speaking to your neighbor does not work, you can think of getting the police involved to then have them charged with private or public nuisance. However, you should use this strategy as a last resort. 

Laws About Excessive Noise

Now that we have discussed some effective strategies to help you deal with your neighbor’s parties, let’s discuss the laws regarding noise. This will help you back up your claims if you ever need to confront the police. 

Are There Laws About Being Too Loud?

There are laws that encompass things or people being too loud. In most cases, the law is called a public or private nuisance. This is when something or someone produces so much noise that it disturbs your enjoyment of your property. 

When someone rents or owned a home, they have the right to fully enjoy that property in peace. Their choice, if something disturbs this piece that is out of their control, it is considered a nuisance.

Additionally, neighborhoods have bylaws that state when noise needs to be turned down. This time is typically 10 PM. Therefore, if someone is being loud after 10 PM, they have a higher chance of being charged for nuisance. 

Is It Illegal to Be Too Loud?

It is illegal to be too loud if you’re being too loud for a certain amount of time. Typically, you have to be creating excessive noise for usually longer than two to three hours to be considered too loud. 

For example, if you are pressure washing your driveway, and creating loud noise for maybe thirty minutes, this is not illegal. 

But, if your neighbors are throwing a very loud party well into the night, whether the noise is caused by loud music or laughter, this may be considered illegal. 

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How Do I Tell My Neighbors Are Too Loud?

If you can hear your neighbors when you are inside your home, they are likely too loud. But, if you want to make sure you’re not being over-sensitive, you can call your other neighbors to see if they consider the noise disturbing.

Typically, if you have to ask yourself if your neighbors are being too loud, they probably are. A good rule of thumb is if you can hear your neighbor’s over your TV, they are definitely too loud. 

What Is Unreasonable Noise From a Neighbor?

Unreasonable noise from a neighbor is anything over 60 decibels that lasts at least two to three hours. For reference, a vacuum cleaner is typically 60 decibels. 

For example, if your neighbor’s dog barks suddenly really loud at another dog walking past their house, but then they never bark again, this is not considered unreasonable noise.

On the other hand, if your other neighbor’s dog barks all night long and at nothing, this is considered unreasonable noise. 

Essentially, your neighbor needs to make excessive noise for a long amount of time. This can be anything from two to three hours, even three hours if it is really aggressive noise. 

How Loud Is Too Loud for Neighbor’s Music?

If you are trying to distinguish if your neighbor’s music is too loud, it likely is too loud. A good rule of thumb is if you can hear it above the noise your TV makes, it’s definitely too loud. 

Additionally, if the noise prevents you from peacefully enjoying your property, it is too loud. This can be anything from not being able to focus on your work or not being able to sleep properly. 

What Is Considered Excessive Noise?

Noise is considered excessive whenever it surpasses 60 decibels for a long amount of time, anywhere between two to three hours.  For reference, a vacuum typically produces a volume of 60 decibels.

Generally, you already know when noise is considered excessive if it is really starting to agitate you. You may put up with it for the first hour but going into the second hour, you are really hoping that it will stop soon.

At this point, you start to consider if the noise is actually a little excessive. If it is, this is the time when you should either speak to your neighbor or think about calling the cops. 

Are Parties Considered a Noise Nuisance?

Parties can definitely be considered a noise nuisance but they typically need to happen a few times before they actually become a nuisance.

For example, if your neighbor throws a party once every blue moon, their noisy party won’t constitute as a nuisance in the eyes of the law.

But, If they are throwing parties every single Friday, or even during the week, this can eventually grow into a nuisance since it is seriously starting to disturb your peace. 

What Time Should Neighbors Be Quiet?

Most cities have bylaws that state neighbors need to start being quiet at either 10 PM or 11 PM. 10 PM is the more common time but in some areas, it is 11 PM.

Additionally, if there’s a special event going on, such as New Year’s Eve or Labor Day, police may be more lenient during these events.

But, in general, neighbors typically need to be quiet starting at 10 PM. Bylaws instill these rules to ensure that everyone in a neighborhood can peacefully enjoy their home. 

Can Neighbors Blast Music During the Day?

Neighbors have a better chance of not getting in trouble if they are blasting music during the day compared to at night. This is because there are no laws that specifically state that you cannot blast music during the day. 

But, if your neighbors are consistently blasting music during the day, this can evolve into a nuisance. If their music is disturbing the way you enjoy your home, in any way, this is grounds to have them charged.

How Do You Jam a Neighbor’s Speaker?

If you want to put up with your neighbor’s noise, but you still want to sleep, you can think of ways to drown out the party. You can do this by either wearing earplugs or using a white noise machine. 

If you are comfortable sleeping with earplugs in, you can consider using these during the times your neighbors like to throw parties.

Or, you can buy yourself a white noise machine, that produces a constant emission of white noise that is known to help someone not focus on another noise – such as a very happy party.

How Do You Sleep Through Your Neighbor’s Party?

To sleep through your neighbor’s party, you can consider wearing earplugs, using a white noise machine, or playing your favorite TV show at a quiet volume. 

Once you create a noise that is more enjoyable, it will help you not focus on the less enjoyable noise of the party. 

This can be created by a white noise machine or playing your favorite TV show on a quiet volume. If you do not have a white noise machine, you can play YouTube videos that specifically only play white noise. 

Involving the Police

So, you have spoken to your neighbor’s politely about their noise and they have not respected any of your concerns.  Now that you know the laws of the land, let’s discuss how to involve the police.

Can You Call the Police About Noise?

You can absolutely call the police about noise if the noise falls within certain parameters. The noise has to be excessive for usually longer than two to three hours and within designated quiet times.

Your city likely has quiet times between 10 p.m. and 8 am. Between these times, is when civilians need to keep their noise at bay.

 If someone is creating loud noise between these times for an extended amount of time, it is a good reason to call the police.

The police will visit your neighbor’s house, when they are not attending more pressing matters, and ask your neighbors to tone it down. 

How Do You Anonymously Call the Cops on a Party?

To anonymously call the cops on a party, you can simply state that you wish to remain anonymous when you make the phone call. The operator will understand and keep your information anonymous. 

We understand why you would want to remain anonymous when you call the cops on a party.  Usually, the first question that people ask is “Who called?”.

When the cops know that they do not want your identity shared, they will not tell whoever you called the cops on.

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What Will Cops Do if You Report a Party to Them?

When cops receive a call about a noisy party, They will visit the party as soon as they can. However, they do need to prioritize more pressing matters before the party. 

When the cops are able to visit the party, they will inform the host of the party to tone it down. However, they will not shut down the party unless they think it is a serious threat to the people at the party or people around the party. 

Can the Cops Shut Down a Party?

Cops believe that people have the right to enjoy themselves at a party. Therefore, they will only shut down a party if it appears to be threatening to people’s well-being or if they have received multiple complaints. 

But, keep in mind, you can only make one noise complaint per situation. So, you cannot make several noise complaints about one party and expect the police to shut down the party just because you made those complaints. 

Several people have to make separate complaints before the cops consider shutting down the party. 

How Do I Deal With Neighbors That Complain About My Parties?

If your neighbors are constantly complaining about your parties, you may want to rethink how many parties you throw or how loud they are.

Typically, when someone gets to the point of complaining. they have already put up with your noise and have run out of ways to deal with it.

 If this is the case, you may want to really think about how your parties are affecting your neighbors. 

How Often Should I Have a Party at My House?

If you are considering the peace of your neighbors, you should only have parties at your house that do not disturb them at all. This can be done by regulating the noise that your party creates.

If your party does not create any excessive noise, you can throw as many parties as you want. But, it becomes a problem when your parties create so much noise that it begins to bother your neighbors.

So, if you have respectable parties that do not end up in a lot of noise, there is no limit to how many parties you can have at your house. 

Final Thoughts

With all the information we have provided to you, hopefully, you can think of a strategy to help you deal with your neighbor’s parties.

Keep in mind that if you do choose to confront your neighbor, you do it in a calm and respectful way that does not encourage a defensive response. 

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