Can Foxes Climb Fences Into My Yard? (This Keeps Them Out)

Can Foxes Climb Fences Into My Yard

Foxes are very agile animals, able to jump three feet high and climb even higher. As impressive as this is, it’s a little concerning when a fox hangs around your property. Although you have a fence, you may be curious if the fox can climb it and get into your yard.  

If your fence is less than six feet high, there is a good chance a gray fox can scale it and gain entrance into your yard.  Because foxes can jump and use their claws to climb, they are adept at getting wherever they want to go. 

But, don’t fret! There are still ways to fox-proof your fence and yard. In this article, we’ll be discussing how foxes operate, how to keep them out of your yard, and what you can do to your fence to prevent foxes from climbing. 

For this article, we’ll be talking about American gray foxes unless otherwise specified. 

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Here’s a Quick Pro Tip!

While foxes are cute, they’re also pesky.  They are pretty adventurous and may try their best to nose into your garden and trash. Of course, no one wants that to happen.  But what can you do about it? 

Here are some of our favorite fox deterrents, guaranteed to help you keep your property safe from these furry creatures:

1. Noise Deterrents– These are almost guaranteed to keep foxes out using a combo of supersonic sounds and bright lights. 

2. Motion Lights– Because foxes are active at night, sudden bright lights are a powerful deterrent. 

3. Fox Resistant Fencing– Keep your chickens or garden safe!


Foxes are clever animals and can get into lots of places you may not expect to see them. 

This section will discuss how foxes operate, what they can and can’t climb, and how to protect your yard from these funky little creatures.

Will a Fox Climb a Fence?

Foxes have the ability to climb in small spurts.  They will jump as high as they can up your fence, then use their sharp claws to gain purchase and climb over the top of your fence and hop into your yard. 

There are a few options to deter foxes from your yard.  For example, you can place spiked wire along the top of your fence. 

Or, you can use the bright lights from a motion-sensitive flood lamp to discourage them from attempting to gain access to your yard.  

How Do I Stop Foxes From Climbing My Fence?

The best way to prevent foxes from climbing on your fence is to make sure your fence is higher than six feet, as foxes struggle to climb any higher.  You can also bend the top of your fence outward to create a small ledge they will not be able to climb over. 

If you can’t manipulate your fence, you can purchase physical deterrents, such as a barbed wire to line the top of your fence. 

You can also purchase fox repellent spray to sprinkle around the base of your fence that mimics a predator’s scent so foxes won’t want to explore your yard. 

Can a Fox Jump a Six-Foot Fence?

Foxes can jump and climb a six-foot fence, though not much higher.  They may scale your fence in search of food or to get away from predators. Either way, you may want a deterrent on your fence to keep them away. 

If you ever discover a fox trapped in your yard, contact animal control to help you remove it from the premises.  You can contact your local police or animal control, whichever is available.  

Can a Fox Climb a Chain-Link Fence?

Foxes have strong feet and claws and can dig into a small chain link fence and climb without much issue.  It must be more than six feet high if you want to put up a chain-link fence to keep foxes out.

Because some foxes have wrists that can rotate (similar to humans) and semi-retractable claws, they are good climbers, at least when it comes to getting up someplace. 

Unfortunately, these traits also mean they struggle to climb back down, which is why you may see a fox stuck in a tree. 

Can Foxes Climb Chicken Wire Fences?

Foxes may struggle to climb chicken wire fences, but most fences of this type are delicate enough that a fox won’t have to climb. Their sharp claws can cut through them without issues.

If you keep chickens or want to keep foxes and other small mammals out of a garden, you’ll need something stronger than chicken wire.  One option is to get a hardwired steel and cloth fence.

Can a Gray Fox Climb a Fence?

Gray foxes are excellent climbers, up to six feet or so.  This means that no matter the fence type, a gray fox can climb it unless you prevent it with other means of deterrent. 

Gray foxes will climb fences to find food or to protect themselves from predators, but they are more likely to climb trees than fences. 

If you have a fence problem, you may consider getting a night predator deterrent light

Can Foxes Climb Trees and Fences?

Grey foxes climb trees and fences in search of food or to escape predators. These foxes have retractable claws, like cats, and wrists that can rotate, so they can climb up to six feet up a tree to get food or scale a small backyard fence to escape being hunted. 

Unfortunately, foxes can’t climb down nearly as well as they can climb up, so you may have to assist a fox if you find one stuck in a tree.  Don’t try to get the fox down yourself! 

Instead, call your local animal control and inform them there is a fox stuck in a tree. They will have the equipment and expertise to remove the fox without any injuries.

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Fox Proofing

Now that we’ve discussed what good climbers foxes are let’s dig into how to prevent them from doing so. 

Whether you want to protect your yard, animals, or garden, we’ve got just the thing to keep your property safe!

Is There a Fox-Proof Fence?

Foxes are intelligent creatures and can outsmart a lot of fences, but it is possible to keep them out.  There are metal fences that they cannot tear through, and if the fence is higher than six feet, they won’t be able to climb over it. 

If you are still having problems with foxes getting through your fence, you may need to add some spikes or barbed wire to discourage them from climbing. While foxes can climb, even they don’t like sharp objects!

How High Should Fences Be to Keep Foxes Out?

If you need to ensure a fox can’t scale your fence, it needs to be over six feet tall.  Most foxes can jump at least three feet up, and then they can use their claws to climb short distances.  By having a six-foot fence, your yard should be safe. 

Additionally, you can further defend your fence by purchasing a fence that bends outwardly at the top.  If the top curves out, it creates a small ledge that the fox won’t be able to climb over to get inside. 

This also works well for chicken coops!

How Do You Deter Foxes?

There are multiple ways to deter foxes.  You could put up a fence that is over six feet tall.  If a large fence isn’t your style, you can place some barbed wire over a smaller fence to deter climbing.  

If you don’t want to bother with fences at all, there are different light deterrent options you could try.  Because foxes are nocturnal, they will run if there is a sudden bright light in their feeding area. 

They can also be deterred with ultrasonic waves.

How Do I Fox-Proof My Backyard?

You can fox-proof your backyard by installing a fence with barbed wire to discourage climbing or make sure the fence is over six feet tall.  You may also want flood lights to discourage foxes from exploring the yard. 

If you have other animals, such as chickens, you may need to purchase a fox-proof chicken coop to solve your problem.

If you just need to protect a garden, getting yourself a metal and cloth fence should provide adequate protection.ean

What Animals Keep Foxes Away?

Foxes have many natural predators.  In North America, one of a fox’s biggest fear is a wolf.  That being said, foxes will stay away from any animals that seem bigger than them, meaning your dog may be enough to deter a fox. 

Other natural predators of a fox include:

  • Eagles
  • Lynx
  • Bobcats
  • Bears
  • Coyotes
  • Humans

If you want to keep foxes away, one option is to mimic that one of their predators has made a home in your yard. 

One way to do this is to spray a fox deterrent that mimics the scent of a wolf or other natural predators of the fox. 

Does Human Urine Deter Foxes?

Foxes have a very strong sense of smell, and they dislike the scent of humans, including urine.  While other animal urines, such as wolves, are a stronger deterrent, the scent of human urine may be enough to deter a fox. 

You can actually purchase a spray of wolf urine for the specific act of deterring foxes from your yard.  It’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days! 

No matter what you use, urine can be effective at deterring foxes.

5 Scents That Will Keep Foxes Away

Will an Electric Fence Stop a Fox?

Electric fences only work if the fox is still on the ground, but they can be effective in keeping foxes away.  Your fence should also have a wire to bury to deter foxes from simply burrowing under to circumnavigate the electric fence. 

If you want to be extra sure the fox won’t get over the fence, consider getting an electric fence with spikes.

The good news is that foxes are pretty clever, and getting shocked once will probably be enough to discourage them from ever trying again!

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Other Problems

We’ve discussed why foxes climb fences and how to stop them, but what about other fox problems?  We’ll discuss other common issues with foxes and yards in this section, so stick with us!

How High Can a Red Fox Jump?

A fully grown red fox can jump up to six feet, though for the most part, they will jump closer to the three feet mark.  This means you need a tall fence or spikes on your fence to prevent them from getting into your yard.

Red foxes are similar to smaller dogs; you can expect similar behavior from them.  While red foxes can jump, they aren’t nearly as good at climbing as their gray cousins.

Good news for those who don’t want a large eyesore of a fence! 

What to Do if Foxes Are in Your Yard?

If you have unwanted foxes in your yard overnight, you can place various deterrents to scare them away.  Foxes don’t like bright light, as they are nocturnal, so a floodlight is usually enough to scare them away. 

If a fox is in your yard during the day, or if it appears injured, do not approach it.  Instead, contact your local animal control or even the U.S. Fish and Wildlife (WFS).

They will send someone qualified to come to rescue the animal.

Will a Fox Keep Coming Back?

If your yard provides food and a place safe from predators, foxes will return.  Additionally, foxes are constantly looking for clean water sources, so if you have a small lake or pond on your property, you’re more likely to have unwelcome visitors. 

If you don’t want foxes hosting family get-togethers in your backyard every night, you’ll need to deter them.  One option is to install motion-activated supersonic light and noise repellents in your yard. 

Foxes will dislike both the light and the sound and are less likely to return.

Can Foxes Climb Brick Walls?

Foxes are both smart and resourceful; if they want to, they will find a way to climb a brick wall.  Because they can jump at least three feet, then use their claws, a brick wall isn’t going to be enough to stop them.

Similar to a fence, you can install barbed wire at the top to deter climbing. 

You may want to consider an anti-bird spike mat placed on top of the brick wall to help deter foxes from being able to climb over. Just make sure they can’t jump over it.  

Related Questions

Can Foxes Climb on Roofs?

Most foxes are good climbers due to having retractable claws, so if they can jump and climb up to the roof, they can clammer around up there with little hassle.  They may be searching for food or hiding from predators. 

Unless there is something on your roof, like a food source, for the fox to go after,  it doesn’t really have a reason to be on your roof. 

If you notice a fox on your roof repeatedly, it may be wise to call animal control to come to collect it. 

Will a Fox Come Inside My House?

Foxes are food motivated and are constantly avoiding large predators, but they are unlikely to enter your house unless it is dark and quiet. On a positive note, it is very unlikely for a fox to contract rabies, so if one does end up in your home, it shouldn’t attack unless threatened. 

If you do find a fox has entered your home, give it space and call animal control or FWS.  If you have children or animals in the home, keep them away from the fox until a professional can come to collect them. 

How Deep Will a Fox Dig?

Foxes will resort to digging if they cannot climb your fence.  They will dig up to six feet down to make their dens, so it stands to reason they can dig at least six feet under a fence if strongly motivated.  

Because of their digging abilities, it makes sense to spray a deterrent to stop foxes from digging before they even start. 

You can even DIY your own repellent with any strong scents, but cayenne pepper is a common choice. 

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Final Thoughts

While many people love the idea of a cute fox, having one climbing into your yard at night and destroying your garden or terrorizing your chickens isn’t so cute. 

We hope this article taught you lots about foxes so you can safely repel them when necessary!

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